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Utah, United States

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A Few Words: "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." -- Helen Keller

I like climbing mountains in the Western U.S. The Tetons are my favorite place. I also like desert peaks and canyons.

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My Areas & Ranges (14)
Portneuf Range (Southeast Idaho Ranges)
Bannock Range (Southeast Idaho Ranges)
Albion Range (Southeast Idaho Ranges)
Provo Canyon (Wasatch Range (South))
Bear River Range (Northern Utah Ranges)
Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge (Wasatch Range (Central))
Wasatch Range (North) (Northern Utah Ranges)
My Mountains & Rocks (21)
Sessions Mountains (Wasatch Range (North))
Castle Rock Peak (Bear River Range)
Bald Mountain (Wasatch Range (North))
Granite Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mount Magog (Bear River Range)
Gunsight Peak (Northern Utah Ranges)
Thayne Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Jardine (Bear River Range)
Mount Gog (Bear River Range)
Saint Charles Mountain (Bear River Range)
Elkhorn Peak (Bannock Range)
Doubletop Mountain (Bear River Range)
Bountiful Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Box Elder Peak (Wellsville Mountains)
Bonneville Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
Oxford Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
Phu Kradueng (North-East Thailand)
Backdrop Peak (Smoky Mountains (ID))
Ben Lomond (Wasatch Range (North))
Deseret Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
My Routes (14)
Castle Rock Traverse (Castle Rock Peak)
Southwest Ridge (Mount Magog)
South Ridge (Gunsight Peak)
Water Canyon (Canaan Mountain)
Green Canyon (Mount Jardine)
Southwest Ridge (Mount Gog)
Summit Traverse (Saint Charles Mountain)
Southeast Ridge (Elkhorn Peak)
Steep Hollow (Doubletop Mountain)
Parrish Creek (Bountiful Peak)
Main Trail (Phu Kradueng)
East Face (Buck Mountain)
Southeast Ridge (Disappointment Peak)
East Face (Teewinot Mountain)
My Albums (4)
Lakes of the Central Wasatch (Wasatch Range (Central))
Flora of the Central Wasatch (Wasatch Range (Central))
The Spectacular Cliffs of Zion (Zion National Park)
Desert Wildflowers (Joshua Tree National Park)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (567)
Areas & Ranges (4)
Whiskey Island Mtns (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Bear River Range (Northern Utah Ranges)
Wasatch Range (North) (Northern Utah Ranges)
Mountains & Rocks (481)
King's Peak (Lost Coast Wilderness and Kings Range)
Cinder Cone (Cascade Volcanoes)
Sierra Buttes (Sierra Nevada)
Mary's Nipple (Wasatch Plateau)
Dry Mountain (UT) (Wasatch Range (South))
Maple Peak (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Topliff Hill (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mount Elmer (Bear River Range)
Angels Landing (Zion National Park)
Sauk Mountain (North Cascades)
Sugarloaf (Fidalgo Island) (Sweet Mountains: The Sugarloaves of SummitPost)
Trappers Peak (North Cascades)
Yellowstone Lake Overlook 8034 (Yellowstone National Park)
Grave Peak (Idaho 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Cataract Mountain (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Red Pine Mountain (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Capulin Volcano (New Mexico 1k Prominence Peaks)
Black Mesa (U.S. State Highpoints)
Yellow Rock (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Sugarloaf Mountain (Sweet Mountains: The Sugarloaves of SummitPost)
Browns Peak/Four Peaks (Arizona County Highpoints)
Kane COHP (UT) (Utah County Highpoints)
Canaan Peak (UT) (Utah's 100 Most Prominent Peaks)
Blacktail Mountain (Salish Range (MT))
Mount Aeneas (Jewel Basin (MT))
High Rock (WA) (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Burroughs Mountain (Mount Rainier, Sunrise) (Mount Rainier National Park)
Mount Fremont (Washington Lookouts)
Obstruction Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Elk Mountain (Olympic Range (WA))
Maiden Peak (Olympic Range (WA))
Mt. Ellinor (Olympic Range (WA))
Wellsville Cone (Wellsville Mountains)
Crag Crest (Grand Mesa)
Little Belknap (Belknap Crater)
Crow Peak (Black Hills SD)
Lovers Leap (Black Hills SD)
Rankin Ridge (Black Hills SD)
Mount Theodore Roosevelt (Black Hills SD)
Bear Butte (Black Hills SD)
Little Devils Tower (Black Hills SD)
Black Elk Peak / Harney Peak (U.S. State Highpoints)
Mount Kinesava (Zion National Park)
Progeny Peak (Zion National Park)
Church Fork Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Reids Peak (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Volcano Peak (Silver Island Mtn Range (UT))
Safford Peak (Tucson Mountains)
Mount Trumbull (Arizona's Top 100 Peaks by Prominence)
