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Stahl Peak (MT)

Stahl Peak (MT)

Stahl Peak (MT)

Page Type: Mountain/Rock

Location: Montana, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 48.92137°N / 114.84661°W

Object Title: Stahl Peak (MT)

County: Lincoln

Activities: Hiking

Season: Summer, Fall

Elevation: 7435 ft / 2266 m


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A Bit of Beargrass

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1. A Bit of Beargrass

2. Overview of Stahl Peak

3. Getting There

4. Red Tape

5. Route Information

6. When To Climb and Weather

7. Camping and Gear

8. Stahl Peak Links

Overview of Stahl Peak

A Storm Approaches
A Storm Approaches the Lookout

Unnamed Lake
Unnamed Lake from the summit of Stahl Peak

Stahl Peak Lookout
Stahl Peak Lookout

Stahl Peak stands 7,435 feet above sea level. The word Stahl means a German chemist or physician. Its the 22nd highest mountain in Montana's and British Columbia's isolated Whitefish Range. Located in the Kootenai National Forest.

Stahl offers a great day hike with plenty of heart-pumping views at the summit. The north face drops over 1,000 feet to an Unnamed Lake. The lookout was built in 1926 and used for emergencies into the 1960's.

Views from the summit include Mt. Wam, Green Mountain, Poorman Mountain and the Ten Lakes to the north. Mt. Gibralter, Mt. Scotty, Deep Mountain, Krinklehorn Peak and Krag Peak to the south. Mt. Barnaby, St. Clair Peak, Ksanka Peak, Independence Peak and Lake Koocanusa to the west.

Getting There

Whitefish Range Peaks
Mt. Barnaby, Therriault Pass and St. Clair Peak

To find the Stahl Peak trailhead first drive 43 miles north of Whitefish on Highway 93 until reaching Grave Creek. Turn right onto Grave Creek Road.

The Grave Creek Road has been recently paved for the first 10 miles.
Follow this road for 10 miles until arriving at the Clarence Creek/Stahl Creek turnoff.

Turn left on to the poorly graded Clarence Creek Road and follow it for a half mile until coming to a fork. Take the right fork that indicates Clarence Creek Road #7022.

Drive all the way to the end of this road for approximately 3 miles. The trailhead is marked and there is plenty of space for parking.

A 4WD is recommended for a more relaxing ride, but cars go up to Stahl Peak and the Therriault Lakes all the time.

Red Tape

As with all hiking and climbing in Northwestern Montana use caution and practice good manners with the wildlife.

You are in bear and mountain lion country. Carry your bear deterrent, don’t hike alone and make lots of noise.

For more information on bears and mountains lions visit these websites.

Mountain Lions

Route Information

Green Mountain and Big Therriault Lake
Green Mountain and Big Therriault Lake
Big Therriault Lake Loop Trail NO. 86
Big Therriault Lake Trail flooded with water
Big Therriault Lake Loop Trail NO. 86
More of the trail flooded

Big Therriault Lake: Approach

This route is done much later than the Stahl Peak Trail. During the early months the trail is covered in snow and flooded with water. If there was more rainfall this year Big Therriault Lake would've overflowed onto the trail.
Total distance is approximately 3 and half miles with a gain of 1,885 feet. This route is not recommended until August or September.

Sign at the intersection
Trail at the intersection
Looking towards the summit
Last section of the trail
St. Clair Peak
View from the top

Stahl Peak Trail: Approach

The Stahl Peak Trail starts at an old logging road known as the Clarence Creek Road, but now the road is only a trail in most places. Vegetation has grown over a lot of it.

Be sure to make lots of noise as the old logging road winds back and forth. It is very thick and it can be difficult to see what's around the corners. A big black bear was seen on the logging road during our hike, but it fled.

After the first quarter mile of the Clarence Creek Road you come to a juncture with Clarence Creek Trail #78 which leads to Mount Wam to the right. Clarence creek must crossed to get to the summit of Mt. Wam, but it can be difficult during spring and some of the summer. Take a left at the juncture and continue on the road for 2+ miles approximately then to the left the actual branches off.

Once on the trail hike along the ridge and through a deep green forest of spruce and fir. For 3 and a half miles approximately the trail goes through a series of 11 switchbacks. An intersection with the Highline Trail #339 from Mt. Wam is a quarter mile from the summit of Stahl Peak.
Total distance is 10.88 miles with a gain of 2,400 feet.

Once on the summit you can find the climber's log in the lookout on a desk to your left. After enjoying the fantastic views proceed back down the same way or take a right at the intersection and hike the Double Whammy Loop for 5 miles to the summit of Mt. Wam.

From the summit of Mt. Wam take Clarence Creek Trail #78 and proceed down to the old logging road after crossing the creek.

When To Climb and Weather

Stahl Peak can be done from early July to early October depending on snowfall.

Click for the latest Eureka weather forecast.

Camping and Gear

Looking down from the summit
Looking down from the summit

The closest campgrounds are Grave Creek Campground, Big Therriault Lake and Little Therriault Lake campgrounds.

Essential gear includes: bear deterrent spray, sturdy footwear, lots of water, insect repellent, trekking poles and a camera.

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