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Humphreys Peak Climber's Log

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vbeckman74Route Climbed: standard trail Date Climbed: July 1995  Sucess!


Everything is beautiful up here. Say hello to the south rim.
Posted May 30, 2003 8:10 am

markmayRoute Climbed: Abineau Trail Date Climbed: 5-19-03  Sucess!


Skined and booted to summit. Still has tons of creamy spring love down below Waterline Trail.
Posted May 21, 2003 2:48 pm

GrantRoute Climbed: Standard Route - Ski Area Date Climbed: May 6, 2002  Sucess!


My father-in-law and I bagged this peak and it turned out to be a wonderful day. No wind on top and not a cloud in the sky. To bad about Agassiz Pk, don't you think that the National Forest or some kind of organization could build a trail that everyone must stay on and not disturb the surrounding area?

Mark one for the environmentalist.
Posted Apr 25, 2003 9:47 am

peakbaggerRoute Climbed: Standard route to ridge trail Date Climbed: January 4, 2003  Sucess!


What an excellent start to the new year!

My first climb of Humphrey's, and based on the comments of others here, I am glad I did it in the winter. Bizarre but fun to be using crampons in Az. Conditions could not have been better-postholing in shirtsleeves to an awe-inspiring view of the Grand Canyon from the top. Only stayed for about 20 minutes, then trudged through waist deep drifts to the ski runs for a quick descent on our collective backsides. This is definitely the best mountain experience I have had in the state.
Posted Feb 25, 2003 8:47 pm

dsnellRoute Climbed: Arizona Snow Bowl Trail Date Climbed: May 10, 1995  Sucess!


When I climbed Humphries in May of 1995, a late season snow storm had dumped a foot of snow two days before we arrived. The pine trees were covered with snow and we were postholing: hard to believe you would experience this in Arizona in May. We made it to the snowy summit after a few hours of post holding and slogging, only to be greated with tremendous views of the Arizona high desert, and even a bit of Grand Canyon.
Posted Dec 18, 2002 10:15 pm

markmayRoute Climbed: Humphreys Trail Date Climbed: November 2002  Sucess!


I do this hike every couple months. It's the closest place for me to get above tree-line from Sedona.

I'm hoping to ski off the summit this winter.
Posted Dec 8, 2002 9:49 am

Martin CashRoute Climbed: Ski Slope to Trail Date Climbed: September 3, 2001  Sucess!

Martin Cash

Easy hike with no snow. Fantastic views of the Grand Canyon from the top! Roundtrip in less than 4 hours.
Posted Oct 31, 2002 4:51 pm

MjollnirRoute Climbed: Humphrey's Trail Date Climbed: 10-27-02
Date Climbed: Oct 27, 2002


Winter conditions (in Fall) made the mountain tougher than I expected (read: I got lost). Awesome trip.
Posted Oct 28, 2002 10:55 am

callthedoctorRoute Climbed: Weatherford via Inner Basin Date Climbed: Aug. 24, 2002  Sucess!


Great hike...14 plus miles...very strenous from the 8600 foot Locket Meadow TH. Round trip was 8 hours...

Awesome weather except for all the smoke from the nearby fires....
Posted Aug 25, 2002 5:26 pm

callthedoctorRoute Climbed: Humphrey's Date Climbed: Sept. 9, 2001  Sucess!


My first climb up Humphrey's....

Great Views, but chilly and windy on top...
Posted Aug 25, 2002 5:20 pm

mountaindogRoute Climbed: Standard Trail - Winter Date Climbed: Numerous times 97-99  Sucess!


Great snow training route in winter. Excellent views.
Posted Jul 30, 2002 4:55 am

charles97Route Climbed: Mt. Humphreys Trail Date Climbed: Various  Sucess!


I've climbed this mountain many times, and it's always a great hike. It's probably the easiest of all the tall points in the western states. Nevertheless, you need to give it the due respect for any alpine hike. The weather is really unpredictable given how wide open the plateau is near this mountain.

The hike through the forest is just down-right pleasant with the smell of the pine and the soft earth. Once you get past the saddle between Humphreys and Agassiz, the conditions take a dramatic turn. Forest turns into barren volcanic rock, and there are no less than 3 false peaks to drain your resolve. The Arizona sun is twice as deadly up here, and storms occur frequently. The view from the summit is awesome though. On a clear day you can see the Grand Canyon.
Posted Jul 10, 2002 11:16 am

tedde1Route Climbed: main trail Date Climbed: May 2000  Sucess!
Carried my daughter to the top of this one. Lots of loose material, watched nearby forest fires all the way up.
Posted Mar 27, 2002 2:02 pm

MachimoodusRoute Climbed: Standard Route/Humphreys Trail Date Climbed: February 16th 2002  Sucess!


