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Oct 19, 2011
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PEI High Point
Created On: Nov 2, 2011
Last Edited On: Nov 3, 2011

High Point in the Forest

MountainHikerCO (Ian)
MountainHikerette (Dorthe)
Ian’s brother Gordon
Climbing bear Snowball
& local guide Betty Lou.

PEI High PointPEI High Point

I visited PEI every summer while growing up in Nova Scotia. Even after moving to Colorado at age 26, I still usually made it to the island almost every other year visiting relatives. An island located in the Gulf of St Lawrence north of Nova Scotia, PEI is Canada’s smallest province.

It wasn’t until recently I thought of PEI having a high point. I read: Not Won in a Day, Climbing Canada’s Highpoints by Jack Bennett, which tells of the author’s high point obsession extending to Canada after completing all 50 US highpoints.

Picturesque Prince Edward Island has rolling farm land with forested areas between the fields surrounded by sandy beaches and fishing villages. There’s no pretending the high point is a mountain. There’s not even a noticeable “summit.” One could sarcastically say it’s a broad summit! The high point is marked by a mailbox in the forest.

PEI High Point Parsnip FieldThe High Point is in the woods to the left (east) of this field closer to the far end.

It took 2 attempts to find the summit of Prince Edward island! I showed up armed with a topo map and GPS with coordinates preloaded. I had read multiple descriptions and viewed pictures from various trip reports on the web along with Bennett‘s book.

We had no trouble finding Junction Road. We approached from Fredericton, which is on Route 2 between Charlottetown & Kensington. South on paved Route 264 to a 4 way intersection. Left onto dirt Junction Road. Approaching from this direction has a shorter stretch of dirt than approaching from Hartsville. We parked after seeing the field on the right (SW) side of the road gave way to forest.

PEI High Point Parsnip FieldLooking back toward Junction Rd from the parsnip field.

My preloaded coordinates from agreed with the closed 140 meter contour on the topo so I didn’t anticipate we would have any problem finding the spot. We walked along the side of a parsnip field until the GPS pointed us into the forest. Not far from the field the GPS said we were there. But no mailbox!

PEI High Point?This stack of dead trees was piled on an apparent high point.

There was a pile of dead trees propped against another pair of trees on an apparent high point. We speculated the mailbox might have been removed and this was someone’s way of marking the spot. The GPS location was only a few meters from the coordinates. On our way back to the car we found the couple benchmarks mentioned in some trip reports along with weathered “A Survey Marker is Nearby” signs.

Survey Marker SignThis Survey Marker is Near sign was at the edge of the parsnip field.

Survey MarkerSurvey Marker in woods near edge of field

I had a nagging feeling we hadn’t looked hard enough. I had used the peakbagger coordinates because they were in UTM and not the decimal degrees on the summitpost page. When we returned to my brother’s home I jumped online again and this time I entered the summitpost decimal degree coordinates into my GPS. I then switched my GPS back again to UTM so I could see how far apart they were. 61 meters easting & 69 meters northing. That’s enough to not see the mailbox through the woods!

One of the peakbagger trip reports gave the phone number of Charles and Betty Lou Abbott who had placed the mailbox register. I called the number and Betty Lou answered. When I told her of not finding the mailbox she offered to guide us to it the next morning.

Over grown road to PEI high pointOver grown road to PEI high point

We met Betty Lou at the intersection of Junction Road & Fredericton Station Road and then drove to the same patch of trees we investigated the day before. However this time she pointed out the overgrown old road heading SSE into the trees. We followed this overgrown road for over 300 meters keeping watch off to the right for evidence of the marker.

Over grown road tp PEI high pointLooking back at Junction Rd from over grown road to PEI high point

Then we spotted an orange cloth strip of cloth wrapped around a branch and trunk of a tree. From the direction of the overgrown road this makes a figure 8 on the tree. After spotting the orange marker it was a simple matter to walk through the forest to then see the elusive mailbox.

PEI high point marker seen through treesOrange marker seen through the trees

This mailbox was roughly half way between the overgrown road and the parsnip field we walked along yesterday. It would be possible to follow the parsnip field instead of the road but the orange marker might be harder to spot since it’s more on the road side of the tree. If you do choose to follow the parsnip field, walk most of the side of the field and look into the woods on your left. Where the field obviously starts loosing elevation be suspicious you have missed it.

PEI high PointPEI High Point - "Summit" register is in mailbox.

There’s not a lot of variation in elevation between Junction Road and the mailbox marker. Betty Lou told of having some surveyors from the Province coming out to mark the spot. It’s worth noting the mailbox is not within the closed 140 meter contour on the topo map. Having worked in map production I can speculate several possible explanations for slop in the contours.

This is my first high point that is not a summit of at least a noticeable hill. The scavenger hunt aspect of it did add some interest.

NTS Map 011L06 North Rustico 1:50,000

PEI High Point TopoThis is a picture of the NTS 1:50,000 topo map I used when hiking to the Prince Edward Island High Point. I labeled the UTM grid by hand. The 140m closed contour is highlighted in yellow. The mailbox marking the high point turned out to be south of the closed contour at UTM 467758 5130922. Look below the yellow closed contour for the number 468. Just on the lower left of the four is the high point.

If you click on the Lat / Long coordinates in the page header you’ll see a Google Map of the area with the high point labeled. Then click “Hybrid” and you’ll see an aerial photo of the area with the high point indicated in the woods relative to the parsnip field.

GPS coordinates: WGS84 UTM Zone 20 Latitude Band T

Beginning of overgrown road:
0467738 5131258

Turn right from overgrown road towards highpoint:
0467782 5130918

Highpoint mailbox with register:
0467758 5130922

Slightly higher hump next to mailbox:
0467758 5130924

From previous day:

Survey benchmark
0467632 5131269

Suspected highpoint with tree pile
0467677 5131206

Trip report with good descriptions. I would have been well served to have read this report more carefully before heading to highpoint:

PeakBagger Page


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chugach mtn boy

chugach mtn boy - Nov 3, 2011 3:38 pm - Voted 10/10

Fun to read

I'm a PEI fan too, being married to a member of the diaspora of PEI Gallants. Like you, I never did think of it as having a high point.


MountainHikerCO - Nov 4, 2011 12:01 am - Hasn't voted


My brother also married on the Island, so that added to the relatives who were already there. Plus we got to do a "summit" with him!

barefootwendy - Mar 27, 2012 11:18 am - Hasn't voted

that orange strip of cloth

a friend organized a hike to the summit of pei for a small group of us (i think, all cfa's) in october 2010. that orange cloth strip was her scarf (and our windsock, haha) which she left behind to help point the way. we had a devil of a time finding the peak, but the persistence of a couple of group members led to our victory. this also happened to be my first barefoot hike.



JohnMcPike - Mar 24, 2017 4:36 pm - Voted 10/10


would you like to adopt PEI hp's page?


MountainHikerCO - Mar 24, 2017 5:22 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Adopt

Sure, I can. I usually make it to PEI each fall, so I can add / update local knowledge as I see fit. The island isn't that big, so I should be able to drop by the high point at least every other year so see if anything has changed (perhaps I could encourage some local help!)


JohnMcPike - Apr 5, 2017 4:24 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: Adopt

I updated it so you are new owner - best wishes to you.

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