Sass Pordoi north face 2950 m – „Canale Holzer“

Sass Pordoi north face 2950 m – „Canale Holzer“

Page Type: Route
Route Type: Skiing
Season: Spring, Winter
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: descent - TD (S5)

Canale Holzer down skiing

The Canale Holzer“ is the classical route of extreme skiing in Dolomites. It is narrow, long couloirs (distance in height is 500 m, overall length from the summit to Val Lasties valley is 1100m). It is situated in the north face of Sass Pordoi.
the north face of Sass Pordoi

For the most of freeriders and skiers it is demanding and tempting target. There is one big vantage. You do not need to climb neither one meter. The cable lift from Sass Pordoi pass takes you directly to the summit of Sass Pordoi. From there we made a short traverse across the summit plateau to the mouth of the couloirs.

To down ski the Canale Holzer is the beautiful experience, which demands good technical skills due its strong and continuous inclination (45°, partly 50°), as well as reasonable mountaineering experience to abseil a large rock in a half way to gully. To abseil the obstacle, one can find an anchor on its right side. Experienced skiers can overcome this technically most complicated spot only if there is a lot of soft snow. Still it is challenging, as there is a steep and narrow part under the rock. Further down, the gully bends to right and becomes narrower. Latter the terrain becomes less steep, narrower sections interchange with broader ones. The last straight and broader section brings you to the slopes of Val Lasties Valley.

Video - ski descent