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Search Feature

by SawtoothSean » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:30 am

Thank you for the new features. I really like the idea of suggesting peaks and climbers. I even used it to update my summit logs- it showed which ones I forgot to update.

One aspect I would love to see with the proposed search enhancements is the ability to search on, or better yet get notified, when a Climber's Log has been signed. I see this as useful in several aspects. For one, I would love to know when someone has climbed the peak that I'm page owner for. As it stands now I must look through all the mountain pages individually. Second, a climber's log notification would be a great tool for getting the most recent conditions on a peak-you could contact that person that just signed it. Lastly, getting notified that a summit log has been signed, you could get a good understanding of what peaks are accessible at what times of year. For example in Idaho (and many other places), it's very tough to get a conditions update for the more obscure peaks, and there are many. Often it's just a blind faith 3-4 hour drive and hoping the approach road is passable.

Thanks so much for a great resource.

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Re: Search Feature

by Arthur Digbee » Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:05 pm

That's a great idea.

And again, Matt, you're doing Great Things for the site. Really wonderful!

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