50 Highest in Maryland

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The Top 50

This by no means is an official list. It's me sitting in front of a computer with topo maps, searching every point. I found a list of the top 50 Mountains in Maryland one day while searching the web and started seeing all kinds of errors. For example that list had 8 mountains listed that were actually part of or sub-summits of Backbone Mountain. There is only one high point on each mountain even if it has sub-peaks. It was also missing many mountains/hills and included none of the un-named mountains. I found another one done by the Maryland Geographic Survey listing the top 21 of which only 5 of them made this list! SO I sat out to find out what peaks really existed in my now home state of Maryland. The Un-named peaks here, I used the highest contour mark unless there was a specific benchmark for the peak. Therefore some may actually be a little higher than listed.

RankingMountain NameElevationNameless Data
1Backbone Mountain3360
2Marsh Hill3110
3Un-Named3100N 39.41455 W 79.24699
4Negro Mountain3075
5Snaggy Mountain3069
6Meadow Mountain3022
7Roman Nose Hill3015
8Roman Nose Mountain3009
9Four Mile Ridge3000
10Un-Named3000N 29.23501 W 79.46779
11Un-Named3000N 39.54881 W79.25899
12Big Savage Mountain2991
13Un-named2983N 39.58192 W 79.34126
14Un-Named2980N 39.50158 W 79.34836
15Un-Named2960N 39.36612 W 79.31858
16Un-Named2960N 39.27898 W 79.42309
17Lewis Knob2949
18George Hill2946
19Callis Hill2929
20The Little Mountain2927
21Un-Named2920N 39.21443 W 79.47580
22Un-Named2920N 39.41627 W 79.22755
23Upper Ford Hill2913
24Un-Named2900N 39.22024 W 79.44463
25Dans Mountain2895
26Un-Named2880N 39.40806 W 79.42584
27Un-Named2880N 39.23467 W 79.43508
28Hoope Pole Hill 2872
29Gingseng Hill2860
30Winding Ridge 2842
31Little Savage Mountain2840
32Truesdell Heights2840
33Elder Hill2826
34Mount Nebo2822
35Elbow Mountain2820
36Un-Named 2820N 39.34737 W 79.33694
37Un-Named2820N 39.32034 W 79.31562
38Salt Block Mountain2800
39Red Ridge2800
40Un-Named2800N 39.65081 W 79.27580
41Piney Mountain2792
42Resh Hill2784
43Little Snaggy Mountain2780
44Walnut Hill2780
45Gap Hill2749
46Bishop Hill2745
47Bittinger Hill2740
48Lookout Hill2740
49Chestnut Ridge2740
50Un-named2740N 39.26377 W 79.41778

Sub Summits

Backbone Mountain,has at least 8 Sub-summits the highest is Hoyt-Crest which is Marylands Highest Point at 3360 ft. The other seven are

A Fire Tower at 3252
Wild Turkey Rock 3228
Roth Rock 3212
Conneway Hill 3193
Allegheny Heights 3189
Eagle Rock 3160
Table Rock 3073

Negro Mountain at 3075 also has a sub-summit called Zehner Hill at 3000 ft.

Meadow Mountain at 3022 also has the Brittinger Fire Tower at 2959

Big Savage Mountain at High Rock is 2991 but also has Sampson Rock at 2934 and Saint John Rock at 2904

Dans Mountain at Dans Rock is 2895 also has Wolf Rock at 2722 and Fairview at 2680

It's all in the West

All of these top 50 are located in the Western 2 counties of Maryland, most of them in Garrett County with only Dans Mountain in Allegheny County. Dans Mountain is the "Eastern Front" of the Allegheny Plateau. To its east if the Ridge and Valley System. As you can see only 3 of these mountains and sub-peaks have Summit Post pages so it looks like there is a lot of work to do!