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Trentino Alto Adige, Italy, Europe
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Val di Tovel
Created On: Sep 29, 2013
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In the heart of the Brenta group: the Adamello Brenta Nature park and lake Tovel

Campo Flavona
Campo Flavona, Turrion Basso, Cima Grostè 

This wild and enchanting place formed from Tovel Lake in the valley of Tovel and the valley of Santa Maria Flavona is the starting point of many tours towards the central and northern Brenta group.

The Val di Tovel starts from Tuenno in Val di Non and extends for a length of about 17 km.
Besides the eponymous Lake Tovel, the Valley has other points of interest like the Biotope Flavona and numerous pastures. From Lake Tovel to Passo Gaiarda the Valley takes its name Valle Santa Maria Flavona.


The biotope Campo Flavona
The biotope Campo Flavona 

From eastern side: the Campa group (subgroup of Brenta group).
From western side : the summits of the northern chain of the Brenta dolomites.
  •  Cima Uomo 2543 m. 
  •  SassoRosso 2645 m.
  •  Cima Tuena 2679 m. 
  •  Cima del Vento 2761,
  •  Cima delle Livezze 2779 m.
  •  Cima Sassara 2894 m.
  •  Corno di Denno 2873 m.
  •  Cima Flavona 2916 m.
  •  Cima Vagliana2862 m.
  •  Pietragrande 2937 m. .
From southern side: Passo del Grostè and Cima del Grostè, Bocca della Vallazza, Croz dell'Altissimo.

Turrion Basso
Turrion Basso

Rio Tresenga
Rio Tresenga

Cima Flavona
Cima Flavona

Val Strangola
Val Strangola


Biotopo Flavona

Sasso Rosso
 Sasso Rosso


The glacial valley of Santa Maria di Flavona starts from Lake Tovel and penetrates towards the Brenta Mountains with NS direction, alternating plateaus to high steps.
The biotope occupies roughly the area known as "Sassera Selvata": from Malga Pozzol (1650 meters) to Malga Flavona (1900 meters).
It is here present, the phenomenon of so-called "marocche", Landslide deposits importants both from the geological and botanic point of view .Mountain pine (Pinus mugo) in the area of pasture and Flavona (Larix decidua) in the Malga Pozzol.


It's an excellent starting point for excursions.

1. Lago di Tovel (path 309) – Malga Tuena – Valle Madris – Passo di Prà Castròn – Bivacco Costanzi 2365m.
2. Val di S. Maria Flavona ( path 312)- Val Gelada di Tuenno – Passo di val Gelada – Bivacco Bonvecchio 2780m.
3. Val di S. Maria Flavona ( path 334)- Val delle Giare – Bocchetta dei Tre Sassi 2613m. - Sentiero Claudio Costanzi
4. Val di S.Maria Favona (path 334)– Sentiero alpinistico delle Palette – Passo del Grostè 2442 m.- Rifugio Stoppani
5. Malga Flavona (path 371) -Passo della Gaiarda 2242 m.- Malga Spora
6. Malga Flavona (path 330)- Val Scura – Bocchetta di val scura – Alpe la Campa
7. Lago di Tovel (path 339) -Passo di Termoncello 1856 m. - Bivacco Quetta

northern chain of the Brenta
The northern chain of the Brenta from Malga Termoncello 

Getting there

Pietra Grande
 Pietra grande

Lago di Tovel

The Val di Tovel and the Adamello Brenta Nature park can be reached from Trento > Val di Non > Tuenno (located along the provincial road n. 73.) , then take the provincial road no. 14 of the Val di Tovel along the Rio Tresenga.
In winter the road for Tovel is closed

Adamello Brenta Nature park


Adamello Brenta Nature Park is the largest protected area of Trentino. Located in the western part of Trentino Province - Italy, it is 620,517 km.
wide: it includes Adamello and Brenta mountainous groups, divided by Rendena Valley and bordered by Non Valley, Sole Valley and Giudicarie Valley. It is endowed with 80 lakes and with Adamello Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in Europe. Its fauna is among the richest of the Alps and includes all animal species which find their habitat on the mountains, bear and steinbock as well. Rich woods and meadows, fruits and flowers which are rare to find, thousands of insects, birds and other animals whose life is determinant for the biological equilibria of the Park and of the Earth

Bufo bufo
Bufo bufo

Leontopodium alpinum
Leontopodium alpinum

Malga Flavona
Malga Flavona

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Cima Flavona
Cima Flavona

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Lago di Tovel

Pietra Grande
Pietra Grande

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