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Location Lat/Lon: 40.49660°N / 9.54750°E
Additional Information Elevation: 3382 ft / 1031 m
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Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=97094

Punta Sae Mussinu is one of the summits of the Monte Albo chain in Sardinia / Sardegna, which are lined along the 20km long northern ridge. Almost all of these summits show fine vertical drops on their north faces while having smooth slopes on the southern sides. The whole chain looks like a large long mountain, formed by almost white limestone rock. The mountain range is pretty old so that it shows the typical karst erosion forms with jagged plateaus, vertical but eroded walls and a number of caves.

Punta Sae Mussinu itself has an oblong form, a long, oval summit plateau and the obligatory (for Monte Albo) north face. The latter shows some very deep gullies which allow dramatic views into the valley and down to the neighbouring town of Lula. Apart from the ascent to the Monte Albo high plain the whole area is trail less - you won't see any marks. The best way to hike on Monte Albo is to stay as close to the north faces, not only because of the great vertical views. Near the edge vegetation is sparse and you are able to jump and scramble from rock to rock. The oak forest patches as well as the meadows are far more difficult to cross. The former because the trees have very low hanging branches and the latter because underneath the grass you still have the same jagged rocks. Hiking boots are a Must on Monte Albo - the thicker the soles the better.

Having mentioned the vegetation this is certainly one of the major attractions of the range, especially in spring. Lots of cyclamen, peonies, rosemary bushes and St. Pankratius lillies cover every spot that is not solid rock. They grow out of every crack and it is a challenge not to step upon them. And yes, those of you who have seen the other Monte Albo pages know already, that there are orchids of all kinds of species there. Most of them are of the orchis varieties but there are some beautiful ophrys ones as well.

Monte TuruddoPunta CatirinaPunta sae MussinuPunta RomasinuPunta FerulargiuPunta Cupetti

Interactive overview map of the Monte Albo mountain range. The summits which are already (or will be) posted to SP are marked in red.

Red Tape

Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=97118

There is no red tape whatsoever. You should park your car so that it doesn't clog the field and forest roads but that's about the only "restriction". The orchids however are protected all over Europe and you have to leave them in their place. I don't know about Sardinia but in many places you have to pay heavy fines if you are caught red handed.


Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=97100

I have never seen as many orchids as on Monte Albo. There are many Orchis varieties and some beautiful Ophrys ones.

Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=89866Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=90357Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=89864Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=90066Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=90354
Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=90353Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=90355Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=92627Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=90356Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=92628Punta Sae Mussinu photo_id=93752

Getting There

Sardinia can be reached either by plane or by ferry. The main ports are Porto Torres and Olbia in the north and Arbatax and Cagliari in the south. Airports are at Alghero and Olbia in the north as well as (again) Arbatax and Cagliari in the south. For exploring the northeastern part of the island where most of the mountains are the best entry point is Olbia, which is where most flights go anyway.

Approaching the mountain from Olbia airport
Get on motorway SS 131 south in the direction of Siniscola / Nuoro. At the exit Lula / Dorgali get off and turn on SP38 north (again direction Lula). Here turn to SP3 east (direction Passo Santa Anna). 6km after the town on the right hand side first a dirt road (route to Monte Turuddo), a little later a marked trail (Sentiero Italia) turn off. Park the car at either of the trailheads, wherever you find room enough. The ascent starts where Sentiero Italia leaves the road to climb the mountain.

Capo d'OrsaPunta CugnanaMonte LimbaraPunta MaggioreCala LunaPunta GiradiliMonte AlboSupramonteGennargentuCodula della LunaBaccu Maore

Interactive map of Sardinia and its mountain regions. Click on the regions, red triangles (mountains) or stars (gorges).

When To Climb

Punta Sae Mussinu is pretty much an all-year mountain. The weather on Sardinia does not get too cold anyway and only in the Gennargentu mountain range, Sardinia's highest by far, you have to take snow int o account. The Mediterranean weather can get quite dismal, however, with lots of rain during the winter months. I would recommend spring and autumn - May was just about perfect. The summers tend to get pretty hot inlands - I doubt that you will want to quit the coast.


Accommodation... rather easy to find. Since all the interesting mountaineous regions are on the north and east coast - which is where the largest beaches are - you can book hotel rooms and appartments from any tourist office. The region around the towns of Siniscola or Lula should be the best staying places for exploring Monte Albo.

You can also take advantage of "agriturismo", apartments and rooms, let by farmers. This is also possible for camping since many of the agriturismo farms will let you stay on their grounds for small fees.

... is also easy to find in the vicinity of the beaches. Look for locations, using Free camping is frowned upon, better ask the farmers whether you can stay on their grounds.

Weather Conditions

Go for the following link, which is in Italian but with ALL the information you might want to have on weather on the island:

Head for the "Bollettino dettagliato" link.

Maps 'n' Books

As for Maps I used only a road map scale 1:200000 since the guidebook I used has maps and is really quite good. Don't be fooled by the durations they state, you'll be much faster but the "getting there's" and "route description's" are very good.

The book is:
Sardinia (Sardegna / Sardinien)
M. Omidvar
Rother Verlag
ISBN: 3-7633-4800-X (English)
ISBN: 3-7633-4143-9 (Italian)
ISBN: 3-7633-4023-8 (German)



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