China rock climbing / cragging this summer

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China rock climbing / cragging this summer

by pjc30943 » Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:40 am

I posted this on Supertopo, but would be interested in your thoughts as well. The general comments were that China will be far too hot at this time of year, but Mongolia might be nice. Other thoughts?

"Some friends and i are looking to head to China for a bit for some climbing: cragging and multipitch trad (<= 5.9) or sport (<=5.11/12).
This is between late June and August; the whole trip is a few weeks but the climbing part can be up to a week long. This is midsummer so I don't know what weather to expect in these places.

The two main regions I'm considering so far are Guilin and Hubei.

The main priority -- aside from climbing itself -- is that it be a beautiful area as well just to sightsee or backpack around in. We'll be hoping for lots of scenery to just bask in, and take photos of.

Of these two, which location would you recommend, and why? Any other locations we should consider? If there is some mellow mountaineering around that's just even better, but it's not the priority.

We don't mind trekking a day or few to get there, as long as it's a place with amazing sights in general! "

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