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The SW-side route is the most frequented way to the Picco Palù/Grosser Moosstock. Although in the guide-books two more options are described, the more recent maps report only the trail by the SW-ridge route.

The ascent runs in a really beautiful environment and does not need particular technical equipment and/or accessories. Few iron ropes in the middle part of the route and the ridge tackled by an easy scrambling give an “extra” to the hikers. However the difference in altitude (about 1500 m) and just the “extra” do not allow to underestimate the mountain.
Route overviewThe route

The bad weather and the well known (by the people of on the spot and by local hikers) risk of lightening are factors to be taken into account before planning the day. In a sunny day the view from the summit is absolutely fantastic; you are in the middle of a mountains circle.


SW sideOn the route
From Sand in Taufers / Campo Tures, continues to Riva di Tures / Rein in Taufers and follow the indication to Acereto/Ahornach arriving to the village after about 8 km. Overcame the church, the road continues for about 3 km, leaving on your left the indication to Poja/Pojen (1560 m).
SW sideTowards the moraine

Park the car after the Stocker alm (about 1640 m) where the road ends; here is a wood pile with clear indication to Moosstock/Picco Palù (trail n° 10B). More information on the Getting there section of the main page.

Route Description

Ascent: 1419 m from the starting point to the summit (4:30-5:15 h)
Descent: by the same route (3:00)

Zitnock and moraineThe moraine

SW-ridgeThe rocky wall

From the parking area take the trail n°10B and by a pleasant wood go up the Schlafauser alm placed at 2010 m (0:45 h). Surely you are not tired, but in any case a rest is recommended to have a look to the Tauferer Tal valley and to drink water from the fountain. The route crosses two trails directed respectively to W (Durreck Hohenweg) in the direction of the Poja/Pojen Valley and to E (Vegetation Weg) towards Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures.
The trail now climbs through a thin wood and then on meadows up to a little rocky wall (about 2500 m). Ascent it by the steep but not difficult trail on the right side and continue turning on the right.
SW sideIron ropes

SW side
The moraine replace the previous more comfortable path till the base of a steep rocky part by which you arrive at the saddle placed just under 2800 m. This section is partly supported by iron ropes that in early summer could be covered by the snow. The route is indicated by white-red indications and by evident stones overlapped.

From the saddle the SW-ridge is on your right, while on the left is clearly visible the little Moosstocksee (2774 m) (2:30-3:15 h). The route goes now on the right, take the ridge to be climbed easily scrambling big rocky steps and rocks. Follow the ridge line avoiding any other inviting alternative (on the left side) and arrive to the flat summit (4:30-5:15 h)

Panoramic view

Schneebige Nock / Monte...From the summit

Essential Gear

Good shoes and any equipment to protect in case of bad weather.


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