Southeast ridge

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.35330°N / 14.62104°E
Route Type: Hiking
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Time Required: Less than two hours
Difficulty: "demanding"


The "Southeast ridge" is the Planjava standard ascent, classified as demanding in the categorization of marked and secured mountain-hiking paths. What is "demanding" is a shorter, but steep and exposed scramble (secured) just below Srebrno sedlo, the saddle which we reach before rejoining the base of the comfortable Planjava SE ridge.

This route is quite certainly the initial Planjava summit access. Shepperds made use of the Korošica and Petkove Njive meadows which lay ESE of Planjava. The progressive inclination of the slopes was certainly a sheep favorite, consequently leading to the agreably rounded off SE ridge and to the E summit (where the summitbook is). Wild goats (ibex) are often spotted around here in winter, as they come up for a mid-day sun bath.

Getting There

Our path starts at the Korošica hut (Kocbekov dom na Korošici).

Route Description

At the hut, our marked route is signposted Planjava and Kamniško sedlo. We leave westwards, slighly downhill at first, then horizontaly crossing the slopes below Lučka Baba. The meadow below us, to our left, is called Petkove njive (Friday's fields).

As our path ascends towards Srebrno sedlo, we reach the secured passage. Srebrno sedlo (silver saddle) offers lefthand views down the Repov Kot valley and the Zeleniške špice crest is especially attractive on its left bank. We continue westwards and further up split right-hand (signposted Planjava), now properly heading up the comfortable SE ridge to the Planjava summit.

Note : at the last split, if we continue traversing westwards (signposted Kamniško sedlo) we will soon be reversing this route towards the Kamnik hut.