showers in mammoth lakes

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Re: showers in mammoth lakes

by Daria » Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:46 pm

toxo wrote:Or something trailhead derelicts murmur to themselves as they lurk around parked cars at 3 am.

:lol: :lol:
I'm the top troll.

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Re: showers in mammoth lakes

by anita » Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:26 pm

Burchey wrote:OCB sighting? I don't buy it.

EDIT: Did you see him at the Taco? It's lulz over there for sure - classic stuff

"No RJ, they all got a head of hair and brown eyes.

Sure as hell aint gonna reside in South Central, Downtown Detroit, The Bronks or Overtown though. Neither would any of you spoiled ass liberal free jack talking smack whities. Hell, maybe that is what the likes of Bruce needs. A little taste of Bloods/Cripts in the Hood reality check. Like they will be dropping everything and be celebrating in the streets to finally be buying into his demands for Carbon Taxation as well as jacking up the price of regular petrol to the astronomical price of $10 plus per gallon in order to motivate the masses to reduce their use of FF's.

Between the Rednecks of the Heartland, Skinheads of the Idaho pan-handle and the Bloods/Cripts of the Hoods (lets not forget the Latino Brown Pride Cartel hoodiess & Asian Mafia etc) throughout this nation, your Save the World from the Disease of GCC ideology aint going anywhere.

That DMT is step 5. Reality check for all of you spoiled ass whitie tidy liberal suburbia yuppie/hippie PhD toting commune tribal Camp 4/Malibu surfing Sportsmobile driving utopian boys."

Buy it, chappie.
A slightly less farcical version of Popeye comes to mind.


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