Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)

Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.69682°N / 12.33806°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5449 ft / 1661 m
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Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Geigelstein (center) and Breitenstein (left) as seen from Hochgern ascent
Breitenstein is a rather common denomination in the Alps. This article deals with Breitenstein within Chiemgau Alps, Geigelstein subrange. The summit is located south of Geigelstein itself and, as Geigelstein attacts many hikers, is the calmer brother of the main summit of the subrange. As the summit is lower and heavily overgrown by dwarf pines, the views are not as good as from Geigelstein summit. Breitenstein is locates between Ramsbach valley to the west and Lochbach valley with Wuhrsteinalm to the east. It is a broad mountain shape with three triangular ridges, the northern one going straight to Geigelstein, the two others going down to Wuhrsteinalm (east ridge) and to Karkopf (south ridge), a minor summit in the southern area of Geigenstein subrange. Priener Hütte, the main alpine hut of the subrange, is not far away to the northwest.

Getting There

Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Geigelstein (center) and Breitenstein (left) as seen from Hochlerch
Main trailheads are:
  • Sachrang and Sachrang / Huben for western ascents
  • Schleching and Schleching / Ettenhausen for the eastern ascents
  • Schleching / Mühlau for the northern ascent
  • Walchsee / Winkl for the southern ascent
  • Sachrang and Sachrang / Huben can be reached by car by using highway A 8 from Munich or Salzburg to exit Frasdorf, then on road number St2093, passing through Aschau. Both hiker parking areas (fee required) are directly besides the road and are signposted. Schleching can be reached by car by using highway A 8 from Munich or Salzburg to exit Bernau, then on road number B 305 to Marquartstein. Turn then on road B 307 to Schleching.
  • For Schleching / Mühlau (northern ascent) turn on Kampenwandstraße just after Schleching / Mettenham and proceed on that road passing through Mühlau into the woods with the parking area (2017: no fee).
  • The small parking area at Schleching can be found at the end of Austraße; turn on Mühlauer Straße at Schleching village, then on Austraße.
  • The parking area of Schleching / Ettenhausen is at the end of Geigelsteinstraße at the former valley station of the Geigelstein cablecar. Turn on Schlechinger Straße at Ettenhausen, then on Geigelsteinstraße and proceed to its end.
  • Walchsee / Winkl can be reached by car from highway A 12 (Innsbruch) / A 93 (Munich, Rosenheim) by using exit Oberaudorf. Cross the German – Austrian border and proceed on road number 172 to Walchsee. Turn there on Hausbergstraße and proceed to Winkl and a hiker parking area. All trailheads are not directly linked to the railway system. You have to use busses from the nearest railway stations – Aschau for the Sachrang trailheads; Bernau for the Schleching trailheads, Oberaudorf for the Walchsee trailhead. See the Chiemgau Alps main page for further information.

    Route Overview

    Routes Overview From Schleching / Ettenhausen follow the forest road from the parking area up to Wuhrsteinalm. From Wuhrsteinalm follow the forest road up to Obere Wirtsalm and take the left hand trail at a trail junction above the Alm hut. At the unnamed col between Geigelstein and Breitenstein turn left onto the trail leading up the broad north ridge to Breitenstein summit. Alternatively follow trail number 84 to the south into the valley between Karkopf and Breitenstein, called Karwinkel. Follow this trail up to the col between Karkopf and Breitenstein. Karkopf can be easily reached from this col. For Breitenstein turn right and follow the steep trail up the south ridge to Breitenstein summit.
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Ascent from Priener Hütte
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Upper Breitenstein ascent near the summit
    From Sachrang or Sachrang / Huben parking area follow the forest roads up to their junction point above the Judensee. Follow the forest road up to Priener Hütte using Talgraben valley. One switchback of the forest road can be shortcut using the marked old trail. From Priener Hütte take trail number 208 directly up to the unnamed col and follow the north ridge trail to Breitenstein summit to your right. Alternatively turn south at Priener Hütte, decend the forest road to its uppermost switchback, go straight on there and take the first trail (number 8) leaving to the left. Follow this trail up to the col between Karkopf and Breitenstein and use the south ridge trail up to the summit.
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Summit view to Geigelstein
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Breitenstein as seen from the northwest
    Southern ascent from Walchsee / Winkl via Priener Hütte Follow the road Oberwinkl and then the forest road using Rahmbach valley up to Priener Hütte. From Priener Hütte go on as described above. The traverse Geigelstein – Breitenstein follows the south ridge of the first and the north ridge of the latter. It is a short but nice traverse on sometimes narrow trails with one short scrambling action. Interesting mountain flora during late spring and summer.
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Traverse Geigelstein - Breitenstein
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Traverse Geigelstein - Breitenstein
    Ski routes The main ski route starts at Schleching / Ettenhausen and uses the abandoned ski runs of Wuhrsteinalm, the upper Lochbach valley to Obere Wirtsalm and the upper northeast slopes of Breitenstein. Nice ski tour, look out for secure avalanche condition in the upper part of the route. The western ski route starts at Sachrang or Sachrang / Mühlau and follows mainly the forest roads um to Priener Hütte. Take the steep west slope up to the col between Breitenstein and Geigelstein and use the north ridge to gain Breitenstein. Not so much downhill fun.
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)A wintry aspect of Geigelstein subrange with Breitenstein to the right
    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Tall Geigelstein as seen from Breitenstein

    Red Tape & Accommodation

    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Breitenstein as seen from Geigelstein
    The German parts of Breitenstein area are a nature protection area. See some basic information here. There is a core zone which is closed for hikers and ski tourists from 1st december through 31. may every year. Ski touring is possible in special indicated corridors within the protection area, as is snow shoe touring or hiking on the marked trails! Mountain biking is forbidden in the protection area as is camping, fire, domestic animals, collecting plants. Please respect all regulations and stay on the trails or the marked ski routes. Accommodation can be found at: Aschau/Chiemgau Schleching Walchsee Kössen Sachrang Marquartstein Mountain huts: Priener Hütte Wuhrsteinalm Obere Wirtsalm

    Gear & Mountain Condition

    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)Breitenstein as seen from Schreckalm route to Geigelstein
    Like its neighbour Geigelstein, Breitenstein is a year round summit. In spring, summer and autumn it’s the hikers realm, in winter and early spring it’s a well known ski and snow shoe target. For your hiking activities bring good shoes, maybe hiking poles and in spring and early summer some gaiters. In winter full ski/snow shoe gear and avalanche gear is mandatory. See the Bavarian avalanche bulletin here. Current Weather:


    Breitenstein (Chiemgau Alps)A view of Wilder Kaiser range from near Priener Hütte below Breitenstein
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