The third of the three peaks.

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Yorkshire Dales, England, Europe
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Apr 19, 2003
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Created On: Nov 5, 2005
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Owen and Henry were really excited, they had never climbed a mountain before, but I have. I’ve climbed Pen-y-Ghent, Ingleborough and now I am climbing Whernside.
After a long journey in the car of smells, me and two of my cousins were just about to set off up Whernside. I was giddy and very happy and my dad was too, mainly because it meant that whenever Dad talked about Whernside I would realise what he was talking about. It also meant that all three of us, in my house, would have climbed this particular mountain and my dad’s brother would have climbed it too.
We started off by walking through a farm. Me and Owen were in front of the rest by quite a lot and at this particular moment we were in between a small lamb and its mum, the lamb started to run to its mum and me and Owen thought it was charging at us both, we felt really scared until we realised what had happened, then we collapsed with laughter at how foolish we had been.
Then we went over a high stile that we struggled to climb over. At the other side it was really boggy at first but them we were just simply walking in fairly long grass. In this section I asked my dad “Are we on the mountain yet?” “No love, not yet” was the reply. About five minutes later we were walking in mega long grass and when I say it, I mean it.
It wasn’t long before it was getting absolutely mega steep and then Owen asked his dad if we were on the mountain yet and his dad answered “I don’t think so”. Soon I was in front of the rest by about 60 feet and the gap was increasing more and more by the minute. When my dad caught up to me I spoke to him and said “Are we on the mountain yet?” he explained that “We’ve been on it for absolutely ages” then I asked “Half the journey?” “Three quarters” he replied and I was seriously shocked.
Then my Uncle Andrew started talking about an even steeper bit. My dad said we could rest and have some of the snacks that we had brought with us. When we did, Owen decided to go off onto the grassy fields and play with the spinner that I found in a packet of crisps. Henry had a good long drink, then realised that he needed to go to the toilet. We waited for him, then gave Owen a sandwich which he demolished in less than a minute, then wanted more, but we just ignored him.
Then we did a scrambly part. I love scrambly parts so it was my favourite part of the mountain - YIPEE! I got to the top of that bit 8 minutes before everyone else, including dad.
Quite near the top we all saw a dog with three legs but it looked really happy. Owen and Henry were lagging behind with their dad at their side, so it was just me and dad that were as close to the trig point as we were. The top of the mountain was getting nearer and nearer and finally we reached the top, I touched the trig point and had another snack, with my dad. The outlines of Owen and Henry were now insight and it wasn’t long before they were at the top too. Owen asked me why there was a grave stone at the top of the mountain, whilst pointing to the trig point, and I told him that it was just a signal to say that you’d reached the top of the mountain and that you were meant to tap it, when you had reached the top. Henry tapped it, but Owen did more than that, he sat on it! His dad told him to get down that instant, but instead, he beckoned to Henry to come and sit up there with him and he did just that. Dad found it funny and managed to squeeze me on there too.
On the way down I varied walking with dad, Henry and also with Owen. I made a rock collection, in my backpack, Owen made one too, in his Dad’s rucksack and Henry tried to make one in a carrier bag, but only found three rocks and a stick, because I bet him to it and if I didn’t, Owen did. Owen fell on the way down and hurt his hand, I grazed my knee, so it started bleeding and it really hurt and Henry hurt his arm, but it didn’t look too painful. My fall was the worst out of all of them, when I got to the car, dad put some antiseptic on.
I really enjoyed the rest of the way down, which I spent skipping, running and racing my cousins. It didn’t seem to take long to get down the hill because there were no steep bits to struggle over and my cousins kept a good pace up. There was just one thing that I was not looking forward to – the car of smells.




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The third of the three peaks.

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