Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 42.40118°N / 19.88933°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Big Wall
Additional Information Elevation: 8422 ft / 2567 m
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Maja BriasitNorth side of Maja Briaset above Valbona Valley
When you enter in Valbona Valley you can admire the view to the highest peaks of the massif of PROKLETIJE range. On the left side of Valbona Valley you can notice impressive 13 km long wall structured from about 10 peaks which all are higher than 2400 m. That group of peaks is called Majet e Zabores (Zabores e Krasnices)(Krasnicka Planina). One of them will for sure attrack your attention with its about 900 m high and 900 m wide impressive and undiscovered rhomboidal north wall, which dominate in its surroundings. That's Maja Briaset (2567 m) (Brijac). Together with Maja Gruk e Hapt (2625 m), Maja Briaset create the highest and most impressive part of Majet e Zabores massif. Maja Briasit represent the most beautiful and most magnificent express of wild beauty of PROKLETIJE range, which the highest and most impressive part is located in Albania, known also as Albanian Alps. Maja Briasit belong to the group of peaks which are still not discovered and marked. Till now, Maja Briaset was the target of many mountain photographers. Now, Maja Briaset is in the plan of climbing activities of many mountain clubs.

Getting There

View to Valbona Valley and Maja BriasitView to Maja Briaset & Valbona Valley from Maja Rosit
1. S-SW approach (by car): -Tirana (Albania capital-Mother Teresa International Airport)-Shkoder: 116 km, asphalt road. -Skhoder-Koplik:18 km -Koplik accross the Qafa Thores pass (important connection between major glacial valleys, then to the east in direction of Valbona Valley 2. Qafa Shilahut pass (Shkoder-Prizren road), then turn left for Fjerze, over the bridge accross the Drin river to Bajram Curri and further till Valbone at the end of the Valbone valley. Qafa Shilahut-Valbone: 80 km of macadam road.


When you approaching Maja Briaset (2567 m) which is place in PROKLETIJE (North Albanian Alps), you can freely use your tent in Valbona Valley and also somewhere inside the massif of Albanian Prokletije, at the foot of Maja Briaset.

Mountain Conditions

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Red Tape

No extra fees if you approaching Maja Briaset and Valbona Valley from Albania, but if you approacing Maja Briaset and Valbona Valley from Montenegro you should have a entry permit which you can get in Montenegrin border police station in Plav or Gusinje towns.