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La Sportiva G2 SM vs. Scarpa Phantom 6000 La Sportiva G2 SM vs. Scarpa Phantom 6000

Hello guys,

I am a bit torn between these two boots for my upcoming Denali trip. G2 SM is a fairly new boot with minimal (to none) cust reviews. Therefore, I am not totally sold on that. Is it going to keep my feet warm without the overboots? Does anyone tried it yet? Does it run large or small? :?:

I already tried Scarpa 6000 (in my ...
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I'm about gearing up to climb Mt. Blanc in summer. I am looking forward to buying a shell jacket, and particularly interested in sth between a soft and hard shell jacket. Arc'teryx ALPHA COMP HOODY sounds great to me. I have done a lot of research but still I'm not sure if it would be OK for some harsh condition.


I appreciate any advice/comment on ALPHA COMP HOODY.
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Differences between most common leather shoes Differences between most common leather shoes

I've been looking for shoes suitable for Summer as well as Winter in Alps and Summer in Caucasus (Elbrus, Kazbek).
I've decided that leather shoes will be perfect for such purpose, but I've also noticed that all avaliable models are very similar. Most of them has Vibram sole and 3mm leather,
so I've made the list of most popular ones and now I wonder if anyone could help me find the most reliable ones with ...
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Plastic Koflachs, Arch pain

I have a pair of plastic Koflachs that I never wear because I get really uncomfortable arch pain on both of my feet after only a few minutes. I think it's probably because I have flat feet. I tried a pair of superfeet for overpronators, but they didn't work so well. Has anyone experienced arch pain in their plastic boots?
What orthotics have worked for you?

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MEC brand clothing vs Patagonia/Arcteryx etc

I was reading the Cold Thistle blog on the subject of layering.Dane mentions the canadian company MEC and the lower cost of their products...less then 1/2 the cost of Patagonia,Arcteryx and others.How does their products compare?Why the huge price gap?I've always felt you get what you pay for and at least with the 2 companies I mentioned I've always been pleased but at that level of savings I may need to reconsider.
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Ice Axe Advice

Hello, fellow mountain lovers!

I have been browsing Summitpost for quite a while, but this is my first post.

I am in need of advice for choosing a technical ice axe for winter moutaineering in the Carpathians. I intend to use it for mixed climbing and winter climbs of steep culoirs and chimneys. I don't see myself climbing ice falls or dry-tooling, not for a few years at least.

The way I see the problem ...
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Boot comparison...Arctis Expe/Degre/Baruntse

Looking to purchase boots for mountaineering coarse for next year in the White Mountains.Unfortunately I'll need to buy online due to lack of dealers within 200 miles.Granted I can return them .That said whats your experiences with the above 3 boots.Price point wise and the fact the boots will only be worn once a year towards the Arctis or Degre(I believe now Inverno).How do the two compare to each other?
I know La Sportiva runs ...
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BD Snaggletooth crampon

Anyone try these yet? The concept seems good and I'm convinced on why the mono-point horizontal makes sense, but since they are so new there aren't a lot of reviews and feedback yet. I'm curious if anyone on SP has tried them and what their impressions are.

http://blackdiamondequipment.com/en_US/ ... 0ALL1.html
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Ice axes and tools on alpine routes

I have a BD Raven Pro as my standard mountaineering ax. I also have a pair of Nomics as my ice climbing tools.

So far, my glaciated mountaineering experience has been relatively easy routes on Rainier and Baker, nothing requiring technical tools. But as I transition to harder routes, I'm trying to decide whether it is worth purchasing some Quarks (or similar) for more technical alpine routes. Can I use the Nomics on technical routes? ...
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Help with choosing boots/crampons please.

Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some advice on boots as I've done a lot of research but I'm still unsure what to do for the best.

I am looking for a boot that will be suitable for trekking but that will also be able to fit crampons. From what I can see it seems that it is difficult to get boots that cater for both?

The crampons that I have are: http://www.grivel.com/products/ice/crampons/5-g12

I've seen ...
Read more : Help with choosing boots/crampons please. | Views : 755 | Replies : 14


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