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Sawtooths Climbing


Male, 44 years old

Mountains of, Idaho, United States

Power = 738 (Vote Weight = 95.37%)

Occupation: Summit Inspector


A Few Words:

  • 500th Summit reached October 2014
  • 2012 to 2014 reached summit of 63 different peaks via Class 5 routes
  • Orizaba, Itza success in Feb 2009
  • Aconcagua success in Jan 2008
  • Summitted Mt. McKinley- raised $325,000 for Make-A-Wish kids.
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My Areas & Ranges (5)
My Mountains & Rocks (82)
Fishhook Spire (Sawtooth Range)
Grand Aiguille (Sawtooth Range)
Mayan Temple (Sawtooth Range)
Wet Peak (Lost River Range)
Observation Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Schwartz Pinnacle (Sawtooth Range)
Blizzard Mountain (Sawtooth Range)
Greylock Mountain (Sawtooth Range)
Far Away Mountain (Lost River Range)
The Riddler (Lemhi Range)
Mount Limbert (Sawtooth Range)
Mount Everly (Sawtooth Range)
Flat Top Mountain (Sawtooth Range)
Scenic Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Nahneke Mountain (Sawtooth Range)
Ross Peak (Boise Mountains)
Mt. Bruce (Sawtooth Range)
Redfish Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Vienna Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Glens Peak (Sawtooth Range)
West Warrior Peak (Boise Mountains)
Grand Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Quicksilver Mountain (Owyhee Mountains)
Dave's Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Mt. Sevy (Sawtooth Range)
Kelly Point 9321 (Sawtooth Range)
USGS Peak (Lost River Range)
Garden Creek Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Monte Verita (Sawtooth Range)
Iron Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Mt. Iowa (Sawtooth Range)
Elk Peak (Sawtooth Range)
WCP-7 (White Clouds)
Cony Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Merritt Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Danskin Peak (Boise Mountains)
Squaw Butte (Boise Mountains)
Little Decker (Sawtooth Range)
Moolack Mountain (Sawtooth Range)
Imogene Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Mount Alpen (Sawtooth Range)
Crown Point (Sawtooth Range)
Perfect Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Al West Peak (Lost River Range)
Canyon Creek Point (Salmon River Mountains)
Limestone Mountain (Lost River Range)
The Coffin (Sawtooth Range)
WCP-6 (White Clouds)
Trinity Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Two Point Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Baron Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Sheep Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Mineral Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Hayden Peak (Idaho County Highpoints)
Mount Corruption (Lost River Range)
Thorn Creek Butte (Boise Mountains)
The Watchman (Zion National Park)
Rooster Comb Peak (Owyhee Mountains)
War Eagle Mountain (Owyhee Mountains)
Copper Mountain (Sawtooth Range)
Lucky Peak (Boise Mountains)
Grandjean Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Super Slab (Sawtooth Range)
Decker Peak (Sawtooth Range)
South Six-Shooter Peak (Canyonlands National Park)
Mount Heinen (Boise Mountains)
El Capitan (Sawtooth Range)
Baron Spire (Sawtooth Range)
Little Mac (Lost River Range)
Mickey's Spire (Sawtooth Range)
Mount Regan (Sawtooth Range)
Cervidae Peak (Boise Mountains)
Steele Mountain (Boise Mountains)
Goat Perch (Sawtooth Range)
The Arrowhead (Sawtooth Range)
Williams Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Finger of Fate (Sawtooth Range)
Braxon Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Abes Armchair (Sawtooth Range)
Horton Peak (White Clouds)
Castle Peak (White Clouds)
My Routes (48)
South Gully (White Cap Peak)
South Ridge (D.O. Lee Peak)
Washington Basin 6 Peaks Traverse (Fourth of July Peak)
Northeast Ridge (Patterson Peak)
North Northwest Ridge (Buck Mountain)
South Slopes (Moolack Mountain)
West Ridge (Moolack Mountain)
Southwest Slopes (Danskin Peak)
SW Ridge (Galena Peak)
Mine Loop (Lucky Peak)
Thorn Creek Routes (Thorn Creek Butte)
SE Rib (Squaw Butte)
Southeast Face (Eagle's Beak (Le Bec D'Aigle))
Southeast Slopes (Crown Point)
Northeast Slopes (Mount Alpen)
Southwest Ridge (Canyon Creek Point)
Southeast Ridge (Al West Peak)
South Ridge (Limestone Mountain)
The Rocks Route (Cervidae Peak)
Complete Traverse (Grandjean Peak)
Summit Ridge (Mickey's Spire)
East Ridge (Braxon Peak)
North Side Routes (Perfect Peak)
North Ridge (Little Decker)
Canyon Creek Slabs (Canyon Creek Point)
SW Face (Mount Corruption)
West Face Scramble (The Watchman)
South Face-5.7 II (South Six-Shooter Peak)
South East Face-5.9 A1 (Baron Spire)
South Ridge (Jackson Peak)
Newman Creek / Southwest Ridge (Copper Mountain)
Roadside Rock Climbing Area (Mores Mountain)
Peak 9105-North Slope (Grandjean Peak)
Southeast Ridge (Mount Regan)
Quasi-Moat-O (Steele Mountain)
North Ridge (Goat Perch)
West Face (The Arrowhead)
The Open Book (Finger of Fate)
Petzoldt Couloir (Mount Heyburn)
Northwest Buttress (Horstmann Peak)
South Face Route (Horstmann Peak)
Epinephrine (Black Velvet Wall, 5.9-5.12a)
Solar Slab (Rainbow Mountain)
Johnny Vegas (Rainbow Mountain)
Olive Oil Plus (Juniper Peak)
My Lists (4)
The Complete Sawtooths List (Sawtooth Range)
Idaho County Highpoints (USA County Highpoints)
U.S. State Highpoints (USA County Highpoints)
My Albums (14)
My Trip Reports (37)
Sky Pilot / Jacob's Ladder Rock Route (Pioneer Mountains (ID))
West Temple Climb (Zion National Park)
Mustang Peak- NW Face Climb (Mustang Peak (Howard Peak))
Vance Canyon (Peak 11967)
Father-Son Elbert Hike (Mount Elbert)
McIntyre and Big Basin Peak (McIntyre Peak)
The Box-Big Basin (The Box)
West Ridge (Bad Rock Peak)
5 Peaks in the Seven Devils (Seven Devils Mountains)
Cobb and Old Hyndman (Old Hyndman)
Orizaba / Itza 2009 (Pico de Orizaba)
Beckey- September 2007 (Liberty Bell Mountain)
West Ridge-May 2007 (Leatherman Peak)
A Mad Dash Up Thielsen (Mount Thielsen)
Pingora in A Day Attempt (Pingora Peak)
My Fiesta Bowl Pre Game Trail Run (Superstition Peak)
Gannett in 3 Days (Gannett Peak)
Chockstone Climbing (Grand Mogul)
Warbonnet Peak (Warbonnet Peak)
The Tohobit Epic (Tohobit Peak)
Rainier: Cramp-on Sparks (Mount Rainier)
Mt. Moran-CMC (Mount Moran)
Kinesava: The Moody Spirit (Zion National Park)
Stur It Up (Mount Heyburn)
Mountaineer's Route (Elephants Perch)
Petzoldt Pleasure (Mount Heyburn)

