Snow Time

Snow Time

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Snow Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Playing, etc.

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Mount Alice and Buck Mountain
A winter view of Mount Alice and Buck Mountain.

Farewell Gap Zoom
Zoom to Farewell Gap in March.

Ready to Go!
My truck and my gear ready to head out near Big Pine.

Black Kaweah
Winter view of the Kaweahs from Alta Peak.

boyblue near Buck Rock during a winter snowshoe trip.

Mount Tom in December.
Morning view of Mount Tom as it emerges from a late December storm.

Kaiser Peak
Winter climb of Kaiser Peak.

Nora keeping her balance on her first snowshoe trip.

Lamarck Col
Lamarck Col in February

Ready for Adventure
Harry, Linda, and Nora (my wife) geared up and ready to go!

boyblue on Kaiser Ridge
An awkward self portrait on Kaiser Ridge in winter.

George Davis Peak
George Davis Peak from North Lake in February.

Winter on Telescope Peak
My partner Dave McLaughlin leads the way in February.

Camping in February
Unstable weather near Basin Mountain in February.

Nora and Panther Meadow

Fresh Snow
Snow clad trees near Wolverton.

Basin Mountain
A failed winter attempt (due to weather) on Basin Mountain.

Lippincott Mountain
Winter view of Lippincott Mountain.

Snow Camping
My lonely camp above Tokopah Valley.

Winter Camping
Winter campsite on Kaiser Ridge.

Snow Tracks
Traversing snow on Kaiser Ridge.

Big Pine in Winter.
Winter view of the Sierra rising above Big Pine.

boyblue and Matt
My son and I during a family snowshoe trip in Grants Grove.

Nora forgot that those are not skis.


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