Mountaineering boots for the snowy Alps?

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Mountaineering boots for the snowy Alps?

by frenchie007 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:04 pm

Hi everyone, quick question concerning mountaineering boots;

I'm planning to go on an 8-day trip to the Alps this summer in august to hike around the mountains and to go up Monte Rosa (4.634 m, 15.203 ft).
For this trip I am buying some new shoes and am hesitant between three models; the 'La Sportiva - Trango S Evo GTX, 'Lowa - Mountain Expert GTX', and 'Scarpa - Mont Blanc GTX'.
As you know it will be cold and snowy up there so my shoes need to keep the heat in and the water out. All of these shoes have gore-tex. Also I will be clipping semi-automatic crampons and I do believe that all of the shoes stated are compatible with that.
From what I have read, the Trango S Evo are lighter and therefore less insulated. I'm not sure of their performance as to their water-resistance. They fit my feet well (I have quit narrow feet), however they have a medium boot cut.
The Mountain Expert GTX and the Mont Blanc GTX are more insulated and therefore heavier, and their boot cut is higher than the first shoe. I'm unsure of their water-resistance either because the reviews I have read can be very different. The Mountain Expert GTX is also narrower and better for my feet.

If you could point me in the right direction with this decision, or at least give me some more pros/cons it would be very helpful! Thanks!


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Re: Mountaineering boots for the snowy Alps?

by WyomingSummits » Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:53 am

Go with the best fit. If a summer excursion in the Alps is the primary reason you're getting these boots, then the cold really won't be much of a factor. I've spent hours in knee deep snow at 11K with boots that have little insulation value, and my feet have been fine. With the right socks and gaiters, the Trangos will be fine. Having a good fit that doesn't blister is way more important than insulation value in the summer time.

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Re: Mountaineering boots for the snowy Alps?

by jdenyes » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:15 am

Water proof is important for sure!
Last year I was in the La Sportiva Pamir (totally inappropriate but held up just fine), which are uninsulated leather boots with no goretex) and up to 4,000m was not a problem temperature wise.
Right now I have Nepal Evo GTX, and they are more than enough for temperature and water-proofness. I find up to 4,000m and that neighborhood I am wearing hiking trousers, gaiters, a t shirt, and a wind layer. Everyone is different but i am not the warmest lady, and the boys usually wear something similar. Its more of an indication about temperature requirement for boots than other gear though.

Obviously 4,6000m is a different ball game than 4,000m but its not going to be hell freezes over up there.

With an 8 day trip, you're not going to make it if you get blisters, I think that's probably the most important thing. I think all three boots look like they are in a similar class, so there is no textbook right or wrong answer. Pick the ones that feel the best, and your feet will thank you at the end of those 8 days.

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