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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

12yr old Denied Everest Permit

Tyler Armstrong, who recently turned 12, has been denied a permit to climb the world’s tallest mountain this spring by the Chinese government, which recently set age restrictions barring people younger than 18 and older than 75 in an attempt to improve safety.

Read more at http://www.everest1953.co.uk/12yr-old-denied-everest-permit

What do you think about a 12 year old wanting to climb Mount Everest?
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New here, and ready to get started

Hey ya'll,

I've been AWOL for awhile, and just now remembered this site. I'm looking to get started in climbing, and hoping ya'll can help me out. I'm in the North Central Texas area if that matters. I'm just getting tired of the only real physical activity I get being inside at a gym. I've thought about getting into climbing alot before, but I never knew where to look....hopefully I came to the right place.
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Human waste/Blue bags?

I was reading the Mt Massive page on our website and it mentioned that blue bags for human waste must be used.

IN ALL HONESTY, how many of you follow this?

Second, where can you buy a couple cheaply? And do they need to contain the gel/powder inside?
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What edible foods do you find on your hiking trips?

Please post pictures and tell stories of food that you like to collect and or find and consume on your hiking trips.

Here in New Zealand we find many many things but we can talk about that later, but please tell me what you find.

Thank you
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Carrying firearm while hiking

I figured this topic had to have been discussed before, but the search turned up random political gun discussions. :ugeek:

How many of you carry a firearm of some kind with you while you're hiking? The old saying goes, rather carry one and not need one than need one and not have it.

And just so we're clear, it's for protection against animals. Not for humans. ...
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An insight to Crib Goch!

Hey there people, I am new around here. Just getting to know the climinbing/hiking communities. I am an avid amateur mountain hiker. I have done some Ice climbing before, though I am not strong on the rope aspects!
I love scrambling regardless of grade unless we're talking about a flat very loose scree type climb then I'd rather not! without ropes anyway.
I do have a video to share if I am allowed to post ...
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Patagonia: Environmental Consumers?

Hi everyone,

My name is Manuel Ventura and I am currently finishing my Master in Management at ESCP Europe, on Paris. To finish, I am now writing my Master Thesis about the outdoor clothing company Patagonia, particularly understanding the profile of its consumers in terms of environmental protection.

Could I ask you to please fill this survey? It does not take more than 10 minutes and could make a whole difference for me! Thank you ...
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Alpine courses in April (Europe or US)?


I have a few weeks free (until the end of April) and am looking to undertake an intro course to alpine mountaineering. However, most of the courses in Europe seem to run only in summer months, starting in May at the earliest. I've also looked into some of the climbing schools in the pacific northwest and again it seems to be mostly summer - June onwards. Does anyone know of a good course taking ...
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RMI vs Alpine Ascents

Hi I'm Matt,I am new to climbing and my dream is to climb the the seven summits. I am a cross country runner and I am used to running 6 miles daily. I know I have to start off small, my plan is to start with Rainier and finish with Everest. But I am having trouble finding a guide to climb with. I am deciding between RMI and Alpine Ascents. I have read good things ...
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Noob Intro From SCal

Hi all, I thought I'd post an intro, as I'll be asking a bunch of NooB questions. I'm returning to Mountaineering after a short 30 year absence, and even back then I was NooB. 30 years ago I was a member of the Sheriff's SAR for mountains and deserts. We did some pretty technical recovery/rescue stuff, but my knowledge base from that is mere memories now. Anyway, I've decided to start back into some winter ...
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