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Product Description

From G3:
"Aggressive skiers who want to go anywhere on the mountain should look no further. The Ticket gives unlimited access, in-bounds or out. It is responsive in the moguls, grips tenaciously on the firm, is snappy in the trees, and is wide and stable off-piste. Its unique asymmetrical design likes to be tipped onto its edge. The Ticket strikes a perfect balance between snappy, edgy turns and solid stability through mank and crud. Be prepared for an exciting ride."


"The Rapid Transit is designed with an asymmetric sidecut to bust some serious crud and basically rip up any condition you might encounter. If you like the Ticket's ability to throw down a carve, check out the big mountain version, the Rapid Transit. Along with G3's other new skis, the Rapid Transits also features a non-stick protective topsheet which repels snow and ice buildup."

"The second asymmetrical offering from G3, the Rapid Transit offers a quick turning ski for its dimensions. Testers preferred it in consistent snow conditions and agreed it takes a few runs to dial it in. Once dialed in, the ski offers quick response from edge to edge and good edge control in firmer snows. This ski suites skiers looking to get a big platform without losing maneuverability or carving performance."

Coulior Magazine:
"Fatter Ticket or asymmetrical Reverend? It sounded like overlap at first. But the Rapid Transit initiates better than a fat ski and floats better than a carver, giving it a personality of its own, even if testers often compared it to the Reverend: 'Like an easier-turning, energy -saving Reverend. It doesn't lose any float or speed, although the Rev is more stable'...At the end of the day, the Transit outscored the field in firm."

"For our AT group, the Rapid Transit's asymmetrical sidecut translated into better speed ability and tracking for testers on lighter touring boots, although those on four-buckle freeriders weren't quite as enamored...With a forward approach, shifting weight to roll with the Rapid Transit's natural carve produced good results..."

Skiing Magazine:
"Its asymmetrical sidecut - a tighter turning radius on the outside edges - makes it easier to initiate and weight the uphill ski. Once you're used to it, expect great snow grip, a solid platform, and big-mountain chops. Gripes: The offset sidecut sometimes made for a squirrelly ride. Props: A lively charger."

Powder Magazine:
"If carving powder skis had a category, the Rapid Transit would be it s conductor. The secret is the asymmetrical sidecut, meaning that your uphill edge is forcefully engaged to the snow - in either telemark or alpine turns. The rapid Transit, with a solid wood core, is unique, though, because it still holds its own in soft snow due to a generous waist and shovel."

Backcountry Magazine:
"This is the second year for G3's concept ski: an asymmetric design with deeper sidecut on the outside edges for a quicker turn. While it doesn't float with the new crop of big skis, it has a pretty wide range of skiability, as many testers noted. According to one western tester: 'Damp and sturdy. Feels powerful and consistent from turn initiation through finish.' A second Left Coaster, nearly echoing an Eastern counterpart said: 'Fun solid ski that slices the crud elegantly. Held a good edge.' Noted a veteran Eastern tester: The RT 'can get you where you want to go. Pretty close to a one-ski quiver. It blows through broken snow with authority and aplomb.' Added another: 'Plows through everything, very fast, stable.'"


Poweder Magazine's 2008 Skier's Choice

- Unique asymmetric sidecut

Lengths: 174, 182 cm
Dimensions: 120-81-109 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs) for 174 cm

Retails for $675




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