East Long Mtn (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Long Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Naya Nuki Peak (Bridger Range)
Sacagawea Peak (Bridger Range)
High Park Lookout (Big Horn Range)
Thousand Lake Mountain (Fishlake Wilderness)
Mount Dutton (UT) (Utah's 100 Most Prominent Peaks)
Dolly Varden (NV) (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Paris Peak (Bear River Range)
Salt Mountain (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
The Watchman (Crater Lake National Park)
Lake Mountain Peak (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Drum Mountain HP (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Keg Mountain (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
West Mountain (Utah 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Spokane (Washington County Highpoints)
Chief Mountain (MT) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Taylor Mountain (Teton Range)
Peak 10,420 (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Majestic (Clayton Peak) (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Millvue Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Gold Ridge (Wasatch Range (North))
Wall Peak (Wall BM) (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Peak 10931 (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Cone Peak (Peak 11,260) (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Strawberry Peak & Twin Peaks (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Hahns Peak (Elkhead Mountains)
Francis Peak 9540 (Wasatch Range (North))
Broadhead Ridge (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Iron Mine Mtn (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Frisco Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Needle Benchmark (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Wah Wah North (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Sabie Mountain (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Step Mountain, UT. (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Sessions Mountains (Wasatch Range (North))
Round Top (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Castle Rock Peak (Bear River Range)
George BM peak (UT) (Capitol Reef National Park)
Gaylor Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Pothole Dome (Tuolumne Meadows - Logistical Center)
Clouds Rest (Yosemite National Park)
South and North Inyo Craters (Mono-Inyo Craters)
Martis Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Ellis Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Bonanza Benchmark (Wasatch Range (Central))
Marmot Point (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Kruger Rock (Front Range)
Gabletop Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Knobtop Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Ptarmigan Point (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Flattop Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Cobabe Peak 9004 (Bear River Range)
Mill Canyon Peak (Wasatch Range (South))
Monte Cristo 9148 (Northern Utah Ranges)
Mount Sheridan (Yellowstone National Park)
Bald Mountain (Wasatch Range (Central))
Park Benchmark (Wasatch Range (Central))
Flagstaff Mountain (Wasatch Range (Central))
Grandview Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Swallow Rocks (Wasatch Range (North))
Big Mountain (UT) (Wasatch Range (North))
Buffalo Mountain (Wasatch Range (South))
Mount Ellen (UT) (Utah County Highpoints)
Eyrie Peak 8136 (Wasatch Range (North))
Elephant Head 5126 (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Cerro Pedernal (New Mexico 1k Prominence Peaks)
Cerro Grande (Jemez Mountains Region, NM)
Dooly Knob 5278 (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
The Sentry 5446 (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Black Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Red Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Buffalo Point 4785 (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Pinyon Peak (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Zabriskie Point (Death Valley)
Taylor Peak point 7596'(UT) (Wasatch Range (North))
"Soldier Hollow Peak" (Wasatch Range (South))
Meridian Peak 5978 (Wasatch Range (North))
Cedar Benchmark (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Eagle Hill (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Grassy Mountain (Ut) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Chilly Peak 8620 (Wasatch Range (North))
"Chair Hill" (Wasatch Range (South))
Castle Rock (Desert National Wildlife Refuge (DNWR))
Fortification Hill (Lake Mead NRA)
Bald Mountain (Wasatch Range (North))
Valencia Peak (California Coastal Peaks)
Ranger Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Castle Rocks (Peninsular Ranges)
