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Post climbing gear-related questions, offer advice. For classifieds, please use that forum.

Static rope for extending anchors past the edge.

Is this a good rope for extending top rope climbing anchors past the edge of the rock? As far as I understand, the specs seem correct: 11mm, static, it claims to have "superior" abrasion resistance. I do not see as many Google hits as I would expect, though, so maybe not. What else would you recommend (other than 1-inch tubular webbing)?

https://www.rei.com/product/472262/blue ... -716-x-150
Read more : Static rope for extending anchors past the edge. | Views : 139 | Replies : 8

Double Boots

Dear fellow gear addicts,

I want a warmer, double boot for cold days while climbing in New England and beyond. I currently have Mont Blancs that fit my feet just okay. Nepals fit better, but it's not worth investing in another single boot when I have one that works. Anyway, I'm trying to decide between the Baruntse and the Degre (or maybe Arctis Expe). No, I don't want a 6000m hybrid boot. I have super ...
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Burly vs. fast and light.

I seem to be running into somewhat contradictory advice out there in the context of mountaineering: on one hand, it seems to be generally desirable to pick items that are very light, on the other hand, one tends to read about things being "burly" in the reviews as if that were a good thing (where "light" and "burly" presumably don't go well together). Dismissing the possible impact on the wallet just for a second, what ...
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Layering with a helmet.

I apologize upfront if the question is too basic for this forum. I am just getting into the sport, and I'm still at the stage of slowly assembling all the required gear. Which layers do you get with vs. without a hood, and how do you stack them all together? The general recommendation seems to be to get everything with a hood, and to stack things on top of one-another.

Here's the combination I've tried, ...
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Seam Sealing a Tent - Material and Method

Hi all,

I have two tents which recently started losing their waterproofing along the inside seams of the fly. I've never had to reseal a tent before, and I know there's a lot of information out there, so I thought I'd ask some of the old pros (and new pros) on this site what you would suggest for the following:

1. Which seam sealing product(s) do you think work best?

2. Any tips on the ...
Read more : Seam Sealing a Tent - Material and Method | Views : 196 | Replies : 4

Adirondacks in Winter

What all gear is necessary for a week long hike in March/April? Suggestions for make/model would be great.
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Annual North Face Sample Sale On Now in Berkeley

For anyone that hasn't had their fill of gear, North Face has a sample sale on. All items are in Medium.

75% off retail. Get it, before someone else does.

details here:
Read more : Annual North Face Sample Sale On Now in Berkeley | Views : 140 | Replies : 0

Ideal bag for winter climbing in the Cascades?

I recently moved to Portland, and I'm looking forward to doing some winter mountaineering in the Cascades. Hood, Adams, maybe North Cascades too. I've been eyeing the Nemo Sonic 0 degree bag, but am tempted to get a used Western Mountaineering or Feathered Friends bag instead. I have a line on a lightly used WM Lynx -10 goretex shell bag for $375, which seems like a good deal. That should be enough for winter climbing ...
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Lightweight Stream Crossing Footwear

Planning to hit Gannett Peak this next June via the Glacier Trail and know I'm going to want mountaineering boots for the climb. Not planning to bring an extra pair of shoes (cutting every oz possible) and plan to do the hiking in my boots.

What I don't want to do is cross any streams with my mountaineering boots as they are waterproof/breathable and do not have removable liners so I know there's no way ...
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Knee Pads

Any here use knee pads out while climbing or out in the backcountry? If so when, for what, what type of knee pads like brand. I do see some climbing chimneys have put them to use.

I'm more a photographer that has been in the Sierra Nevada backcountry a lot over decades rather than climbing that I only ever dabble in. Lots of backpacking and day hiking including much off trail rambling carrying heavy packs. ...
Read more : Knee Pads | Views : 392 | Replies : 2


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