Caldes de Boi-Besiberri Sud

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Lleida (Catalonya), Spain, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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A long day
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5.0 (YDS)

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Caldes de Boi-Besiberri Sud
Created On: Jul 8, 2009
Last Edited On: Jul 8, 2009


Estany GelatsEstany Gelats
Besiberri Sud (3.024m)Besiberri Sud

Important: the route is the same in 90% to Besiberri Sud (3.024m) and Comaloforno (3.033m). The trekkers of mountaineers without experience in rock-climbs loves the easy but long climb to Besiberri Sud (F.), it's very popular. The collectors of important summits want the climb of the highest point, but it needs some rock-climbs of P.D. or P.D.inf. to reach the summit of Comaloforno.

Getting There

Signal to lakes of Gémena
Signal to Besiberri Sud

See main page to approach to the area of Boí and Caldes de Boí.

We begin just in the small parking near of the Hut of information of tourism at 500 m of Caldes de Boi in the road to Dam of cavallers.

Route Description

Estanys Gemena & Punta Senyalada, Besiberri SudEstanys Gémena
Estany de Gémena BaixEstany de Gémena Baix

Climbing the Besiberri SudCol of Abellers
Besiberri SudBesiberri Sud

We walk the nice path into the forest to reach the valley of Llubirqueto crossing some nice stony bridges following the yellow paint. We reach the plateau of Pla de la cabaña with a Hut and a new signal. We turn to right always following the direction to estanys de Gémena. This part is the harder of the route with a path over the rocky terraces among the pines to reach finally the beautiful area of both estanys de Gémena (Gemena’s lakes). We walk near of right side of the lake to its final. We see some cairns to reach a new signal with the text “Besiberri Sud” turning to left side in this point to gain slope in a very pronounced ramp of grass. In the upper part the walk is easy among the big rocks appreciating the wide col in front of us between the peaks Abellers (2.982m) and Besiberri Sud (3.024m). It’s the col of Abellers, always with a little of snow in the first weeks of summer. If the ramp has snow you can walk over the spun of left side following some cairns. In the col of Abellers (2.885m) we climb the ramp with a lot stones with use of the hands in some points to reach the summit of Besiberri Sud (3.024m).

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice-axe in the first weeks of Spring and winter. In summer generally you can walk out of the snow.

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