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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

GoPro Mountaineering

I love having my GoPro handy on trips, but I have run into a few issues with the battery going dead very fast in cold weather.

Have you experience this issue, if so what is the best method to help?

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Explosions in the sky observed from the Sierra, CA.

Explosions in the Californian sky. What was that, Super Nova?

I know this is not the best place to post this but SP members posses various expertises and perhaps I might get some help or be pointed out in to the right direction like before with the ice worms. I would like to know some interpretation just for curiosity.

In the evening of September 9, 2015, I stopped at the view point just below East ...
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Introduction and Advice Seeker

Hello SummitPost

I am your new member, and I hope for a good business here with you

Anyway, I will make it short, have fun and brainstorming at the same time :D

what about 29 y.o. guy who wants to get in shape and start trekking and mountaineering from ground zero? :D

advices, hints, and etc.

Will ...
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Jennifer Labaw to run 500 miles across CO for epilepsy

Jenny Labaw is an elite athlete and trainer. And she has epilepsy, a seizure disorder, since age 8. The story of her success is inspiring.

On September 19 she begins a run across the Colorado Rockies to help bring public awareness of epilepsy, and to raise funds for the Epilepsy Foundation.

As one with a seizure disorder I cannot tell you how much I admire her. Please help if you can. If all you can ...
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Need life advice! Great life but I'm wilderness starved

Please welcome my first post on SummitPost. I’ve been a reader of trip reports for a long time. I really need some advice from similar-minded outdoor enthusiasts:

The shorter version: I live on the east coast near a pretty big city with a family, job, house, and overall living situation that is all that I could ever ask for. I’m very happy. However, I lived in a perfect little rocky mountain town a couple years ...
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Maps vs. GPSr

For years, decades actually, I religiously carried a map with me on just about every outing unless it was particularly short. An older GPSr that I had didn't have built in maps and wasn't much good for anything except getting me back in a white-out. Then I got one with touch screen and built-in maps and wow, what a difference. It's been about four years now since I last carried a printed map with me ...
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Predicting Time and Pace

I've frequently been asked the question "How long should it take me to climb X"? Of course I can't give a useful answer without having a pretty good idea of the fitness and skill level of the person asking the question. Guidebooks and park hiking guides typically give very conservative, pretty slow estimates.

I had a thought about using a calibration versus the records on the fastest known times site. http://fastestknowntime.proboards.com/ ...
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Coasties USCG

Any current or former Coasties out there??
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Bora peak!

Any idea if there is snow on top of bora peak? and any more update news on the mountain?
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