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Post climbing gear-related questions, offer advice. For classifieds, please use that forum.

Maximizing stove efficiency

Anyone have any tricks of the trade for boosting the performance of canister stoves? I currently use an old and simple honey bird stove with remote canister fuel line. I have a windscreen homemade from an oven tray and aluminum pot. I dislike the spill potential of the Pocket Rocket for melting large amounts of snow and that the canister has to contact snow beneath.

Various habits I've picked up over time:

-Buffer canister from ...
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best GPS apps for a phone

Now that apps & phone batteries are better, what's the best GPS phone app for tracking while hiking? Are phones and phone apps catching up to independent GPS devices made by Garmin and others?

Thanks in advance.
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Emergency Beacons?

My wife asked if there was anything I could bring in my back pack that would put out a emergency signal if I ran into real trouble. I tend to hike alone, so I admit is a good idea. But I know nothing about what devices may exist - or even what such devices are called. I always bring a cell phone, but I of course that is only as good as the cell service. ...
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Good, Cheap General Mountaineering Boot

Hey all,

I'm broke and in need of a mountaineering boot! Nothing extreme--just planning on doing three-season mountaineering with it on slopes no greater than 40-45 degrees. Think something like Avy Gulch on Shasta or the Mountaineers Route on Whitney.

Any suggestions? My budget is around 250 (which really includes things up to almost 400 that I can find on Steep and Cheap).

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Finding a day and a half back pack: an odyssey

There are pieces of gear that I think of as standard bearers; lightweight, simple, and rugged. These pieces of gear were popular with my partners and myself and include the Grivel Air Tech Racing ice axe, the Black Diamond Betamid/Beta Light shelter, and the Serratus Genie back pack. My Betamid and Air Tech are still going strong, however, after 48 seasons of ice climbing, winter mixed alpine climbing, alpine rock climbing, mountaineering, and scrambling my ...
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Eclipse with Glacier Glasses?

I'm heading to the Wind Rivers on August 21st for the full eclipse but want to protect my eyes from permanent damage. I have a pair of Julbo Explorer Glacier Sunglasses which are said to have 100% UV protection and block 95% of visible light. Despite how dark it feels wearing them, I'm mostly concerned about invisible rays. I'm leaning on not using them but am curious what others think. I've heard that there are ...
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Marmot Long Hauler Duffel Bag Review

One of the most used pieces of gear I own is an exceptional duffle bag from Marmot. I have used this duffle bag on multiple occasions and for various reasons. First and foremost, the Marmot Long Hauler Duffel Bag, at home, is used as a storage for various pieces of mountaineering equipment and gear. I have also used it for transporting my mountaineering equipment from location A to location B, via car, airplane or train. ...
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Dana Designs Packs: Warranty and Repair Options

If you have a Dana Designs pack and have a warranty question/issue it looks like Dana Gleason over at Mystery Ranch is still honoring the Dana Designs lifetime limited warranty.

FWIW, it looks like Marmot outsources their Dana Designs warranty to Rainy Pass Repair.
Marmot's policy on Dana Designs product warranty

Per Marmot :
"If we determine ...
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Want Stiff-Soled Mountain Boots Without Waterproof Membrane

To play off another thread http://www.summitpost.org/phpBB3/want-light-stiff-soled-boots-without-goretex-t62734.html, I'm looking for stiff mountain boots that are uninsulated and non-waterproof. Lightweight, like the other thread, isn't quite as important in this case, but would be a plus. I'm really after a tall boot with a stiff sole, that breathes better than a waterproof boot. The "mountain" part isn't even so important, but I thought SP would be a good place to ask. So far I've found the following ...
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Need Lightweight Water Filter for Backpacking

I want to upgrade my old dinosaur. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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