Tahquitz Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Macks Peak (Spring Mountains)
"Layton Nipple" 6689 (Wasatch Range (North))
"Pine Hollow Peak" (UT) (Wasatch Range (South))
Old Tom Mountain (ID) (Bannock Range)
Mahogany Mountain (UT) (Wasatch Range (South))
"Mahogany North Peak" (Wasatch Range (South))
Centerville Peak 8,904 (Wasatch Range (North))
Bunsen Peak (Gallatin Range)
Sepulcher Mountain (Gallatin Range)
Beirdneau Peak (Bear River Range)
Dock Butte (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Josephine (North Cascades)
Mount Zion (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Townsend (Olympic Range (WA))
Hurricane Hill (Olympic Range (WA))
Mount Walker (Olympic Range (WA))
Skyscraper Mountain (Mount Rainier National Park)
Mount Margaret (Mount Margaret Backcountry)
Borah Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
Mount Fryxell (Teton Range)
Bruneau Dunes (Snake River Plain)
The Butterfield Peaks (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
West Mountain (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mount Elbert (Colorado 14ers)
Murdock Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Iron Mountain (Park City) (Wasatch Range (Central))
Summit Park Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Delamar Mountain (San Bernardino Mountains)
Strawberry Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Sugarloaf Mountain (San Bernardino Mountains)
Grays Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Eureka Peak (Joshua Tree National Park)
Quail Mountain (Joshua Tree National Park)
Park City Hill (Wasatch Range (Central))
South Mountain West (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Deertrap Mountain (Zion National Park)
West Northgate Peak (Zion National Park)
Northgate Peak, East (Zion National Park)
Lost Peak (Guadalupe Mountains National Park)
Caribou Mountain (ID) (Idaho 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Malan's Peak and Basin (Wasatch Range (North))
Mount Aire (Wasatch Range (Central))
Doi Pui / Doi Suthep (Northern Thailand)
Mount Moriah (NV) (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
"Stansbury Island South" (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Half Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Hidden Valley Dome 7017 (Wasatch Range (North))
Observation Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Patsy Marley (Wasatch Range (Central))
Moro Rock (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Evans (Colorado 14ers)
Red Butte (UT) (Northern Utah Ranges)
Desert Mountain (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
"ZigZag Hill" Peak 6470 (Wasatch Range (North))
Temple Peak (Bear River Range)
Box Elder Peak (Wellsville Mountains)
Bountiful Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Mount Superior & Monte Cristo (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Rex Peak (Northern Utah Ranges)
Flat Top (UT) (Bear River Range)
Taft Point (Yosemite National Park)
Stansbury Island/Castle Rock (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Sunrise Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Hidden Peak (Utah) (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Elkhorn Peak (Bannock Range)
Mount Williamson (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Burnham (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Hawkins (San Gabriel Mountains)
Throop Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Baden-Powell (San Gabriel Mountains)
Spruce Mountain (NV) (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Sedgwick Peak (ID) (Portneuf Range)
Dude Benchmark (Wasatch Range (North))
Static Peak (Teton Range)
Mount Leidy (Mount Leidy Highlands)
Cannon Ball Mountain (Seven Devils Mountains)
Peak 8,210 (Papoose Cirque) (Seven Devils Mountains)
Scenic Point (GNP) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Saddleback Mountain (Bear River Range)
Deep Creek Peak (ID) (Idaho County Highpoints)
Providence Peak (Bear River Range)
Telescope Peak (Ultra-prominence Peaks of the 48 States)
Rogers & Bennett (California Desert Peaks)
Little Baldy (Lodgepole)
Glacier Point (Yosemite National Park)
Jardine Juniper Peak (Bear River Range)
Cave Peak (UT) (Wasatch Range (North))
Cardiff Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Sugar Creek Mountain (Bear River Range)
Sardine Peak (UT) (Wasatch Range (North))
Craner Peak (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
South Mountain (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Indecision Peak (Red Rock Climbing)
Desolation Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Little Mountain, UT. (Wasatch Range (North))
View Benchmark (UT) (Wasatch Range (Central))
Phu Kradueng (North-East Thailand)
Redstone Peak (Lake Mead NRA)
