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I grew up doing scouting things, and camp outs. I did a few hikes with my family, but nothing much. I always felt like it was something I wanted to do. Whenever I went to Target or another store I would go to sporting goods and look at the tents. I wanted one for some reason, but never got one. I got into the outdoors in June 2003 when I began rock climbing. The decision to finally start into what I had deep down longed to do changed everything.

In early 2004 I found Summitpost and started lurking, and finally joined in June. I owe a lot of how I am now to Summitpost as it changed my attitude towards the mountains. I immediately fell in love with mountains and summits, and started soaking in as much info as I could. One of my brothers wanted to go hiking with me a few months later, and I already had the peak bagging mindset. I got him to hike Sugarloaf Peak with me. It was the first time I planned a trip, collected the data, and summited a peak.

Currently, I am still in the peak bagger mindset. Here is the way I see it: Every peak is on my list. From Mount Everest, to an insignificant bump on a ridge spur, to the hill in your back yard. Every summit is on my tick list, but there is an order to my list. Mount Everest is not towards the top due to difficulty, objective dangers, and cost. The bump on the ridge spur is lower because the parent peak is significantly cooler. And the hill in your back yard is pretty low due to access issues. Every peak is a peak though, and were it possible, I would climb them all.
SP members I've hiked/climbed with:
Travis Atwood
Bruce Christensen
Matthew Van Horn
mtn rnr
Joseph Bullough
It has gotten to the point where I��?????��????��???��??��?���¢??m not even sure I met all of these people, but I was among them in a group at one point. This is an exception though, not a rule.

Partner Details: Sure. I try to get out on trips planned in the Utah Mountaineering Ongoing Threads (Here is the current one).

In the summer I am a very strong hiker and scrambler. I err more to the side of safety when in a tight situation. In the winter I snowshoe, and come spring I like to get out on consolidated snow with my axe and pons. I'm looking to start skiing in the next couple of years. By way of technical climbing, I haven't done so much of it lately but really want to start back into it this spring. I own all my own gear, including a modest TRAD rack. Prefer moderate climbs (ie. Pentapitch, bushwack, beckeys wall), but enjoy it all to some degree.

Interested mainly in summiting peaks. Non-summit hikes and cragging is fun too.
Favorite Places:
  • Wasatch Range
    I am fortunate enough to have it in my front yard. I love climbing on the peaks and ridges, cragging in the canyons, and studying the geology. Part of what I love most about the range is the variety. The central Wasatch is relatively small, but offers a lot of different scenery, rock type, difficulty, formations, you name it.
  • Uinta Range
    This range has an older, more spiritual feel. There is a lot of area above tree line where you can see for great distances, but there are also thick forests. The peaks are easier by comparison to peaks in other ranges. What I love most is the feeling of solitude you can find in most areas that you can't get in some other ranges, especially the Wasatch. Whenever I'm in a Uinta forest or on a Uinta summit, I feel as if I am witnessing something larger and more important, and it gives me prospective.
  • Wind River Range
    In a word, I would describe it as glorious. I absolutely love granite, and this range is the mother load. I'm trying to put my feelings about this range into words, but they're just not coming. I close my eyes and picture a huge natural lake or a high alpine basin with towering rugged granitic summits all around, and I can't think of how to express it. Wow.
Outdoors Adventures: Summits are up to date, everything else is a work in progress.
Blue Tags: Summits
Red Tags: Points with too little prominence to be a summit.
Green Tags: Places I've camped (Backpacking).
Teal Tags: Places I've camped (Car Camping).
Yellow Tags: Hikes with no summit.
Dotted Tags: Favorites.

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