Tschigat, Lazinser Rötelspitze and Hohe Weiße

View south, from low on the east ridge of the Hinterer Seelenkogel near the Zwickauer Hütte.

The leftmost peak is Tschigat (2998m), to its right the Lazinser Rötelspitze (3037m).

In the center, what looks like one big mountain, are in fact three. In front is the Grafspitze (3147m). It is dwarfed by the bigger Hohe Weiße (3278m) directly behind it. A little bit to the left and also further away, the light grey one is the Lodner (3228m).

In front are the remnants of a glacier. It's not flowing anymore, just melting and sublimating. No crevasses either. It will be gone soon.

8 July 2008.


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