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Basque Mountains
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Basque Mountains

Basque Mountains

Page Type: Trip Report

Location: Vizcaya/Gipuzcua/Alava, Spain, Europe

Object Title: Basque Mountains

Date Climbed/Hiked: Jan 31, 2009

Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering


Page By: ChristianRodriguez

Created/Edited: Feb 6, 2009 / May 24, 2009

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Basque Mountains

Christian Rodriguez - Elgoin peak
Elgoin peak

Christian Rodriguez - Gallarraga summit
Gallarraga peak


Nekane & Chistian Rodriguez

My first time in Europe trying to do something nice, almost trekkings and tiny mountains was in my mind when I came to Basque Country (north's Spain). Mountains with 1500 meters high doesn´t represents great stuffs when I have experience over 6000 mts in the past. Even in my own country (Guatemala) I climbing over 3000-4000 mts very often.

But I was really mistaken, mostly of this mountains starting in few meters over sea level, with great prominence, some with difficult trails and are extremily beauty.

My problems where transportation and money, sadly mostly of mountainneeriners from Basque Country moves only by your own car. And no-one can't help me with the information to get there by public transportation.

Mountainneering is very popular in Basque Country, is a big difference with Guatemala, we're very poor people, so we don't have enough money to buy expensive and high tech equipment. In this country was really funny to see people with extra-expensive boots or using crampons in extra-easy mountains. I saw a couple of guys using crampons in a plane area with just 5cm of soft snow.

Anyway, without car, without enough money... I was trying at the hardways, problems with bus schedules, walk many more miles that others climbers. In some cases doing the hardest routes.

In the last days winter was very strong, I went to mountains with huge quantities of snow, people told me: in 20 years doesn´t snow like this over the area. Even in some cases they warning me about the dangerous to try to do climb or hikes alone on this conditions. I done it anyway hehehe.

Finally I done a lot of mountains and trekkings, but specially a LOT of fun and good friends, thanks for your helps: Ruben Gomez, RicardoEchanove1, Unai, Lorizt and Juventus Club. Thanks for sharing great momments with me and my lovely girlfriend. AGUR and GERO ARTE!!

My own Basque Mountains or peaks list

Name, meters high, date
Aindimendi, 1243 mts, 22/12/2008
Aizkorri, 1528 mts, 4/1/2009
Anboto, 1331 mts, 22/12/2008
Aranzuri, 510 mts, 20/11/2008
Arnotegui, 426 mts, 8/1/2009
Arrabatxu, 987 mts, 18/12/2008
Atxurkulu, 303 mts, 18/12/2008
Ebitxe, 477 mts, 20/11/2008
Elgoin, 1243 mts, 22/12/2008
Gallarraga, 902 mts, 9/1/2009
Ganekogorta, 998 mts, 9/1/2009
Gorbeia, 1480 mts, 7/12/2008
Kolitza, 874 mts, 30/12/2008
Kurutzeta, 1202 mts, 22/12/2008
Pagasarri, 673 mts, 20/11/2008
Paguero, 963 mts, 9/1/2009
Saibi, 945 mts, 22/11/2008
Santa Ana (Valderejo), 1043 mts, 22/11/2008
Serantes, 455 mts, 27/12/2008
Talaia, 275 mts, 18/12/2008
Urbasa, (Zelai Handi) 1113 mts, 20/12/2008
Urkiolamendi, 1009 mts, 22/12/2008
Plus lot of hiking crossing villages and many miles by the shore of the Cantabric sea.


My official site


Elgoin final stepsChristian Rodriguez - Elgoin peakaizkorriElgoin, urkiola parkSaibigainGallarraga - Euskadi - SpainGallarraga summit
Christian Rodriguez - Gallarraga summitAizkorri - Euskadi - SpainSanta Ana  - Euskadi - SpainElgoinSaibi axegallarragaSaibigain
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Voted 10/10

For bagging so many peaks in such a short time ! I like your trip report a lot. People like you are the real mountainners, not all these posh with land rovers and gore tex ! :)
Posted Feb 6, 2009 4:43 pm

ChristianRodriguezRe: Congrats


Hasn't voted

Thanks a lot for your comment.

Mostly of my "good" equipment are second-hand stuffs. My boots are very old, was used by 2 persons before me, but still in good conditions. My helmet is the same that I used in my tiny motorcycle. Even in my country I don't have a car, so just get out of my home is really a great adventure.

For mostly of Guatemalans people is impossible to buy new boots. Represent aprox 2 month salaries, just a pair of nice boots.

