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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Oldest Gear you still use?

Bought these about 1967 when I enrolled in the Seattle Mountaineers "Intermediate" class. They wouldn't let newbies in the "Basic" class use 12 point crampons (back then that meant front point). So I climbed with a ten point crampon for a year with no forward facing prongs, which I still have... These pictured pons are lighter than anything I can find now accept aluminum which are no good on mixed routes climbing over rock, so ...
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Mountenairing Maps of Peru

Would somebody know how to get good maps from the Cordillera Blanca in Peru?
Thanks & Best Regards,
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There have been previous posts on Lasik surgery and how it affects climbing. For this thread, all I want are quick survey type responses:

1) What year did you have surgery? Did you have Lasik or PRK?
2) What (if any) problems have you experienced?
3) Overall, are you happy you did it?
4) Has it affected your climbing experiences in any way?
5) Any effects at high altitude (10,000ft+) or in dry mountain ...
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I'm curious and have lots of questions about mountaineering/ I'm curious and have lots of questions about mountaineering/

I've been watching on Netflix some movies and reading some books and I have some questions that hopefully someone can answer for me. Please remember I know nothing but what I've recently read so if a question sounds ridiculous, it probably is. Bare with me. I've only read/watched about Everest and K2 so these stem from those mountains.

-Why are the routes through valleys and not along the spines/ridges? I would think you could avoid ...
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perfect place to explore in Feb?

This February I will be free after my long term business meetings a thinking to enjoy some time with my family in a relaxed environment. we want to enjoy the outdoor activities. I think to go with a tour will be the right option. What will you say guys about it ? If you agree with me then suggest me a perfect place to have some fun with family in Feb?
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Are you ready?

I ran across this article which should be a must read for alpinists. It is a list of questions written by Rolando Gabriotti in response to a number of accidents in Patagonia. We should all be asking ourselves these questions before embarking on an alpine climb.

http://pataclimb.com/knowledge/articles ... aclimb.pdf
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US Skiers/Alpinists- If you could move anywhere...

If you could relocate to any mountain town or *near* mountain town in the continental US (yes, that means Alaska too!), where would you go?

This may be a hypothetical question for you but it isn't for me. The mountaineering bug has bit me hard and once I finish grad school by the end of the summer, it's say goodbye flat lands.

My winter interests are alpine mountaineering and training for bigger international climbs, ski-mountaineering/backcountry, ...
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2015 AAC Dinner (meet Reinhold Messner)

VIP Table: $12,000 (includes premier seating for 10, plus 2 tickets to the private reception on 1/30/15 with Reinhold Messner, Logo/Name recognition on Annual Dinner Website, event program, in slideshow presentation, 10 signed books 'Reinhold Messner: My life at the Limit')

Is anyone interested in getting a group together? The group price is significantly cheaper than individual VIP tickets, and it would be a cool way to meet people. I'm willing to help organize. I ...
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