The West Ridge

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New Mexico, United States, North America
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The West Ridge
Created On: May 13, 2005
Last Edited On: Feb 28, 2007

Route Description

From the parking area, walk through the access gate, and start heading cross-country at a south or southeast bearing. You will walk across a gentle slope filled with juniper trees. A short distance later, you will hit a primitive road heading up towards the mountains. The road probably comes in from the ranch down below. A black water hose parallels the road. Turn left, and start walking up the road. An old stone cabin is located next to the road here. The road turns into an trail at some point. Continue following the trail through a drainage as it conveniently takes you right to the base of the west ridge near a water tank. The trail essentially ends here. Turn left, and start climbing up the forested slope. Your goal is to reach this location on the ridge. Once on the west ridge, start climbing up it. There are some rock outcroppings along the ridge, but you can bypass them if you take the right route. There is a ravine off to your left. You will need to cross the ravine and start heading up the slope to reach the range crest just south of a large rock outcropping. Climb up the slope towards the rock outcropping, then make the push up to the ridge. This was the toughest part of the climb. You goal is to reach this saddle on the range crest.

Once you reach the range crest at about 9,000’, there are two or three false summits to deal with. You will have to either climb up and over them, or you will have to traverse around them. The false summits aren’t very high, so it’s really no big deal what route you take. If you traverse, it will be around the right side of the highpoints. The left side is cliffs. Once you reach the range crest, turn left and start climbing up to the broad summit area. You’ll get a good view of Ladron Peak from around here. Make the final push to the summit, where you can enjoy the views.