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Climber's Logs I've Signed (292)
Mountains & Rocks (269)
Progeny Peak (Zion National Park)
Jenny Peak (Zion National Park)
Tabernacle Dome (5.2-5.4) (Zion National Park)
Aries Butte (Zion National Park)
Bridge Mountain, 5.10-5.11+ (Zion National Park)
North Guardian Angel (Zion National Park)
Invisible Mountain (Lost River Range)
Phi Kappa/Summit Creek Peak (Pioneer Mountains (ID))
Brocky Peak (Idaho Eleveners)
Mount Roothaan (Selkirk Range)
Chimney Rock (Selkirk Range)
Pylon Peak (Cirque of the Towers)
Wolfs Head (Cirque of the Towers)
Owl Rock (Arches National Park)
Clyde Minaret (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Jacqueline Peak (Idaho Eleveners)
Fishhook Spire (Sawtooth Range)
Three Fingered Jack (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Washington (Oregon) (Cascade Volcanoes)
Hidden Peak (Utah) (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Mount Baldy (UT) (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Sundial Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Parking Lot Rock, 5.6-5.12c (City of Rocks and Castle Rocks)
Elephant Rock, 5.7-5.11b (City of Rocks and Castle Rocks)
Incisor (aka Morning Glory), 5.5-5.12b (City of Rocks and Castle Rocks)
Mount Olympus (Wasatch Range (Central))
Windy Peak (Red Rock Climbing)
Tonka Tower (Arches National Park)
Smith: Monkey Face (Oregon Pinnacles)
No Regret (Lost River Range)
Bullwinkle Tower (Arches National Park)
Elephant Butte (Arches National Park)
Looking Glass Rock (Moab Desert Tower Climbs)
Cockscomb (Yosemite National Park)
Unicorn Peak (Yosemite National Park)
The Coffin (Sawtooth Range)
Devils Bedstead West (Idaho Eleveners)
Warbonnet Peak (Cirque of the Towers)
Grand Aiguille (Sawtooth Range)
West Temple (Zion National Park)
Dickey Peak (Lost River Range)
Malorey Peak/Murdock Peak (Boulder Mountains (ID))
Peak 10,375 (Sawtooth Range)
Cape Horn Mountain (ID) (Idaho 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)