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Object Title Ultimalp
Manufacturer Morpho
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Page Type Nov 17, 2005 / Nov 17, 2005
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  • Two ratchet buckles snowboard type ankle strap with nylon pad.

  • High metallic+medium composite climbing steps.

  • Morpho morphologic shape allowing easy walking.


  • Polypropylene copolymere base, Polyamid 66 rigid articulated binding, polyacetal buckle type toe strap, 6 metallic spikes, 2 front stainless steel knives 2mm (except Miguet) .

    Base structure

  • « X » vertical stripes providing best possible grip uphill, downhill and in traverse.

  • Accepts all types of boots from 19 to 34.5 cms (graduation on the binding),

  • Easy boot size adjust Morpholock system.

  • Garanteed down to -38°C, shock resistant.

    Morpho's Website
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