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Textile proof
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Product description and features

Intensive waterproofing for breathable clothing, manufactured by Swiss company (actually, seems that Toko is just a subbrand of Mammuth).
Intended for GORE-TEX, Schoeller, SympaTex and likes, this waterproofer comes in 200ml pressurized container.
Ingridients; fluorcarbonide, propanol, aliphatic carbonoxide. When applied to surface, this waterproofer looks pretty much like thin layer of milk, and it is easy to disperse it with soft brush. Two reasons for recommending this one; it performed well not only with my jeton sshellpants, but I tried it on the old cordura trekking boots as well and the result was surprisingly good, actuallz better then with some dedicated cordura textile waterproofs.
Other reason is price, bought 2 containers package for !0 Euros total price during the stockproduct sellout at Gigasport Graz outdoor shopping mill in Austria.
As with other similar products, do not shake before, avoid inhaling the fumes and keep away from the possible ignition sources.

Final verdict, Toko TP is a good proof that waterproofers/cleaners are
on the cheap end of the gear investment and worthvile investment at a same time.

(Photo enclosed is homemade snapshot of product and it is bit out of focus, sorry for that)



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tommi - Jan 24, 2007 2:59 pm - Voted 5/5

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I made a backpack nearly waterproof with this product!!
Its also good for jackets and pants.

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