Pico Cristales

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Aragón, France/Spain, Europe
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Pico Cristales
Created On: Jul 28, 2013
Last Edited On: Dec 9, 2013


Very interesting summit, easy to climb, situated in the border between France and Spain, in the central Pyrenees. It’s very close to the first 3000 summits coming from the west: Frondiellas (3069 m) and Balaitus (3146 m). The views from the Cristales top are amazing with Balaitus and Frondiellas summits very close, and a landscape full of impressive valleys and mountains: Infiernos, Gran Facha, Llena Cantal …


Gran Facha (3007 m)
Landscape from Cristales summit. On the left Gran Facha summit NW face. On the right Infiernos (3082 m) N face

Getting There

The normal way to climb Cristales is from Respomuso hut.

Respomuso hut

By car you have to go to Sallent de Gállego village (Aragón, Spain). If you come from France you have to pass the border by Portalet pass and the first village you’ll find out is Sallent de Gállego. Near this village you have to park the car in La Sarra dam parking. From there to the hut it takes 2 h 30' walking.

From France you can arrive to Respomuso hut walking from Arrémoulit hut.

Another possibility is starting directly from Ledormeur hut, in France, to the Cristales summit by Peira San Martin pass.


From Respomuso hut (2200 m) you have to go to the east following the way to the Campoplano lake. After the lake you have to turn left following the way to the Peira San Martín pass. Before getting this pass you have to turn left following the cairns and starting a hard climb up to the summit.

In this image you can see Cristales summit on the left and the Peira San Martin pass on the right. The normal way to climb to the top is following the cairns from the pass directly to the top:

Pico Cristales and Peira San Martin pass. 24th July 2013
Pico Cristales and Peira San Martin pass (right). 24th July 2013
The last steps to the summit

Unnamed Image
Unnamed Image

When to Climb

In summer (July to Setember).

External Links

Respomuso hut: http://www.fam.es/web/listarefug/respumoso

Respomuso webcam : http://www.alberguesyrefugiosdearagon.com/webcam.php?id=9