Alan pass from Jablanac

Alan pass from Jablanac

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Location Lat/Lon: 44.75930°N / 14.98580°E
Additional Information Route Type: Hike
Additional Information Time Required: Half a day
Additional Information Difficulty: Walk Up
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Alan from Jablanac on foot: 4h

This is tough and long but beautiful ascent during which you have to surmount 1400m of altitude. It can be shortened to 2.30h or 1h if you access points where path crosses the Alan road by car. Anyway it is worth the sweat as you get to see real magnitude of coastal ascent, diminishing islands and changing vegetation.

Trail begins in Jablanac village. There are two variations before they join on Adriatic road.

First variation leads from Miroslav Hirtz hut in the center of Jablanac. Path begins behind the hut and ascends some 45mins till the Adriatic road.

Second and more beautiful variation leads through beautiful Zavratnica bay, which is 1km south of Jablanac. Apart from the shots on the main page there are also several shots from Zavratnica on Velebit page (photo 1, 2, 3 & 4).

Path begins at the spot where ferry docks and continues along the sea some 15mins till the entrance into the bay. On some spots path is cut into the cliffs and there is one sweet tunnel in bare rock. There is another variation which lead from Miroslav Hirtz hut and traverses rocky slopes higher above the sea. After some 10mins there is nice rocky observation deck on the cliffs at the entrance into Zavratnica. Behind it this paths descends and joins previous ‘along the sea’ variation. Further path heads just by the sea along the northern shore of Zavratnica. At the end of the bay it begins to ascent steeply through gorge till it joins the variation from Jablanac. Zavratnica variation is 30mins longer and it takes 1.15h to reach the Adriatic road.

Above the Adriatic road path ascends gradually, passing by Baricevici hamlet, till it sharply ascends to Alan road. Over the road ascent continues steeply. Path winds up in many bends surmounting steep slopes of first step between Dundovic Kosa and Velika Gora. After 45mins from the Alan road you reach Turska Vrata (Turkish Door) pass. From it is beautiful view towards sea and islands (photo). Name dates from times when Turks of Ottoman empire, which occupied Lika behind Velebit, descended this way to pillage the villages on the coast.

15mins behind Turska Vrata path brings you to the foot of monumental, self standing cliff Strogir (photo). Path passes just below it and continues to ascent gradually in many bends to Pekinica forest and behind it reaches Laminaca meadows (30mins from Strogir). From here you can see Alancic (1611m) and its grassy southern slopes above Alan pass and also pillars of former cable car. Path continues to ascends by long rocky fences till it reaches Alan road in some 35mins. From here is nice view towards sea. Shortly behind path crosses the road again.

Ascent continues through the forest of Butkovic Plan. As you gain altitude you’ll notice how maple and hornbeam forest changes into beech forest. On the grassy meadows of Jezev Brig, 30mins from the road, view towards Rab island opens again, this time even more beautiful. Path gains altitude steeply over the grass and through the forest till it reaches Alan road again after another 15mins. Just above the road you are on the edge of large meadows in small valley below Alan pass. It is 5mins more to the visible Alan hut.

From the hut it takes some 10mins via Alan road till Alan pass (1375m). Here Premuziceva Staza path crosses from North to Mid Velebit. Also on the pass is monument dedocated to the Partisans of Alan detachment who defended this part of Velebit.

Alan from Jablanac by Car: 21km

From center of Jablanac road ascend in many bends till 3km distant Adriatic Road which is here on altitude of 250m. Just before the junction is special junction only for those that head towards Alan pass, sign point ‘Stirovaca’. When coming from Senj this junction is 38km away. Detailed description of distances on Adriatic Road is on Velebit page in ‘Coast’ section.

Shortly behind the junction is Dundovic Podkuki hamlet. Above are cliffs of the first step (700-800m). After 2km marked path from Jablanac crosses the road from right. Road continues to ascents going far to the right. With two sharp bends it crosses over first step. From the second sharp bend or serpentine as we call it here is fantastic view towards sea and Rab island. Adriatic road is almost perpendicularly below and look like a tiny thread. Don’t miss to stop here.

Behind the first step road enters the wide plateau between it and main ridge, which is in front you. Asphalt ends 2km up at Baricevic Pod hamlet. From here it ascends gradually in 3 long straights (2 serpentines on the way). It mostly goes through the forest and you occasionally get glimpse of great view as sea is deeper and deeper. Just before 1 sharp bend marked path from Jablanac crosses over the road and again behind the bend. Last 2km before road enters Alan meadows below the very pass views towards sea are breathtaking.

More info about Alan Road and its usability find on Satorina page.



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