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Jow - Jun 18, 2018 8:40 am Date Climbed: Jun 16, 2018

#3 of 4 Roadtrip  Sucess!

This would be a long driving day and keeping with that theme just drove to top. The dirt road up is in pleasant forest but then the top is rather ugly and some trash strewn about. Enjoyed some fresh Cuban cigars at summit. Highpoint #39


Joelam - Apr 16, 2018 3:29 am Date Climbed: Oct 17, 2017

Woodall Mountain #8  Sucess!

First highpoint on my way to do the Eastern 6-pack...

HikerHel - Mar 31, 2018 1:13 pm Date Climbed: Nov 5, 2017

Highpoint #11  Sucess!

A work meeting brought me to Mississippi so I couldn't pass up this opportunity to check off number 11. Thank you BMS!


MacMike - Dec 31, 2017 10:41 pm Date Climbed: Jan 22, 2017

HP #3  Sucess!

Took the opportunity on a family drive to Florida to capture 3 HPs. The first of two for the day was MS then AL. Easy drive up to the top. A couple of rowdy kids on 4-wheelers gawked at us as we drove past them up the road. The road was loose from all the rain. Not much to see as it is heavily wooded. Fun none the less!


themnkid - Sep 9, 2017 7:12 pm Date Climbed: Sep 2, 2017

MS Highpoint  Sucess!

Drove right up on a Saturday afternoon. No one else in the area. Not necessarily a whole lot to see but still fun nonetheless.


AliMc929 - Aug 13, 2017 7:16 pm Date Climbed: Aug 13, 2017

Highpoint #12  Sucess!

Short trek up to the top.


cheetah262 - Apr 14, 2017 12:33 pm Date Climbed: Mar 20, 2017

High Miss  Sucess!

I saw a few deer on my "trek" (drive) up. Definitely one of the easiest state high points to summit, LOL! I did consider parking at the base and walking up the fire road but decided that time would be better spent heading over to the Coondog Cemetery in Alabama....
I agree with an earlier post---the Highpointer group has done a nice job at this summit, especially the mailbox for the sign-in register.


islandborn11 - Apr 10, 2017 12:37 am Date Climbed: Apr 8, 2017

Rusticdrive  Sucess!

First of a four state ramble through the south. The HP club has done a good job cleaning up this site, which apparently used to be quite foul.


Walkoutnow - Nov 22, 2016 11:19 pm Date Climbed: Nov 19, 2016

Highpoint #17  Sucess!

First of a 5 HP trip over a long weekend. On to Alabama from there...


sgb02d - Jul 6, 2016 11:40 pm Date Climbed: Jul 6, 2016

Minutes at the top  Sucess!

Once you get to the vicinity of the mountain, it is well signed and easy to find. Dirt road is quick and easy to drive/hike.

I drove to the top, nothing to to look at so signed the register and went on my merry way.


larvitar - Jun 8, 2016 11:32 am Date Climbed: May 12, 2016

Larvitour Stop #12  Sucess!

Parked at the base of the summit road and walked up. There wasn't much to see at the high point itself, but the walk was nice after driving all the way up from Florida. Spent the night at Tishomingo State Park just down the road.

Adam Doc Fox

Adam Doc Fox - Feb 26, 2016 8:19 pm Date Climbed: Feb 23, 2016

Dodging Tornadoes   Sucess!

Parked at bottom and hiked through insane rain. Later saw flooding and tornado aftermath. Part of driving 2,000 miles from Ohio to grab Alabama and Florida highpoints as well.


claidheamdanns - Feb 25, 2016 10:31 am Date Climbed: Feb 28, 2015

HPH – Woodall Mountain  Sucess!

Great hiking with a great group. Glad we decided to also take in some hiking at Tishomingo State Park, since we accidentally drove all the way to the top of Woodall Mountain.


punchline - Dec 11, 2015 3:40 pm Date Climbed: Nov 23, 2015

State Highpoint #37  Sucess!

Part 3 of an overcaffeinated road trip of 4800 miles from Utah at Thanksgiving!


Fletch - Jul 25, 2015 7:59 pm Date Climbed: Jul 23, 2015

The beginning of Martinizing  Sucess!

3 day trip...


huskertriguy - May 11, 2015 11:21 am Date Climbed: May 6, 2015

#39  Sucess!

Little did I know I would get this into state highpoints.

I was close to a breaking point at work and my wife chased me out the door to get away.

Figured I had only 3 left east of Colorado, so I hit it: MS, AL, FL. This was the second stop of the three.

Did this one well after dark after a 15-hour drive. Cheated and drove to the top. Based on intel, I was not concerned about hiking or missing any view.


sangus - Nov 25, 2014 9:07 pm Date Climbed: Nov 20, 2014

MidNight Summit  Sucess!

On a business trip swung over to bag this HP.


CheesySciFi - Nov 16, 2014 11:13 am Date Climbed: Nov 15, 2014

Highpoint #4  Sucess!

Wanted to work for this one, but time was running short so I did the driveup.


TJ311 - May 6, 2014 8:02 pm Date Climbed: Apr 26, 2014

Mississippi High  Sucess!

We drove to the top as we were short on time. We also got a geocache called "Mississippi High" right near the top. I like the mailbox!


IdahoScott - Apr 9, 2014 10:42 am Date Climbed: Dec 19, 2004

Highpoint #18  Sucess!

The last of my "3 pack" weekend including Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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