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Mathias Zehring

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Pennine Alps page

by Mathias Zehring » Sat Jan 21, 2006 6:52 pm

Gabriele has set up a page about <a href="">Pennine Alps</A> - a big amount of work! But some items there should be discussed:

1) the name: SP is an english site, so the page IMHO should have the name Pennine Alps, not Alpi Pennini - as we did elsewhere (e.g. "Venediger Group" instead of the german "Venedigergruppe")

2) the subgroups: I think there are too much too little subgroups. We already have the eight Summit Post Groups (collection of mountains on the left bar) for Pennine Alps (Arolla - Combin - Dent Blanche - Matterhorn - Mischabel - Monte Rosa - Weisshorn - Weissmies). Should not the page reflect this structure? Different structures for the same thing will end in a mess. SOIUSA system has 5 subgroups of Pennine Alps. Maybe the already existing structure should be changed - but this has to be discussed. What are your opinions?

smiliar at Alpi Lepontine = Lepontine Alps

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Re: Pennine Alps page

by desainme » Sat Jan 21, 2006 7:25 pm

Re: 1. Perhaps so, but on the other hand if one has trouble passing between Pennine Alps and Alpi Peninni or Venedigergruppe and Vennediger Group, Maybe the lights are on but nobody is home. :-)
Re:2 You are probably right.

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Gabriele Roth

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Re: Pennine Alps page

by Gabriele Roth » Sat Jan 21, 2006 9:35 pm

I've posted, in Pennine Alps page, the "rational" of the grouping structure

edit - some groups do not appear on SP just because there are too few mountain pages about it (see Gran Rochere, Gelè, Chateau des Dames) or are totally missing (see the 3 groups south of Castor-Liskamm-Vincent)

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