East Redstone Peak (Lake Mead NRA)
Northshore Peak (Lake Mead NRA)
Kraft Mountain (La Hija) (Red Rock Climbing)
New Peak (El Hijo) (Southern Nevada)
Wildrose Peak (California Desert Peaks)
South Rim (Big Bend National Park)
Emory Peak (Big Bend National Park)
Guadalupe Peak (Guadalupe Mountains National Park)
El Morro (US National Monuments)
Lion Head & Peak 8,753 (Wasatch Range (South))
Red Top Mountain (Wasatch Range (Central))
Redrock Peak (UT) (Wasatch Range (North))
Logan Peak (Mount Logan), UT (Bear River Range)
Upwop Peak, UT. (Wasatch Range (Central))
Silver Peak, UT. (Wasatch Range (Central))
Scott Hill (Wasatch Range (Central))
Tangent Peak (UT) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mount Magog (Bear River Range)
Avalanche Peak (Absaroka Range)
Mount Washburn (Yellowstone National Park)
Elephant Back Mountain (Absaroka Range)
Observation Peak (Yellowstone National Park)
Inferno Cone (Craters of the Moon National Monument)
Griffith Peak (Spring Mountains)
Harris Mountain (Spring Mountains)
Delano Peak (UT) (Utah County Highpoints)
Fish Lake Hightop (Utah County Highpoints)
Bluebell Knoll/Boulder Mtn (UT) (Utah County Highpoints)
Murdock Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Mt. Cardwell, UT. (Utah County Highpoints)
Samaria Mountains HP (ID) (Bannock Range)
Thayne Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
San Gorgonio (California County Highpoints)
Jepson Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Little Charlton Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Charlton Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Alto Diablo (San Bernardino Mountains)
Shields Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Anderson Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
San Bernardino East Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
San Bernardino Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
James Peak (UT) (Bear River Range)
Cathedral Rock (Spring Mountains)
Mendon Peak (UT) (Wellsville Mountains)
Gunsight Peak (Northern Utah Ranges)
Mount Jardine (Bear River Range)
Doubletop Mountain (Bear River Range)
Perkins Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Dale Peak, UT. (Wasatch Range (North))
Cheyenne Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Lone Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Capitol Butte (Thunder Mountain) (Red Rocks-Sedona Area)
The Cockscomb (Red Rocks-Sedona Area)
Sugarloaf (Red Rocks-Sedona Area)
Doe Mountain (Red Rocks-Sedona Area)
Wilson Mountain/Oak Creek Canyon (Red Rocks-Sedona Area)
Ensign Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Silica Dome (Valley of Fire)
Mastodon Peak (Joshua Tree National Park)
Lost Horse Mountain (Joshua Tree National Park)
Mount Inspiration (Joshua Tree National Park)
Ryan Mountain (Joshua Tree National Park)
Dante BM (Death Valley)
Thimble Peak (California Desert Peaks)
The Grandstand (Death Valley)
Ubehebe Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Red Cathedral (Death Valley)
Death Valley Buttes (California Desert Peaks)
Coffin Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Cable Mountain (Zion National Park)
Jupiter Hill (Wasatch Range (Central))
Tri-County Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Circle All Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Evergreen (Wasatch Range (Central))
Flagstaff Mountain (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Strawberry Mountain (Blue Mountains (OR))
Belknap Crater (Cascade Volcanoes)
Tam McArthur Rim (Three Sisters)
Broken Top (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Bailey (Oregon 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Dixie Butte (Blue Mountains (OR))
Mount St. John (Teton Range)
Mount Marsell (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Scout and Lofty Peaks (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Titus Peak (Smoky Mountains (ID))
Lower Titus Peak (Smoky Mountains (ID))
Ruffneck peak (Salmon River Mountains)
Diamond Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
Ben Lomond (Wasatch Range (North))
Cross Mountain (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Howell Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Preston Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Van Cott (Wasatch Range (North))
Avenue Twin Peaks (Wasatch Range (North))
Checkerboard Mesa (Zion National Park)
Panum Crater (Mono-Inyo Craters)
Bloomington Peak (Bear River Range)
Garden Creek Gap (Bannock Range)
Mount Gog (Bear River Range)
Neahkahnie Mountain (South Peak) (Oregon Coast Range)
Lassen Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Thielsen (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Saint Helens (Cascade Volcanoes)
