Velika Javornica from SW

Velika Javornica from SW

Page Type Page Type: Route
Location Lat/Lon: 45.23300°N / 14.96700°E
Additional Information Route Type: Hiking, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Fall
Additional Information Time Required: Less than two hours
Additional Information Difficulty: Walk-up with some scramble
Sign the Climber's Log


Most suitable approach by car is from SE direction, via Ogulin-Bjelsko-Jasenak paved road. Once in Jasenak village, turn right following the Samarske Stijene/Bijele stijene roadsigns (signs are clearly visible, made of wood, signed w. white color letters). It is a nonsurfaced forest road, winding uphill through the woods, detailed description of it is already posted on the main page, Getting there Getting to the foot of Bijele and Samarske stijene section Follow the ascent to Bijele stijene summit (via Rusov jarak) and 10 minutes before you reach Bijele stijene mountain house, there is a branching-off path in south direction.

Route Description

If coming from the Bijele stijene hut, follow marked route for Rusov jarak for 10-15 minutes of so, till branching-off path to the right. First 20 minutes or so is up-down walk through dense coniferous woods. After approx. 1/2 hour, youll fiond yourself right infront of the group of bulky limestone rocks. Path continues uphill, winding and circumventing limestone rocks, sometimes from the right, sometimes from the left side. Thin on the ground  ,at this point you are already ascending SW ridge of Velika Javornica, without knowing it (beeing inside dense woods, not much visibility here). After hour and 1/4 - hour and 3/4, you should find yourself infront of the small shelter (wooden table with 2 wooden benches, alltogether under roof shaped as upside-down "V" letter, no doors). On your left is small rocky plateau, that does offer some views to the east.  For summiting Velika Javornica, stick with the main marked path that continues from the forementioned small shelter. Ater 10 minutes max,  youll see path branching- off and up the 27 feet or so high rocky ridge on your left side. Scramble it up (heck of scrambling not required, though) At bottom south part of the ridge, youll notice large box, inside is summit logbook. Grab the pen, sign the book... time required: either from Bijele stijene or Rusov jarak,  allow yourself 2 hours, without too much pace... ascending direction:  South-Southeast Vistas:  To the east; Southernmost part of Bjelolasica (Siljevaca rocks), Jasenak field, Mt. Klek in the background. To the south-southwest/west; main part of Bjelolasica ridge with Kula peak, Samarske stijene on the west. Bijele stijene are less visible because of elevation  point 1309 infront of you, thus limiting the views.

Essential Gear

...sturdy hiking boots, compass is always a good idea.
Asceding route to V. Javornica is often halted by numerous fallen tree trunks
(expect anywhere between half dozen and dozen of those, enroute),
you may scroll them up, crawl bellow them, walk around them, or try to remove them, so pair of craftmans gloves may be handy...

Miscellaneous Info

Velika Javornica is the highest summit of whole subgroup. Vistas are OK. (See enclosed pano in the following chapter, please)

What is sometimes counted off, is the Javornica`s flower-power.
Javornica main ridge is little botanical garden on its own.
More than dozen species of various dinaric and alpine-type flora
can be enjoyed inside 10 yards diameter.
Sometimes, it is called the blooming ridge, for that matter.
Well, different strokes for different folks...

Panorama view from Velika Javornica



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