Oza-Barranco de Acherito

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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Oza-Barranco de Acherito
Created On: Feb 22, 2004
Last Edited On: Feb 4, 2007


Peaks of Belagua-HechoAcherito

Trailhead: Guarrinza/La Mina.
For aproach to Guarrinza, take a road from Echo to Selva de Oza. In Oza, near the Camp of Ramiro el Monje, follow the forest track to Guarrinza for 2km more.

For approach to Echo you can consult the page of Castillo de Acher.

Note of interest: this is the same trailhead for climb to Ibón de Acherito.

Route Description

Mallo de AcheritoMallo Acherito

Slope: 1132m.
Time: 3 or 4h to summit.
Route: south.

We begin in the curve that forms the track at the entry of the valley. We cross the river and we will see GR's marks. We have entered Acherito's ravine and we will see come near to our right several routes of decrease of the ravine of the Foyas (this one is the route that takes the Ibón de Acherito) and later of the ravine of the Ibon.
The barranco (ravine) de...Barranco de Acherito

We continue being in the right edge of the river to which we are continuing parallel. We will come to a point that after crossing the river shows a bifurcation to the left side that is the one that takes the ravine of Anzotiello and that we must not take. We will have to continue in north direction now for the left edge of the river.
Finally we will see on the west (left side) the entry towards the col that is our aim with a hard slope. While we rise we will have the south face of the Acherito to our right side up to coming to the Col of Huerto (2173m) that it separates to this mount of the Chinebral de Gamueta. This is a slope complicated in winter.
The final ramp is the same of the normal route of Linza, a hard slope of snow in winter and a lot of stones in summer.

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice-axe in winter and the begin of spring. Rope can be neccesary if it's has ice in the final ramp.

Oza-Barranco de Acherito

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