Aiguille de la Brenva

Aiguille de la Brenva

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pointing out this summit ...

We think nobody of us has never climbed it and maybe nobody of us will ever go to climb it ... but this is an important summit :
Aiguille de la Brenva - routes the classic routes
  • it has an Eastern wall whose difference in elevation is about 400
  • on this wall there are some classic and difficult rock routes
  • can be climbed even when the high mountain conditions aren't good
  • it is almost fast (3 hours) to get there starting from the Pavillon du Mont Frety (1st station of the cableway Pre St. Didier - Colle del Gigante) On its Northern ridge a strange monolith, the Père Eternel (Eternal Father), very difficult to be climbed. Beside, in the photo, the classic routes on the high part of the wall (last 250m) - according to the (few) info available A - Boccalatte 34 - D (3°/4° UIAA) B - Donvito-Quartara - TD inf (4°/5° UIAA) C - Boccalatte 35 - TD (5°/5°+ UIAA) D - Rebuffat - TD sup (5°/6° UIAA) E - Ottoz - TD (5°/5°+ UIAA) - 150m - good for coming down
  • note

    As for we think that (if the rule of climb before posting will be abided) this summit will hardly have a own page, we decided to make a simple album with small info.


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