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Re: Weight loss

by Ze » Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:29 pm

SeanReedy wrote:^^^^Be cautious. I've been there, and then been injured and sluggish (fortunately only slightly). Irritability can be a sign of overdoing it on the endurance, intensity, and/or dieting. You may have reached a plateau as far as diet, conditioning, and/or performance. You may be at risk for backsliding performance, injury, or illness. It may be time for a rest and/or very easy training phase followed by changing routines or phase of training. If I recall correctly, you were building steady endurance training, followed by some long hikes. Maybe it is time for a week off followed by a phase of more intensity, interval, and strength training with less endurance focus....or maybe it's the opposite and too much recent intense exercise is an issue solved by rest and going back to an easy endurance phase (you would know better than I how intense your hikes and training have been as far as heart rate and level of exhaustion).

Also, now that you are leaner, maybe you should try eating high quality, nutrient dense food (protein, healthy fats, and healthy carbs/grains/fruits/veggies) more often. Eating healthy and high fiber foods more than a 1-2 times a day while exercising a lot may help a lot with feeling less grumpy. The trick would be to keep daily calories at or slightly above the amount that helped you get lean. By the way, big congrats on the weight loss, but consider ditching the scale and instead measure waist, hips, thighs, and/or body fat% and lean appearance. Also, keep in mind that getting too lean might hinder optimal performance in the activities you enjoy and can make you grumpy.

If I'm making any sense/guessing correctly, and you do change phases, consider resting and changing phases again if you plateau again sometime this fall. Of course, your individual goals and experiences will play a big role in how you train.

+1 very well said.


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