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The fall season has arrived. The growing distance from this past spring - and the notable instances of triumph and of desolation that it brought - has given me greater chance to reflect. There is a saying that goes something like "Do not cry because it ended, but smile because it happened." At some unmarked point in time afterwards, the burden should shift from those who knocked someone down, to someone's ability to stand back up. That burden has long since transferred to me. Even if I assign it to cumulative effects, the failure to rise is my failing alone.

Certainly I could make my feeble niche in capitalist society by following its inherent customs of repetitive aggregation and consumption. After all, I am certified and licensed as a professional in a white-collar field. But to do so inside of a perpetual solitary gloom would be utterly senseless and pointless as I see it. That is not to guarantee that chasing dreams and adventures will necessarily lead me to vitality. But there is life at least within the pursuit.

And so, I have changed directions. I am currently pursuing a new and unique adventure. No one knows of it and few, if any, would ponder it long enough to figure it out. I am doing this without concern of possible recourse should events not turn out positively. And why not? There is truth to the cliché that touts the merit of burning out instead of fading away.

Additions & Updates Forthcoming:
I traveled a little bit recently - there may be a few quality pictures from it I can soon post. I do not expect to create an associated narrative though. The possibility always exists that I could develop a spontaneous objective and travel accordingly, but apart from that, this small assortment of random pictures may be all the additions coming in the near future.

Index for Pictured Trip Reports:
"Discovering My Calling in the Smokies" - My first real introductions to the mountains, in the Appalachians of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.
"Grading the Midwest - On A Curved Scale" - An article-style summary of numerous regional trips around my Midwest roots, containing my opinions on the best of the region.
"First Venture to the Rockies & Wild West" - An eager trip to my first taste of hiking in the majestic Rockies and Intermountain areas of the western states.
"A Tour of West Virginia" - I wanted to find out what the Mountain State was all about, so I set off to explore its most famous areas on an extended weekend.
"Canyon & A Beach Down South" - Combined summaries of a late autumn canyon trip and an early winter beach wilderness vacation to the warm Southeast.
"Learning Indiscretion from Persistence in Maine" - I ran myself into my first bout of serious adversity on this spring trip to mountainous New England.
"Contrasts in Ozarks & Wichitas" - A comparison of two trips to the Arkansas/Oklahoma region, with two very different mindsets and outcomes.
"My Oregon Trail to Washington" - On a mission to a full week of backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, I followed the general route of the historic Oregon Trail.
"Heights & Borders of Texas" - A full west-to-east navigation of the Lone Star State, from desert mountain ranges to brush country to the gulf seashore.
"Life in My Tent - Journal Excerpts" - My most personally significant work, packed with memorable stories. I spent months traveling the country living out of my tent.
"Quick Islands-to-Highlands Weekend" - An effort to cram as much hiking and sightseeing as I could into one ordinary weekend, from Lake Erie to the western Appalachians.
"Lesser-Traveled Appalachian Holiday" - A successful objective to enter the heavily-visited southern Appalachians, on a holiday weekend, and still avoid the crowds.

My 20 Favorite Pictures:
20. Big Bend, Texas
19. Little River Canyon, Alabama
18. Cumberland Island, Georgia
17. Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania
16. Pictured Rocks, Michigan
15. Steens Mountain, Oregon
14. Yellowstone, Wyoming
13. Apostle Islands, Wisconsin
12. Mount Olympus, Washington
11. Black Ridge Canyons, Colorado
10. Acadia, Maine
9. Glacier, Montana
8. Great Basin, Nevada
7. Olympic, Washington
6. Red River Gorge, Kentucky
5. Canyonlands, Utah
4. Nantahala, North Carolina
3. White Sands, New Mexico
2. Wind River Range, Wyoming
1. North Cascades, Washington
My name is Robby Easton, originally of central Illinois. This home page is my collection of amateur photography and narratives from nationwide travels. My most dependable source of fulfillment, I have found, comes from wild natural areas and mountains in particular. Over time, my pictures and narratives really serve to illustrate my steady progression - one from uninformed tourist of the busiest national parks to wanderer of the most unspoiled areas I can discover. I can find contentment within special places at lower elevations as well, by hiking or backpacking in forests, deserts, or beaches. In addition to the backcountry, my hobbies include coaching youth baseball, working out, bike riding, statistics, and reading history, science and philosophy. It is within these activities that I generally live a nonconforming, perhaps eccentric lifestyle, free of the fear that too often accompanies the idea of being different.
Some of my favorite scenes:
Chimney Tops - Great Smoky Mountains NP, Tennessee
Grand View Point - Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Baxter Peak of Katahdin - Baxter State Park, Maine
Wolf Creek Overlook - Little River Canyon Preserve, Alabama
Kiger Gorge Overlook - Steens Mountain, Oregon
Blue Glacier of Mount Olympus - Olympic NP, Washington
Sahale Mountain - North Cascades National Park, Washington
Chisos Mountains South Rim - Big Bend National Park, Texas
Harney Peak - Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota
Cloud Peak - Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming
Titcomb Basin - Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming
Currant Mountain - Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Nevada
Mount Moriah stargazing - Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Nevada
Whiterock Mountain - Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina
Tofte Overlook of Carlton Peak - Superior NF, Minnesota
Sunset Point - Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Some of my favorite trails:
Rock Glacier-Bristlecone Trail - Great Basin NP, Nevada
Abol Trail to Baxter Peak - Baxter State Park, Maine
North Crater Trail - Craters of the Moon NM, Idaho
Hoh River Trail - Olympic National Park, Washington
Cascade Pass Trail - North Cascades NP, Washington
El Capitan-Guadalupe scramble - Guadalupe Mtns NP, Texas
Ozark Trail - Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri
Kite Trail - Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma
North Country Trail - Pictured Rocks Nat. Lakeshore, Michigan
Sherd Lake Loop - Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming
Mistymoon Trail - Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming
Rattlesnake Arches Trail - McInnis Canyons NCA - Colorado
Bartram Trail - Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina
Auxier Ridge Trail - Red River Gorge, Kentucky
North Loop-Mt Charleston Wild. - Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Nevada

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