The historic Bressman cabin in Ruby Valley

The historic Bressman cabin lies near the northern end of the Ruby Lake NWR in this beautiful setting at the base of the Ruby Mountains in northeastern Nevada. The marker on the cabin's north side reads:

This cabin was built in 1880 by Jacob Bressman, his daughter Deby and Deby's husband, Lew Benson.

Jacob Bressman was born in 1830 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, and came to Nevada in the 1870's to homestead. Jacob and the Benson family resided and made a business hauling freight to the mining camps in Eureka County. Jacob and Lew each drove a 12-horse team and Deby handled a 4-horse team.

In 1880, Jacob Bressman and Lew and Deby Benson sold their business and bought cattle, settling in Ruby Valley at this site. Typical pioneers, they were hard working and enjoyed few comforts. On January 11, 1896, Jacob Bressman passed away and was buried in the grave located near the cabin. This lonely site testifies to the strength and endurance of the thousands of men and women of all races and creeds who came west and symbolizes their quest to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Photo taken 11/7/07.


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