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Kleine Reibn
Trip Report

Kleine Reibn

Kleine Reibn

Page Type: Trip Report

Location: Bavaria, Germany, Europe

Lat/Lon: 47.56182°N / 13.05691°E

Object Title: Kleine Reibn

Date Climbed/Hiked: May 4, 2008

Activities: Skiing

Season: Spring


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Making Plans

One of the most inspirig hikes on skies in the Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany, is the so called "Große Reibn", a real challenge for a weekend in early spring.

Kleine Reibn: Arriving at the Stahlhaus
Arriving at Stahlhaus (03-05-2008)
Kleine Reibn, Watzmannblick
Watzmann (04-05-2008)

You start at the Stahlhaus, a nice mountain lodge high above the town of Berchtesgaden, climb up to Schneibstein, cross the long white hights of Hagengebirge until you reach the steep climb up to the Funtenseetauern summit where you head down for the Kärlinger Haus, another mountain lodge which gives you a shelter for a night. Next day you cross the Steinerne Meer for the two wonderful downhills at Hochwies and Loferer Seilergraben and you end up in the long and endless Wimbachgries valley, mostly with your skies on your shoulders ....
Kleine Reibn
Schneibstein (04-05-2008)

This was the plan ....
Kleine Reibn: Spring is coming ....
Krokus at Stahlhaus (04-05-2008)

On the 03. of may 2008 a group of four people started at the parking area of Hinterbrand above Berchtesgaden to reach the Stahlhaus. The Stahlhaus right behind the German / Austrian border can be highly recommended. It is open the whole year and gives a comfortable shelter for those who are looking for skiing adventures around the famous Königsee.
Kleine Reibn
Fagstein (04-05-2008)

Changing Plans

Kleine Reibn
Schneibstein ascent (04-05-2008)

Next morning, clouds where hanging low, as was - in consequence - our mood.

Kleine Reibn
Tiger encounter (04-05-2008)
Kleine Reibn
Schneibstein ascent (04-05-2008)
Kleine Reibn
At Schneibstein summit (04-05-2008)

We started our ascend to the Schneibstein summit (2275 m), a 500 m climb and reached the summit in a sort of whiteout - a very nice start.
Kleine Reibn
Tigers cute break (04-05-2008)

The next hour we tried to find the right direction to the Hagengebirge – plateau which isn´t that easy with nearly zero visibility.

After three attempts we gave up and returned to the Stahlhaus for a good lunch. While munching a good soup with an impressive Knödel the sky cleared and the sun was shining …. but it was too late for our plan!

So we decided to do the “little brother” of the Große Reibn: it’s the “Kleine Reibn”.
Kleine Reibn
Schneibstein ascent (04-05-2008)

We went up to Schneibstein summit a second time,
Kleine Reibn: At the Schneibstein summit
Downhill Schneibstein (04-05-2008)

made our way to Windscharte and went down to Seeleinsee, a little frozen lake between Fagstein and Kahlersberg, a beautiful place in summer and wintertimes.

Kleine Reibn: Funtenseetauern from Seeleinsee
Downhill Schneibstein (04-05-2008)
Kleine Reibn: Hut at Seeleinsee
Mountain Rescue hut (04-05-2008)
Kleine Reibn: Fagstein
Fagstein (04-05-2008

Above the lake there is a little hut of the Berchtesgaden mountain rescue group and there we met Hans, a member of this group who was happy to see some people. He invited us to have a cup of coffee, which meant coffee and beer and some good Schnaps.

Time went by and soon enough we had to leave Hans to continue our route.

We surrounded the Fagstein summit and went down to the Priesberg Alm.
Kleine Reibn: Clouds and sunlight
Kahlersberg and Funtenseetauern (04-05-2008)

The snow was bad and heavy and with all the beer and Schnaps it was an exhausting job.

Last effort: the ascent to the Stahlhaus, late in the afternoon. Despite the bad weather in the morning we had an enjoyable rounttrip which can be recommended as a very nice days skiing hike.

And one week later I was back for the big brother, the “Große Reibn” ..

But this is another story.


Kleine ReibnKleine ReibnKleine ReibnKleine Reibn: Funtenseetauern from SeeleinseeKleine ReibnKleine Reibn, WatzmannblickKleine Reibn
Kleine Reibn: Downhill to SeeleinseeKleine ReibnKleine ReibnKleine Reibn: Hut at SeeleinseeKleine Reibn: FagsteinKleine Reibn: Clouds and sunlightKleine Reibn: Spring is coming ....
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