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Post climbing gear-related questions, offer advice. For classifieds, please use that forum.

Rappelling rope Rappelling rope

Hi, I have bene looking for a rappelling rope for traversing the rocky area where I live when I go on hikes. I am very light weight (117) and so I dont need a thick rope. I am split between this sterling tag line 7mm: http://www.backcountry.com/sterling-tag ... 69-OR-S75M
and this mammut 6mm rappell cord: http://www.mammut.ch/store/US/en_US/B2C ... -1037-1040
for about the same price, you ...
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Lightweight pot

I am looking for a lightweight cooking setup for bivying on route. Should be lighter than a reactor. Pot size for two people around 1.5l.
The stove will be a pocket rocket. Any recommendations for a light weight pot in that size. Preferably Al over Ti.
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Heel Pain in Mountaineering Boots

Hi folks!

I've combed the internet for a solution, but haven't had much luck. I recently purchased my first pair of boots (NEPAL EVO GTX).

I followed the advice on their website, and wore the boot at home to make sure it fits well. I walked on the treadmill for weeks without any problems. My toes don't touch the front, and I had no heel lift at all. Very comfortable.

After weeks of making sure ...
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Crampon help...

I ordered a set of Grivel G12s online but they accidentally sent me the G22s...

They said they are happy for me to keep the G22s but I don't do any hardcore ice climbing, I primarily do alpine mountaineering/glacier travel. Does anyone know how the G22s handle this kind of thing? I can't find a lot of info on them, Grivel's website seems to say they have a very wide range of use and that ...
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Dropped Carabiners: Safe to use?

In my early climbing days I was taught that dropped carabiners could develop microscopic cracks making them (at least potentially) unsafe. My reasoning since then has always been "potentially unsafe = unsafe"

This article questions that conventional wisdom, although I note the small sample size. Just wondering what others think and what other testing information you may have come across.


Through ingrained habit and cowardice, I think I'll continue to err on the side ...
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Hilleberg Tents : Unna vs Rogen?

Hi all...

I bought a Hilleberg Unna recently (I like the two-pole design), but after receiving it and setting it up in my house, I realized (with help from discussions about it online) that it doesn't vent that well, since it seems designed to be able to handle extreme weather, especially snow-loads and such.

Since I don't plan on doing any winter camping, I wonder if I got "too much tent" for my needs. Hilleberg ...
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Advice for sleeping bag (VM or FF)


Looking for new sleeping bag. I will use bag mostly for summer camping and summer trekking where temps can go as low as 0 to - 5C at night (no bivy or tent will be used).

I was looking below bags , where i put comments on each. Can you provide me your feedback if you have any with those bags. I can get really good prices for VM SummerLite and VM MegaLite at ...
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Gear advice

Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I’m in the process of deciding what cold-weather clothes to buy and just discovered this great forum, so I thought I’d ask for some advice/input. I’m a 25 year old female. Height: 162cm/5’ 3’’, weight 54kg/119lbs. The clothes will be worn on Elbrus next year, and Aconcagua and Denali later. I’m pretty cold so I’d rather go overkill than having to be cold.

This is what I’m ...
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tent for 8000m expedition

I'm trying to decide on tents for a solo expedition to Cho Oyu. The two main ones I'm looking at the MH EV2 and the Marmot Hammer 2p. Since it's a solo climb, weight is obviously very important. The Hammer weighs a little over three pounds (just the tent and poles) and the EV2 is just shy of five pounds. I'm leaning towards the Hammer cause of the weight, but I need to know that ...
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Sending gear home early on international climbing trips?

Anyone use a service like pandacourier.com or similar? We are looking to offload and send our climbing gear back home, before returning outselves. We'll be climbing in chamonix for a bit, and then traveling some more for non-climbing activities, and it'd be nice to not carry our gear the whole time.

A normal fedex shipment would be about $500-600 for 50-60 pounds of gear...
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