View to Valbona Valley and Maja Briasit

Amazing view to Prokletije massif and beautiful Valbona Valley on left, from Rosni Vrh-Maja Rosit (2525 m) summit. On left you can see the part of 13 km long giant massif of Majet e Zabores (Zabores e Krasnices) peaks. Between them dominate Maja Hekurave (2561 m), Maja Grik e Halt (2625 m) with it's 500 m high and 300 m wide North Face, and Maja Briasit-Brijac (2567 m) with it's amazing and breathtaking alpinistic wall, which is 900 m high & 900 m wide! For sure, one of the most impressive walls in Prokletije massif.


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