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Post climbing gear-related questions, offer advice. For classifieds, please use that forum.

Mountaineering/Backpacking pack recommendation

I'm looking for a pack to do some backpacking as well as some light mountaineering.I've never gone mountaineering but aspire to get into it and perhaps climb a couple 14ers here in CA where I live. I want the ability to do 1-2 night mountaineering trips and backpacking trips for a couple more nights in the 3 seasons. I've narrowed my choices down to a few packs and would like some feedback and advice.

My ...
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Has anybody used Trango Madame hook tools?

So I found a pair for very cheap and thinking about getting them. so curious what other people have to say about them. They come with both handles. I'm looking to do some ice if I get a chance and probably for steep mountaineering and mate some alpine stuff
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HD Camera Goggles

Does anyone have experience with the HD Camera Goggles as an alternative to using a helmet-mounted GoPro?

I'm just looking for simple functionality: HD Video to 1080P and at least 12MP photos. Was looking at what Zeal Optics has to offer but seems like they get mixed reviews. A goggle with HD Video/Photo + Altitude/Temperature/GPS display and ability to control music via bluetooth would be cool, but isn't necessary.

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Rope Care and Storage

All - How does everyone care for and store their ropes? I am now up to 4 ropes (two 60m's, a 35m and 70m).

After a climb, I usually let them dry out, give them a run through with my hands and eyeballs (feeling/looking for and damage or wear) and coil or butterfly them. Then I throw the rope in a box with a somewhat airtight seal. Worked pretty good in Colorado and so far ...
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Approach / trail running shoe recommendations

Hey folks, I am looking for something in between trail running and approach shoes. Something lighter, more flexible, more running shoe-like than Guide Tennies - but still suitable for scrambling and climbing 4th/low5th class rock. Something very much like Salewa Firetail. I got a pair of said Firetails and they were great for both hiking and climbing, and super comfortable - but they fell apart on the very first day of proper climbing (granite, cracks, ...
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Osprey StraightJacket Compression Sack

Does anybody have any experience with, or opinions on, the Osprey StraightJacket Compression Sack? I would like a waterproof compression sack for my sleeping bag, and was wondering if this would work well. Better or worse than a conventional compression dry sack?

http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/product/a ... ssion_sack

http://www.rei.com/product/882614/ospre ... ssion-sack
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Question about a boot Spantik fit

Hello everyone!

I have a boot fit question. I am going to fill you in on my boot
fitting journey to give you a little background information to so you
can get an idea on what I have tried on.

First off, this is what I own. I have the Nepal Evo's for my single
boot. I love them, they fit great. They are a size 44.5. I wanted
to get a double boot and ...
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Problem about a good set crampon

Hello everybody.
I have been looking for a good set of crampons that would be sort of a 'do it all' proposition. That is, snow mountaineering,
beginning to moderate ice climbing, and possibly some mixed climbing down the road?
My boots are the LaSportiva Trango "Reds" as well as the LaSportiva Nepals.Both these boots fit me very well and I would like to stay with them, if at all possible.
So far, the Grivel G14 ...
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Rab alpine bivy or OR helium bivy

I need to get a bivy fot a summer mountaineering trip. I am looking for light as possible. Both of these are around 18oz. I have no experience with bivys. I would think the Rab would be a little more breathable being 3 layer event. However, it does not have a pole to keep the bivy off your face. Is this not a big deal or is it worth getting a bivy with a pole ...
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Camera (point and shoot/travel) 2015

It's been a while since we've rehashed the digital point and shoot subject and I've been on too many trips lately carrying a bad camera and coming home with bad pics. Admittedly I think I cheaped out when I went with a Canon Elph but my past couple Cannons were good and I really liked the size, but the landscape pics suck. It has also developed a spot in the pics which is happening internal ...
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