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Post climbing gear-related questions, offer advice. For classifieds, please use that forum.

Flashlight category missing from Gear collection?

Hello. I'm a casual flashlight user, and have a couple that are touted as being useable for climbs and hikes. Not sure how many would survive one like you guys talk about. Most of them were gifts. I was browsing the Gear page, and saw a complete lack of flashlights. I can guess why that might be, but I'm curious to hear what the experienced people have to say about it.
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Mountaineering Boots Questions (Sizing, etc.)

What's going on everyone?

Hope all is well! I'm in the process of purchasing most of my gear for a Rainier climb I will be doing next July, most likely. I will be doing the Emmons Glacier, with IMG 1) because I can't convince any of my friends to come along (I live on the beach in NC) and 2) I have absolutely no glacier experience at all... So I'm hoping to go with a ...
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Mil-spec softshell pants by Patagonia for alpine climbing?

I'm looking for a pair of rugged and durable soft-shell pants for alpine climbing, to replace my torn Marmot Screes. I have a hard time finding pants that fit me, as I am tall and relatively thin. Medium-Long is my ideal size.

It is somewhat easier to find military surplus soft-shell pants, from the PCU layering system. Some of these are quite expensive, especially those made by Beyond Fusion. The ones made by Patagonia, however, ...
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Casio vs Suunto ABC Watches

Looking for some feedback from owners of the Casio expedition watches with the Altimeter/Barometer functions. Are they at least as good as the likes of the Suunto core?

I had a Suunto core that started giving issues with the function buttons a while back, and support here in South Africa is shocking, so could not have it repaired. I am now in the market for a replacement, and was just going to buy another Suunto ...
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Never Buy Aku Boots

Has anyone experienced problems with these Boots? I have bought an AKU full shank Mustang Boot October 2014. I used it three times and one of the boots started to bend... Normally this should not have happened. I have contacted AKU Italy and after all corresponding emails, I was left with a faulty boot. Their dealer refuses to exchange or inspect even. I have never thought I would experience this negative experience from a reputable ...
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Gear consultation - Aconcagua and beyond

I'm looking forward to next year since I plan to try Aconcagua and hopefully return to Nepal for Baruntse.
Since I'm not a very experienced climber at all (been to 6k at most in Nepal with newbie gear), I do want so advice from you guys.

I did some gear restock this year. I have some questions about purchasing more/better gear and about my current stuff:
- I have the summit series Northface Himalayan ...
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Breathable and Windproof Pants

I am looking for breathable, windproof and comfortable pants. Could you suggest me a model?
Read more : Breathable and Windproof Pants | Views : 625 | Replies : 3

Boots for a Yeti Boots for a Yeti

I am not small, 6'6 with a size 16US boot or an EU51. After an ugly divorce and career change I am absolutely determined to realize my dreams and climb Denali in 2018 and
Rainier next July for practice, training etc...

So I have posed this question over at Cascade climbers, emailed Lowa and Koflach, spent hours and hours searching every manufacturers website I can think of and
no one makes a mountaineering boot in ...
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-20c sleeping bags: ALPS Mountaineering

I'm looking for a cold weather sleeping bag (rated -20c to -40c). I am seeing a bunch of really cheap bags from ALPS Mountaineering. Priced between $50-150. I am actually seeing good reviews although they seem to be all synthetic and possibly heavier than other brands. Can anyone vouch for these bags or am I better off to pay more for something from TNF or Marmot?
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Cumulus Panyam 600 Sleeping Bag Review

The whole past year, I was looking for a warm high quality down sleeping bag for 4-season mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, camping andother outdoor activities. I have been looking to all well established manufacturers such as Mountain Equipment, Feather Friends, Marmot, Rab, Montbell, Mountain Hardwear etc. I have been comparing various models and I was still searching for other manufacturers until the point I came across the Cumulus website. I have compared several of their models ...
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