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Post climbing gear-related questions, offer advice. For classifieds, please use that forum.

Gear and Clothing over the Years

Over the years climbing gear and clothing has changed for the better. Things are lighter to carry, eaiser to use, more comfortable to wear etc.

What one item do you think has been changed in some way for the better?

I think the 02 cylinders.

Back in Mallorys climbing days 1 cylinder weighed around 10LBS, today they weigh around 7LB, it might not seem a big difference but I bet it is if you were ...
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Spantik boots store Europe

I have decided to buy a pair of Spantik boots but I can't find them in a store in Greece to put them on and find the right size.

Do you know in which European capital I will find the stores with the most sizes so I can try them?
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Mt Elbrus Equipment Hire Mt Elbrus Equipment Hire

Hello everyone, I am a 20 year old guy who feels ready to take the big leap from regular trekking to actual mountaineering. I have my eyes set on Mt Elbrus and am planning to go with either Pilgrim or Adventure Alternative (both are cheap and seem alright). The thing is that buying proper equipment for the climb is far from cheap and I am therefore thinking about renting equipment there for the climb. So ...
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snow tent stakes

I have a 4 season tent that I have already bent four or five of the stakes. I really like the tent and am curious if anyone has a goto winter/snow stake, the lighter the better. I looked through the gear forums, and the last thread I found was almost 5 years old.
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BlackDiamond Mission reviews?

Hi folks, I'm a nooby so bare with me. I'm looking at gear for winter/basic mountaineering treks-non technical stuff. I'm narrowing my pack list down a little. This BD mission line looks pretty decent to me. I'm actually looking at the 55, but, it looks like the 75 will compress fairly small. This will not be a technical pack, I'll use it for winter treks. Has anyone used these packs? Impressions? How well do they ...
Read more : BlackDiamond Mission reviews? | Views : 387 | Replies : 3

Pack Recommendations for Summiting on Multi Day Trips?

Hey guys, so I was wondering what kind of pack(s) you like to take when summiting mountains on longer backpacking trips. For instance, say there’s a peak like Mt. Kaweah or Goddard where it will take multiple days to get to the vicinity of the mountain. Do you guys like packing a separate smaller daypack for summiting? Or do you just take a half empty and floppy backpacking pack to the top?


I’ve done ...
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Who makes Advanced Base Camp (ABC) gear?

I was trying to find who makes Advanced Base Camp (ABC) gear today--anyone know? I have some of their old cams, but I can't find a website for them. I've seen some of their gear selling online still.

Read more : Who makes Advanced Base Camp (ABC) gear? | Views : 416 | Replies : 0

Car camping tent recommendations?

With a new kid and the potential for more in the future (if this one doesn't kill me first), it seems like a good time to upgrade from the 2-person Eureka A-frame tent I've been using for car camping since I was 15. I've narrowed it down to the REI Base Camp 6, the Kelty Trail Ridge 6, and the ALPS Mountaineering Edge 6.


The tent will be used primarily in the ...
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Alpine Touring Socks?

My feet get really warm when doing alpine touring in ski boots.
I have been using Smartwool summer weight socks and even these seem like too much. I was thinking of going to a liner sock only.

What is your go to?
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La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX size La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX size

Hello there,

it has been many years I have been using only basic GTX shoes and hiked only up to 4000m. I would like to push my limits and upgrade my shoes as well.
However I have never owned any La Sportivas and therefore have no experience about the sizes. What's more I am currently based in Shenzhen/Hong Kong area and I have no chance to try the shoes on.
All I could find was ...
Read more : La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX size | Views : 458 | Replies : 1


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