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Veliki Rogatec
Created On: Mar 1, 2010
Last Edited On: Mar 26, 2018


The map of Veliki Rogatec group
On Velika planina. Behind is...Rogatec group from the NW
On the SE part, where Kamnik & Savinja Alps already lower to their fore-hills, an interesting ridge is stretching in the SW-NE direction. Its highest summit Rogatec only a little exceeds the altitude of 1500 meters, which is not much for this region, but the mountain is bold and rocky and represents together with its neighbours a valuable goal for hikers. On this page more than only the highest summit will be described. The lower neighbours might have waited for their own pages, but are also interesting for hiking and skiing.

Even if the group of Kamnik & Savinja Alps is predominantly made of limestone, the geological structure of Rogatec range is much mixed. Its SW beginning above Črnivec saddle soon culminates in the summit of Kranjska reber, 1435 m, which is made of older rocks. The low grade metamorphic rocks of Kranjska reber have been derived from volcanic rocks of spylite-keratophyre association and some sedimentary rocks. You will notice them by a characteristic green colour. More towards the NE there is Kašni vrh, 1290 m, then Kunšperk saddle, 1119 m, and further on Kunšperski vrh, 1340 m, and the grassy and rounded Lepenatka, 1425 m. Till here old rocks are spreaded, mixed with limestone, but the summit of Veliki Rogatec is already made of limestone. It's rocky towers and sharp ridges can pose even a problem to a hiker, not used of a little climbing. More towards the NE and E the ridge lowers to a broad area of rounded hills.

Whoever wants to visit the area might consider best a long ridge tour, but in that case must think of a logistic how to return. Parts of the ridge can of course also be done as separate tours. Kranjska reber is an easy ski tour, mostly through forrests (by roads). Lepenatka however, can already be considered also a classical ski tour mountain. The upper 350 meters of its SE ridge are ideal for tour skiing and the whole tour down to the valley of Mačkin kot can in good conditions offer up to 650 meters of altitude for skiing. Veliki Rogatec is only a hikers mountain. Its SW ridge is demanding, the route is protected, while the E approach is a very steep, marked path which in bad conditions also should not be underestimated. Around the summit of Kranjska reber also a nice mountain bike tour can be done.

Summit Views

The finest part of the panorama from Veliki Rogatec ridge is the view on the central part of Kamnik & Savinja Alps. High mountains are beautifully seen and all details of their SE approaches can be judged. Exceeding with altitude other mountains towards the E, S and W, from Veliki Rogatec and its neighbours the views also across the rest of the hilly Slovenia are very nice. On the West the highest mountains of Julian Alps will greet you.
Kamnik & Savinja Alps from Lepenatka
Skuta, Planjava and Ojstrica from Lepenatka
Kamnik & Savinja Alps from Lepenatka

Kranjska reber

Rogatec and LepenatkaVeliki Rogatec and Lepenatka from the summit of Kranjska reber
The ridge of Veliki Rogatec starts on the SW on Črnivec saddle, 902 m, south of which the area of Menina planina lies. Over the saddle a good road connection goes. The first summit in the ridge is Plešivec (Mt. Baldy), 1329 m, which is nowadays more and more overgrown, then the forrested ridge goes towards the NE. Below the summit of Kranjska reber, 1435 m, alpine meadows begin and we can enjoy the last 100 meters of ascent with beautiful views around. Further to the NE there's an alpine meadow called Kašna planina, where the mountain road reaches. The summit further to the NE is Kašni vrh, 1290 m, after which the ridge lowers to an important saddle, called Kunšperk.

The ascent on Kranjska reber can be done from any side. From Črnivec saddle a marked path ascends towards the N. It goes by forrest roads and does also shortcuts. Higher it detours the summit of Plešivec by the E side, gains the main ridge and continues on top. That is also the route of an easy ski tour. From the west, Kranjska reber can be reached from the saddle of Kranjski Rak, 1029 m. A mountain road, closed for public traffic ascends up, crosses the NW and N slopes of Kranjska reber and reaches Kašna planina. From there we can reach the top by the NE ridge.


On the SE ridge of LepenatkaThe SE ridge of Lepenatka
The summit of LepenatkaOn Lepenatka
NE of Kunšperk saddle the summit of Kunšperski vrh rises, 1340 m. From it, the ridge continues towards the E and soon reaches the grassy summit of Lepenatka. That is a nice place, mild and panoramic. North of its summit there's a saddle, called Kal, 1285 m, where the rocks of Veliki Rogatec start rising. From the summit of Lepenatka two more grassy ridges descend - one towards the E and the other one towards the SE. By both ascends (not marked) from mountain roads are possible.

The marked path comes on Lepenatka from Kranjska reber by the main ridge and continues towards Veliki Rogatec. But ascents from all other sides are also possible. Mountain roads approach the summit from Kašna planina (meadow) and from the west, from Podvolovljek valley up. From the south a good road reaches the end of Mačkin kot, the valley of Mačkovec creek. If we leave a car at the highest farm (Vrbočnik), 900 m, we can reach the summit in 1 h 30 min. In winter that is a nice option for a ski tour.

Veliki Rogatec

On the SW ridge of Veliki RogatecOn the SW ridge
Below the summit of Veliki RogatecOn the E path, just below the summit
Its SW ridge rises up sharply from the saddle of Kal. From the top the ridge continues towards the NE and soon branches. Both the E branch and the NE branch are very steep, mostly forrested. The most attractive marked path comes up from Kal saddle. It is a little short ferrata and should be done in dry conditions. East of the summit a high mountain farm stands. Špeh, 1165 m, is another possible trailhead for Veliki Rogatec. From Kal saddle one marked path also crosses the S slopes of Rogatec and reaches the farm, otherwise the farm can be reached by mountain roads from the S-SE and from the N. The marked path from the farm on top is also steep and requires a careful step. If coming from the SW, the crossing of Veliki Rogatec is recommended.

Eastern part of the group

The hills towards the NE and E are lower, but offer nice scenes: High positioned farms, churches, beautiful meadows and many mountain roads for hiking and eventual mountain biking.

Getting There

On the way to Veliki RogatecKal saddle, below Rogatec
See the main area pages of Kamnik & Savinja Alps how to get to the area. The trailheads for Veliki Rogatec group are:

> Črnivec saddle, 902 m. On the road Kamnik - Gornji grad.
> Kranjski Rak saddle, 1029 m. On the road Kamnik - Podvolovljek - Luče.
> Podvolovljek valley.
> The valley of Mačkovec creek (deter north from the upper Dreta valley).
> The valley of Dreta with Gornji grad at its center. From Gornji grad (nice cathedral there) many mountain roads deter towards the NW, up towards the ridge of Veliki Rogatec.
> Savinja valley at Luče. From the vicinity of Luče mountain roads go towards the S, up towards Rogatec ridge.

Map: Planinska zveza Slovenije: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe. 1:50000.

Mountain Huts

Huts below LepenatkaHuts below Lepenatka
There are no official mountain huts in this area (and are also not needed). However one can stop by at many farms.

When to Climb?

Skiing from Kranjska reberSkiing from Kranjska reber
The summits of Veliki Rogatec can be climbed any time of the year, except the highest summit - Veliki Rogatec itself. That one requires good, dry conditions, otherwise the tour can turn into a difficult winter endeavor. Lower summits are also ideal for ski tours.

Veliki Rogatec

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