On Saturday, Feb 16th, I made the summit of Arizona's Highest Peak (Humphrey's ... 12,633 ft.) just after noon Mountain Standard Time. It marks my 25th state highpoint and first summit in Arizona.

It was a brisk and sometimes blustery day. In one picture you can see the tail of my hat trailing-out horizontally behind me. Nonetheless, I enjoyed 100 miles views that included much of Northern Arizona, the remnants of an extinct volcanic range and even a sliver of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Snow was light through the trees and only patchy from the saddle to the summit.
Posted Feb 19, 2002 11:26 am

dharmadogRoute Climbed: Kachina/Humphreys Date Climbed: September 30, 2001  Sucess!


Two and half hours to summit. Aspens were totally awsome gold at this time of the year. The rare Bristlecone Pines(Pinus longeava) near the top are a sight. On the Southern side of this mountain trees grow up to 12,200 feet, the highest in the USA.
Posted Nov 7, 2001 9:04 pm

tiogapRoute Climbed: Standard route Date Climbed: Sept. 1981, Oct. 2000  Sucess!


This is a beuatiful peak. Climbed it twice from the Arizona Snowbowl. want to try other routes
Posted Aug 16, 2001 9:52 pm

Bob BoltonRoute Climbed: Standard trail Date Climbed: June 1993  Sucess!

Bob Bolton

My son Ryan and I had hoped to climb with friends, but they couldn't wait for us and were already gone from the parking lot. We didn't expect snow when we left home, but there had been huge amounts of snow the previous winter, and much remained. Ryan didn't have decent boots for snow, so when he got to it he turned back. He was 14 at the time. I went on to the summit in no great hurry, but never saw my friends. I descended the ski bowl, which I assumed they must have done. By the time I got back to the car it was just after sunset, and Ryan was pretty upset, worried that I might not make it before dark. It was a joyful reunion.
Posted Apr 5, 2001 11:54 pm

frite72Route Climbed: normal route Date Climbed: september 2000  Sucess!
I was in Flagstaff to visit my girlfriend and a day she was busy at school so I decide to climb the Humphreys Peak. Anyway, when you like mountain, it's impossible to not going on because the peak stand before you in Flagstaff and seems to scoff at you. It's a very easy climb during summer. 2 hours walk on trail. Just behind, Mt Agassiz offers a very nice view on Flagstaff but don't worth the 500$ fine you get if you are caught!
Posted Mar 29, 2001 9:43 pm

Steven CrossRoute Climbed: Snow Bowl Trail, Aubineau Canyon, Weatherford Trail Date Climbed: to many dates to remember  Sucess!

Steven Cross

I have no clue how many times i hiked this mountain. The first time i attempted it was when i was 9 years old. I did not make it due to altitude sickness. The first time I made it to the top was when i was 13. That same day we hiked mt. Fremont. In the summer i would use it to train for backpacking trips in Colorado. The hardest approach was through Aubineau Canyon. The trail is Easy through the canyon, but the 2,000 foot climb up to the peak was very difficult. The rocks are loose so you slide with every step up.
Posted Mar 23, 2001 1:44 pm

JoshRoute Climbed: Standard Trail Date Climbed: March, 1998  Sucess!


I picked up my friend John Wang at the Phoenix airport at 12:30am, and we immediately drove north for a couple hours to the Humphreys Peak trailhead. We didn't know what kind of terrain to expect, so we brought crampons and ice-axes, but they turned out to be unnecessary. It was about 4:00am when we finally left the car, hiking across a ski slope and into the woods. There hadn't been much snow near the trailhead, but as soon as we entered the woods it started to really look and feel like winter. At about 11,800 ft, we reached a saddle from which the rest of the route was clearly visible. John was moving pretty slowly at this point, so we discussed our options. I think a combination of general fatigue, altitude, and a lack of sleep was getting to John. He decided to stay at the saddle while I continued to the summit. The ridge to the top was an enjoyable stroll through terrain that seemed completely out of place in Arizona. After a few minutes, I reached the summit, tagged it, and turned around. Our descent was uneventful. We got back to the car before noon.
Posted Mar 23, 2001 1:30 pm

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