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Hydration Tubes Freezing

Just had a thought for those trying to use hydration systems in winter and dealing with all the different tricks (blowing water back down, insulating, tucking in jacket, etc.) to keep the tube/bite valves from freezing. Since most bladders these days have a detachable hose, why not bring two hoses? If after all the other tricks fail, swap out the hose and put the frozen one in pocket near your body to thaw out, then ...
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Boot fitting

I want to buy a mountaineering boot for Aconcagua/Denali. I'm looking at La Sportiva G2 SM (from what I read it should be warmer and lighter than Spantik).
I reached out to a european outfitter and the sizing of the g2 is the same as Batura so I would be pretty happy to order from them, but here comes my problem.
I live in San Francisco area, and I am unable to find anyone who ...
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Favorite belay jacket warmer than the old Das?

What's your favorite belay jacket that's similar to the "old" Das (~2010), but slightly warmer than that version? Sadly, the latest Das Parka versions use less insulation and have a poorer hood.
Assume cost is no object, but weight and compressibility are the most important criteria.

Could be synthetic, or down as long as the down is treated to be hydrophobic. Not looking for anything near as warm (or heavy and bulky) as the Absolute ...
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Boots for long hikes in wet snow?

Can any recommend a (preferably lightweight) boot for hiking in wet snow? I've had several pairs with goretex liners, but none stay dry for long when hiking through snow on warm days. Thanks -
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Boot question for Ecuador Peaks

Posted this over on another site, but figured I would try here too--

I am looking to climb Cayambe and Chimborazo in mid-December. I climbed Orizaba last December and used LS Nepal Evo's with one thick mountaineering sock. I slept at 5000m in a tent and left at about 3:30am to get on the glacier and absolutely froze my toes off...had tingling for about a month after. I was wondering if I could get away ...
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Best Down Jacket?

This question has probably been asked a million times :)

I used to have a GoLite Roan Plateau 800 Fill Down Hooded Parka. GoLite has gone out of business so I can't get another one of these. But I'm basically looking for a super-warm jacket. The purpose of this jacket is to be super warm yet affordable :)

I've ...
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One tent for Aconcagua AND cycle touring. Possible?

I don't want to buy two tents so I am looking for smoething very versatile.

I have started to hone in on the Hilleberg Nammatj 2, but I am not sure how well I will go setting it up on the hard rocking ground on Aconcagua.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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Need some help with Grivel G10

Hello, just bought a pair of Grivel G10 crampons and have a question about the fit - My boots are stiff leather / rigid sole Vasque's , size 13. I have the crampons fully extended but when I slide the front of the boot into the crampon, I am having a hard time getting the heel section of the boot to go all the way down. It will go down with ...
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No closeup pictures of MH South Col 70 sides/interior?

Hi guys,

Is it just me or are there no close up pictures of the new Mountain Hardware South Col 70?

I'm trying to decide between the Osprey Atmos AG 50/65 and the South Col, however being in Australia I can't walk into a store to try one on. YouTube and WWW reviews never go up close to the interior or sides, just focus on the crampon pocket and outdry.

If anyone has the new ...
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Next piece of gear for 7000m+?

I'm looking at Muztagh Ata or Lenin for summer of 2016. I am very comfortable with the gear setup I have now, and have had great success using it at over 6000m in a variety of conditions. I soloed Aconcagua with this setup last winter. I know that I need to ramp up my warmth for something higher and colder such Muztagh Ata or Lenin, but I'm unsure what would constitute overkill, or present me ...
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