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Created On: Jan 2, 2005
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Yariga-take is located in the southern part of the North Japan Alps, and is in a place like the crossroads in the North Japan Alps.
A sharp peak like the point of the spear of Yariga-take can be well distinguished even from a very distant place. It is a very popular mountain because of it's characteristic beautiful form, and the merit of a place. Probably it is the mountain to which the largest number of mountaineers come to climb in the North Japan Alps .
First scale of this mountain was 1828 years. The high priest Banryu climbed to the summit after serious difficulties, and installed the Buddhist image. Then, he made a trail, attaches long chains and enabled many people to reach the summit for worship (In Japan, a high mountain is the object of faith).

Getting There

There are many mountain-climbing routes and most general in them are two, the course which goes from Kamikouchi and along a Yarisawa river, and the course which goes from a Shinhotaka spa and along a Kamata river. It might about 9 hours up to a summit through the Yarisawa course , and about 8 hours through the Kamata river course.
To go to Kamikouchi, go from Matsumoto city to Shin-Shimashima by train for a little less than 1 hour, and changes to a bus whith takes 1 hour and a half.
To go to Shinhotaka spa, take a bus from Takayama city , it will take about 2 hours.

Red Tape

No fees or permits are required .
It is prohibited to go out of the road for the vegetation protection.
The plant and the mineral are forbidden to pick-up and to be taken home.

When To Climb

This mountain is climbed through the four seasons, but weather conditions are severe from November till March, and it is the rainy season from June till July.
So, from mid April till early June and from late July till October will be the best mountain-climbing season.


There ara camp sites at Tokusawa, Yokowo, and Yarisawa on the Yarisawa river course,and you can also make a camp at the Shoulder near the summit.
On the Kamata river course there is a camp site at Yaridaira.
Aside from camp sites, there are many lodges on your way.Those lodges usually open from late April till early November.


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