In Basque Country I notice that I am really really economically poor, but I have passion for the mountains and really enjoy them. Cheers!!

Posted Feb 6, 2009 7:17 pm

visentinRe: Congrats


Voted 10/10

Mountains remain mountains, in Guatemala or wherever else. Money and its pervert calculations is the only invention of men... If you come back to the Pyrenees and if I'm around I'll pass you a pair of boots so we can hike together ! ;)
Posted Feb 7, 2009 10:17 am

ChristianRodriguezRe: Congrats


Hasn't voted

Thanks a lot, Is very possible that I will back early september to stay much much time (I hope so), my boots number is 7.5 hehehe don't worry, In Guatemala are a lot of second hand stores, very very cheap. keep in touch.
Posted Feb 18, 2009 8:13 pm

visentinRe: Congrats


Voted 10/10

Hello Rodriguez,

I will be in the Pyrenees in the region of the valley of Aure (here exactly) during middle-august. Pity we'll miss each other ! But I'll be glad to provide you some advices about regions you plan to visit !
My old boots are french size "44" (european size I think) but I have no idea how much is it in the other standards !

Posted Feb 19, 2009 2:31 am

Rafa Bartolomegracias por visitarnos

Rafa Bartolome

Voted 10/10

y gracias por tu trip report, lástima no haberte podido dar más información, pero me alegro hayas disfrutado de nuestras montañas. Me recuerda un poco nuestras aventuras en furgoneta por Suiza con idea de gastar poco dinero con viajes de 12 o 15 horas, sólo cargados con la ilusión y pasión por las montañas.
A veces les digo a otros montañeros que no hace falta irse hasta los Alpes para disfrutar de "cuatromiles", pero no me creen.
Alberto Iñurrategui, que es del País Vasco y ha coronado los 14 ochomiles dice que hay un montón de "ochomiles" cerca de su casa con los que disfruta igual que en el Himalaya. La gente se lo toma a risa, no entienden nada.

Por cierto que a primeros de año es la época de las rebajas aquí en España y es cuando los montañeros compramos la equipación que queda del año anterior, el resto del año es cara también.

Mucha gente en summitpost desdeña estas bajas montañas y es por eso que no las publico aquí (aparte del trabajo que me cuesta el inglés que no domino mucho), prefieren viajar al Pirineo cuando vienen del extranjero, por lo que si quieres información y aprovechando que hablas español te remito a la web más completa de reseñas sobre estas montañas:
También tendrás información sobre muchos montes de Pirineos que no están en summitpost y sobre la sierra de Gredos o los Picos de Europa, lugares que bien merecen una visita.

Posted Mar 31, 2009 3:47 am

ChristianRodriguezRe: gracias por visitarnos


Hasn't voted

Gracias por los comentarios y los votos.

Los montañeros que visitan Guatemala buscan ascender el Volcan Tajumulco (4220 mts) por ser el más alto del pais y de centroamerica. Olvidan otros igual de hermosos y mucho más tecnicos que apenas y se mencionan como el Santiaguito, Atitlan ó Acatenango/Fuego.

La diferencia con respecto a Europa en cuanto a situacion economica es exageradamente evidente. Un sueldo minimo equivale a unos 120 euros, ya te podrás imaginar lo que representa una expedición al extranjero para nosotros. Incluso las rebajas que mencionas aun siguen siengo excesivamente caras.

Sin embargo, nos la arreglamos como podemos y hacemos lo que nos gusta.

Estoy planificando regresar al Pais Vasco en Agosto, Si todo sale bien, me quedaré mucho más tiempo más estudiando y espero que trabajando, así que tendré mucho tiempo para seguir conociendo esa preciosa tierra.

y ya sabes si quieres venir aca, tienes las puertas abiertas de mi casa y de cientos de montañas y lugares muy interesantes.

Posted Mar 31, 2009 5:39 pm

Rafa BartolomeRe: gracias por visitarnos

Rafa Bartolome

Voted 10/10

o.k. gracias
lástima que agosto es aquí la época de los tresmiles, estaré por el Pirineo supongo
Posted Apr 1, 2009 5:36 am

Cy KaicenerCongratulations

Cy Kaicener

Hasn't voted

Thanks for posting your website on Personal Websites
Posted Jun 6, 2009 1:03 pm

ChristianRodriguezRe: Congratulations


Hasn't voted

Thanks to you for the comment... I love hiking and I saw your pictures from San Jacinto Peak... really nice place.
Posted Jun 7, 2009 4:07 pm

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