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by norco17 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:20 am

Steve1215 wrote:...some of these silly people should just stick to waterskiing.Nuff said!

Whats wrong with waterskiing?

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by ksolem » Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:06 am

Magical Mystery Tour is one of the best routes on Tahquitz. I've done it several times. That is some exciting climbing!

I think the triple play of 5.11's on Tahquitz are Green Arch, Vampire and Magical Mystery Tour.

I never met Mat Cox, he was a bit before my time, but he left his mark everywhere he climbed.

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by CClaude » Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:41 pm

ksolem wrote:
Sierra Ledge Rat wrote: Sorry, but this thread reminds me of climbers who show up at the start of a climb just as we're roping up, and then ask us to get out of their way so they can climb the same route.

I thought this thread was about groups of people top roping climbs they haven’t got a prayer of doing, and I added the point that in Joshua Tree where the rock is not like steel, not only is this rude but it damages the climbs.

I’ve never had what Sierra Ledge Rat describes happen in 38 years climbing unless it was someone running around soloing, in which case I either knew them or knew who they were and was pleased to meet them.

Sierra Ledge Rat wrote: I remember a cold autumn day in Tuolomne Meadows - snows were coming and the road was going to be closed soon. Tuolomne was EMPTY and all the tourists had gone home. I thought we were the only climbers left in the high country. I was halfway up the first pitch on the regular route on Fairview Dome when some other climbers arrived. They demanded that I lower off and get out of the way so they could climb "their" route.

That is even more incredible. There must be more to this story…

There are many areas where routes get polished smooth as glass because of people top roping. Smoke Bluffs in Squamish have lots of routes like that.

My attitude is First Come-First Serve but be polite about it. Don't tie up a route all day if someone else wants to do it. If you are flailing and its obviously above your head let some one else do it. It not only applies to top ropers but if you are on a route and another party is obviously faster, let them pass (ie: if you are aiding a route and a free climbing party comes up behind you, they will most likely move fastter then you will, so let them pass). As more and more people are climbing, being polite goes a long way.

But there is a flail and a flail. There arre some routes the first time I get on them (which is usually always on lead) I get totally shut down since I just can't see possible moves and or protection. When I come back a few hours later or a few days later something just clicks and it goes down well, (or it nearly goes down well) ... owing.html


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