Saint Peters Dome Trail

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 35.71293°N / 106.38456°W
Route Type: Hiking
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Time Required: Half a day


This trail gives access to several peaks and canyons in the Dome Wilderness as well as other trails that can deliver you into Bandelier National Monument.

Getting There

Travel north from Albuquerque on Interstate 25 to exit 264. From there, turn west and drive through Cochiti Lake following the signs. Continue and take a right about .75 miles past the Cochiti Pueblo Golf Course on to road 289. Stay on this road into Eagle Canyon and up on to the ridge between Eagle Canyon and Cochiti Canyon. Just prior to the start of some major switchbacks in the road, .25 miles past a narrow passage between two rises on the ridge, you'll come to an orange sign reading "Dome Wilderness." The Saint Peters Dome Trail begins 25 feet to the right of the sign and parking 25 feet to the right of the trailhead.
TrailheadObscure Trailhead

Route Description

Past the non-conspicuous start, this trail becomes solidly defined for the first two miles through ravines and canyons. You'll pass a small collection of fairly large ponderosa, which marks the first intersection with another trail. You must take a left here and travel below the prominent gray cliffs eastward. Just prior to the intersection with the Turkey Springs Trail, this trail becomes a little faint, but cairns aid in navigation. From that point, it is a straight shot up a canyon that brings you to another wonderful area with ponderosas and interesting boulders. The trail continues out of the canyon and on to a bench the delivers you to the ridge below Cerro Picacho where you'll see Saint Peters Dome for the first time. From there, it skirts the northern flank of Cerro Picacho and catches a ridge that will take you to the western side of Saint Peters Dome. At this point, you'll run into the Saint Peters Dome Road, which you can take to the summit of Saint Peters Dome or to the terminus of the Boundary Peak Trail.

One-way distance to the road is given at 6.5 miles.
Absolute Elevation Gain: Roughly 1,700 feet
Nearly Halfway UpSign at Intersection with Turkey Springs Trail
Ponderosa PatchFirst Intersection with Another Trail

Essential Gear

"Average" hiking gear will do for this peak, but prepare according to conditions. Lots of water will be needed in the summer and an extra coat in the winter.
Looking Down Sanchez CanyonSanchez Canyon
Interesting MonolithRock Monolith

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