South Thunder Mountain (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Chipman Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
White Baldy (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Cub Peak (Bear River Range)
Snowyside Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
El Capitan (Sawtooth Range)
Mount Roothaan (Selkirk Range)
Harrison Peak (Selkirk Range)
Sinopah Mountain (Glacier National Park, MT)
Meade Peak (ID) (Idaho County Highpoints)
Sherman Peak (Bear River Range)
Layton Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Thurston Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Franklin County HP (The Felt Hat) (Idaho County Highpoints)
Duke Mountain (a.k.a. Flat Iron Mountain) (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Castle Peak (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Saint Charles Mountain (Bear River Range)
Backdrop Peak (Smoky Mountains (ID))
Cherry Peak (Bear River Range)
Mount Breitenbach (Lost River Range)
Oxford Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
Bonneville Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
San Rafael Knob (San Rafael Swell)
The Watchman (Zion National Park)
Squaw Mountain (Squaw Peak) (Wasatch Range (South))
Big Baldy (Timpanogos) (Wasatch Range (South))
Notch Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Y Mountain (Wasatch Range (South))
North Guardian Angel (Zion National Park)
Naomi Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Mummy Mountain (NV) (Spring Mountains)
Mount Idaho (Lost River Range)
Mount Gould (MT) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Reynolds Mountain (MT) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Angel Wing (Glacier National Park, MT)
Mount Oberlin (Glacier National Park, MT)
Mount Fairview (Banff Nat´l Park)
Bridger Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Mount Independence (Albion Range)
Cache Peak (ID) (Idaho County Highpoints)
Lost River Peak (Lost River Range)
Mount Ogden (Wasatch Range (North))
Little Black Mountain (Wasatch Range (North))
Mount Scott (Crater Lake National Park)
Wind Mountain (Columbia River Gorge)
Rooster Rock (Menagerie) (Oregon Pinnacles)
Black Butte (Oregon) (Cascade Volcanoes)
Saddle Mountain (Oregon County Highpoints)
Larch Mountain (Columbia River Gorge)
Beacon Rock (Columbia River Gorge)
Lewis Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Red Butte (Wasatch Range (North))
Lookout Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
Brian Head Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Black Crook Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Swasey Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Crystal Peak (Utah: Some "Unknown Classics")
Moapa Peak (Southern Nevada)
Doi Inthanon, Thailand (Northern Thailand)
Fool Creek Peak (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Cucamonga Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Box Elder Peak (Wasatch Range (South))
Heavens Gate (Seven Devils Mountains)
Devils Postpile (US National Monuments)
Mount Wire (Big Beacon) (Wasatch Range (North))
Little Water Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Reynolds Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Gass Peak (NV) (Desert National Wildlife Refuge (DNWR))
Cowles Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Turtlehead Peak (Spring Mountains)
Kessler Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Gobblers Knob (Wasatch Range (Central))
Charleston Peak (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount Watson (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Notch Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
North Peak (Wasatch Range (South))
Carbonate Mountain (Smoky Mountains (ID))
Honeycomb Cliffs (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Millicent (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Wolverine & Mount Tuscarora (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Sunset Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Pioneer Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Devil's Castle (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
He Devil / She Devil (Seven Devils Mountains)
McGown Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Mount Nebo (Utah County Highpoints)
Broads Fork Twin Peaks (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Triangle Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Harrison (Snake River Plain)
Wheeler Peak (Nevada County Highpoints)
Lembert Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Sentinel Dome (Yosemite National Park)
North Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Whitney (California County Highpoints)
Humphreys Peak (U.S. State Highpoints)
South Teton (Teton Range)
Middle Teton (Teton Range)
Grand Teton (Teton Range)
