California here I come!

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Re: California here I come!

by NW » Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:20 pm

I saw a picture on some website about that store I think. It showed someone trying to eat a pancake that was practically the size of a table! Well maybe I exaggerate but not much. Alot of the time our after mountains food ends up being pizza at some random back street pizza joint. But that's not written in stone or anything, it's just usually all that happens to be open. The beer part is especially important to my husband, I'm more of a rum person myself. Though our last day of 12 hours on the trail I had one drink and it made me so tired I couldn't stay up anymore! Haha, I'm sure it just solidified the all ready there tiredness but we just put out the nice campfire we had built 15 minutes before and went to sleep.

And yes it must be hard getting sun in your eyes, that does hurt. But I'm pretty sure icicles hurt worse! At the bus stop yesterday my daughters eyes were watering from the cold and i kept having to scrap the ice off her glasses. Boy it's so balmy up here I might just take a trip to the beach!

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Re: California here I come!

by Princess Buttercup » Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:44 am

Mooseburger (and the beer selection is top notch, I assure you!):


Standard breakfast fare:


Alabama Hills Cafe (in town) is also outstanding for breakfast. I like Merry-go-round for dinner, which is right next door to the Hostel. <$25/nite for a bed, I think it's still around $60/nite if you want the room to yourself.


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