Do not hire Acomara expeditions company

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Do not hire Acomara expeditions company

by antoniogarcia » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:01 pm

In 2014 I trained hard to find the summit of Aconcagua in Argentina. I looked for sponsors to cover expenses and I joined a trading expedition, as my fellow climber could not accompany me.

I hired ACOMARA expeditions who do not recommend for the following reasons:

1. Your website has enough information which promise much but with very poor results. Sales are the most essential to the agency. The success or failure doesn’t matter.

2. Only email offer a ratio of 85 percent success. However, in my expedition that figure hasn’t approached or 20 percent. It's a trap.

3. Never will see a branch manager to resolve issues of the expedition. Only by email Miguel Hills and Mily Gulle you will attend. But surprise. In Mendoza, ACOMARA is a ghost. I tried to meet with Miguel but Viviana Romano stopped me.

4. ACOMARA is a contractor. He doesn’t care if your customers are experienced or not. For safety, I taught some of my parnets to use the ice ax and crampons, something basic for a mountaineer.

5. As the leader guide, Mariano Vázquez gave practical how to use crampons 20 minutes, and even snow. This is negligence.

6. On the guides, Mariano Vázquez appears in the website of the agency, but not his professional experience, much less of his assistants ("Turkish", "Nico", "Gaby"). The "guides" not showed their certifications. People seem to be improvised.

7. Plaza de Mulas base camp heard Mariano discuss with your team just bring the issue to a field above the base and then finish the journey. The staff didn’t plan to seek the top.

8. ACOMARA is a contractor and hasn´t mountaineering experience. The guides are supported by specialized agencies like Inka expeditions, Grajales or Aconcaguatrek to resolve communication issues and climate monitoring. ACOMARA haven’t these services.

9. On the weather, the guides haven`t alternate plans to adversity. Conveniently follow an itinerary prepared by mountaineers office. Dont put your life in the hands of a company like ACOMARA.

10. The agency has a poor strategy for promotion. The leader guide tried to take us to Camp 2 in bad weather. Obviously we returned to base camp. Surprise. There weren´t tents set and had to take refuge in the dining room. The agency endangered the health of their customers.

11. ACOMARA not sleeping tents gives you the best quality as advertised on their website. Field 1 In our tent was closing in poor condition.

12. Neither Miguel Hills and Mily Gulle or Mr. Gaston, no one agency mentioned to you that you have to put the tents. By fortune that pay to ACOMARA they would have to make it. Don´t trust in ACOMARA.

13. ACOMARA acclimatization took us much longer required. When good weather coming our expedition ended. I recommend you don’t hire this company.

14. Finally, when there’s a problem neither Miguel Hills, Mily Gulle or Gaston will gave you the face. Sent the ring to Viviana Romano who courageously and in her role as "collector" resolve awkward situations by giving precarious places to stay.

For all this, the concept that I have to ACOMARA expeditions is an agency with a staff well trained to get you money at the expense of the dreams of athletes. Don’t hire this agency.

Antonio García Conde
Mexican mountaineer

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Selena Pinto

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Re: Do not hire Acomara expeditions company

by Selena Pinto » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:37 am

Provided the Best Service... I personally feel and once again thanks Acomara Aconcagua Expeditions

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