Disappointment Peak (Teton Range)
Buck Mountain (Teton Range)
Teewinot Mountain (Teton Range)
Sugarloaf Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Lone Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Mount Baldy (UT) (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Bald Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Pfeifferhorn (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Mt. Timpanogos (UT) (Wasatch Range (South))
Red Baldy (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Mount Raymond (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Olympus (Wasatch Range (Central))
Kings Peak (Kings-Emmons Ridge)
Hayden Peak (High Uintas Wilderness)
Grandeur Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Frary Peak (Antelope Island) (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mt. Dromedary (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
American Fork Twin Peaks (Utah County Highpoints)
Deseret Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Willard Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Table Mountain (Teton Range)
Routes (15)
Aztec Butte (Island in the Sky)
Old Boulder Mail Trail (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Syncline Loop Trail (Island in the Sky)
East Rim (Zion National Park)
Millcreek Ridge (Grandeur Peak)
South Ridge of Mt. Superior (Mount Superior & Monte Cristo)
West Slabs Route (Mount Olympus)
Pk 8136 "Eyrie Peak" (Lewis Peak)
Bullion Divide (American Fork Twin Peaks)
Brighton Traverse (Mount Wolverine & Mount Tuscarora)
Triple Traverse (Mt. Dromedary)
Wildcat Ridge (Mount Olympus)
Cottonwood Ridge Traverse (Mt. Dromedary)
Observation Point (Zion National Park)
Canyons (67)
Kolob Arch (Zion National Park)
Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Parks)
Tunnel (Arches National Park)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (U.S. National Parks)
Phipps Arch (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Escalante Canyon, RT 12 bridge to town of Escalante (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
North & South Prong Canyons (Caprock Canyonlands)
Palo Duro Canyon (Caprock Canyonlands)
Cathedral Wash (Grand Canyon National Park)
Willis Creek (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Sulphur Creek (Capitol Reef National Park)
Centerville Canyon (Wasatch Range (North))
Holbrook Creek Canyon (Wasatch Range (North))
Upper Muley Twist Canyon (Capitol Reef National Park)
Tent Rocks Canyon (Jemez Mountains Region, NM)
Frijoles Canyon (Jemez Mountains Region, NM)
Waterfall Canyon Ogden (Wasatch Range (North))
Beus Canyon (Wasatch Range (North))
North Canyon (UT) (Wasatch Range (North))
Sheets Gulch (Capitol Reef National Park)
Little Death Hollow and Wolverine (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Adams Canyon (Wasatch Range (North))
Redwood Canyon, Kings Canyon NP (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Kings River Canyons (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
The Wave (Coyote Buttes) (Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness)
Rock Canyon (Wasatch Range (South))
Lost Canyon (The Needles)
Natural Bridge Canyon (Death Valley)
Mckittrick Canyon (Guadalupe Mountains National Park)
Canyon de Chelly (US National Monuments)
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River (Yellowstone National Park)
Bair Canyon (Wasatch Range (North))
Wahweap (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Buckskin Gulch (Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness)
Walnut Canyon (US National Monuments)
Mosaic Canyon (Death Valley)
Twenty Mule Team Canyon (Death Valley)
Ding and Dang Canyons (San Rafael Swell)
Lower Muley Twist Canyon (Capitol Reef National Park)
Separation Canyon (Zion National Park)
Coyote Gulch, (Escalante) (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Orderville Canyon (Zion National Park)
Fern Canyon (Redwoods National & State Parks)
Pine Creek Slot (Zion National Park)
Bluejohn Canyon (Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau)
Mystery Canyon (Zion National Park)
Hidden Canyon (Zion National Park)
Calf Creek Canyon (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Virgin River Narrows (Zion National Park)
Horseshoe Canyon (Canyonlands National Park)
Zebra Slot (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Cottonwood Canyon Narrows (Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)
Natural Bridges National Monument (US National Monuments)
Bullet Canyon (Grand Gulch)
Grand Gulch (Cedar Mesa, Utah)
Crack Canyon (San Rafael Swell)
Chute Canyon (San Rafael Swell)
Goblin Valley (San Rafael Swell)
Big Cottonwood Canyon (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)

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