The Brazilian snowfall

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The Brazilian snowfall
Created On: Jul 29, 2013
Last Edited On: Aug 12, 2013

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Last week we had the forecast of snowfall on several cities of south reagion on Brazil, so I just couldn't let it be without the propper register, photos, and videos...
I had as partner a friend, a professional urban photographer, also named Paulo, who btw has family at those distant cities...
In total, we had snow for two days in 95 different cities and villages. Of course, I was there, even in between chemotherapy sections. Suck it Leukemia!
In a week or two I'll put here some more photos from this adventure, a mountain page and a trip report for sure, wait and see..
For now, I'll leave this photos of me by Paulo and three videos! One of them, a video from a local tv that heard I was there so they came to interview me. 
Total distance travelled: 2.110kms (over a thounsand miles roundtrip!)

Some videos:

Driving up to Morro das Torres.

Our camp at morning. I was sad, saying "that the forecast wasn't right so far, the snow have not come yet, that we re still waiting, confident about the snowfall, etc, etc...our car frozed, etc etc etc...."
More: "The car is so frozed we can't even get inside...bla bla bla...[and I finish with] Be a bone marrow donor, that way you can save my life!"

The snowfall! I was excited, a great deal of smiles hehehe...enjoy!


My interview, I show up at 3'17" of vídeo.

She asks me all kinds of things, but mainly where I am from, why I was there bla bla bla...

So at the end I ask about leaving a message: "Please be a bone marrow donor, you can save my life and loads of other people who also need a new bone marrow!"




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The Brazilian snowfall

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