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Created On: May 20, 2010
Last Edited On: May 20, 2010

A quiet place for wild animals and rare plants...

Forested ravine...
Fallen spruces...

Festuca & ...
Red lime stone...

The Małe Pieniny Mts. are the most eastern part of the dolomitic Pieniny Klippen Belt in the southern Poland. This range passes the Poland/Slovakia border. The dolomitic belt is exposed futher up to Rumania. In the area of Małe Pieniny four nature reserves are established: Biała Woda, Zaskalskie-Bodnarówka, Homole, and Wysokie Skałki. On Jarmuta Mt. situated a little SE of the city of Szczawnica an additional one is projected. This album presents the nature reserve called “Zaskalskie-Bodnarówka”. The reserve is streched along a stream “Skalski”. Close to the entrance of the reserve two dolomitic rocky outcrops called Czerwona Skała (Red Rock) and Dziurawa Skała (Holed Rock) neighbour a trail. A small cave is formed in the Holed Rock. On its walls tiny ferns, Asplenium and Cystopteris, grow. Lime rocks of various colours are composed of ammonites, calpionellas, crinoids and radiolarians, all of the Jura origin. This Jura formation breaks through slate layers of the Carpathian flysch and Holocene travertines with rich fauna of snails. This fauna is well seen in the bottom of the stream. Southward a path is going into the stream, disappears and passes the border of the reserve. Eastward of the path there are rocky outcrops called Dziobakowe Skały and westward in a small ravine of the Spadnik stream we can see a waterfall (in Polish “siklawa”) 15 m heigh. In the reserve many microhabitats are created where spruce and beech natural forest as well as valuable fauna (Eagle owl) and rare plants (Cephalanthera orchids, Aster alpinus) are protected.
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