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California, United States, North America
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Santa Cruz Island

This is a list collecting California Coastal Peaks that reside from the Pacific Ocean shoreline in five air miles or less. They are usually highly scenic and unique in their botanical and geologic makeup. The list will also include Channel Island named peaks and highpoints. The crown jewel of the entire list is Cone Peak, towering at 5155 feet over the ocean at a distance of slightly under four air miles. I will divide the list into four sections. I will not include peaks that reside on military land. The list also includes peaks that I have no knowledge about outside of their place on the coast. Please tell me any info that may or may not affect a peaks inclusion on the list.

The four sections are:

1. Southern California= Mexico border to the northern boundary of San Luis Obispo
2. Channel Island
3. Central California= Monterey southern boundary to San Francisco County.
4. Northern Califonia= Marin County through Del Norte County


I will be continuely updating this list and appreciate any advice and peak mentions. I really want to make something out of this list. I would like it to be a major resource for all coastal peakbaggers. I especially want peak information in the northern counties sense that is a huge grey area for me. I have personally visited the peaks with asteriks.

The Prominence Highpoints on the list, also known as Double Eagles

1. King Peak 4088ft.with prom. value of 2928ft.

2. Cone Peak 5155ft.with prom. value of 2915ft.

3. Devils Peak 2470ft.(Santa Cruz Island HP) prom. value of 2470ft.

4. Mount Tamalpais 2571ft. with prom. value of 2451ft.

5. Sandstone Peak 3111ft. with prom. value of 2201ft.

6. Mount Orizaba 2125ft. (Catalina Island HP) prom. value of 2125ft.

7. Santa Ynez Peak 4298ft with prom. value of 2074ft.

Southern California

Unamed peak

Sec. A. Southern county peaks

1. San Pedro Hill 1480ft.
2. Signal Peak 1164ft.

Sec. B. Santa Monica Mountains

1. Sandstone Peak 3111ft.***
2. Inspiration Point 2800ft.***
3. Boney Mountain 2825ft.***
4. Exchange Peak 2960ft.***
5. Tri Peaks 3010ft.
6. Big Dome 2900ft.
7. Mugu Peak 1266ft.
8. Clarks Peak 1965ft.
9. Saddle Rock 2200ft.
10. Castro Peak 2824ft.
11. Saddle Peak 2805ft.
12. Temescal Peak 2126ft.
13. Probie Peak 2950ft.
14. Triunfo Lookout 2658ft.
15. Topanga Lookout 2469ft.

Sec. C. Santa Ynez Mountains

1. Santa Ynez Peak 4298ft.***
2. Cathedral Peak 3333ft.***
3. Arlington Peak 3300ft.***
4. Montecito Peak 3214ft.***
5. Gaviota Peak 2458ft.***
6. BM Beacon 2856ft.
7. Rincon Mountain 2161ft.
8. Red Mountain 2148ft.
9. La Cumbre Peak LO 3985ft.***

Sec. D. San Luis Obispo County

1. Valencia Peak 1347ft.
2. Oats Peak 1373ft.
3. Hazard Peak 1076ft.
4. Saddle Peak 1819ft.
5. San Luis Hill 705ft.
6. Red Mountain 2047ft.
7. Picacho Peak
8. Pine Mountain 1137ft.
9. Garrity Peak 2397ft.
10. Bald Top 2520ft.
11. Hollister Peak 1404ft.
12. Black Hill 665ft.
13. Cabrillo Peak 911ft.

Channel Islands

Devils Peak, highpoint of Santa Cruz Island

Sec. A. Catalina Island

1. Silver Peak 1804ft.
2. Mount Torquemada 1336ft.
3. Black Jack Mountain 2010ft.
4. Mount Orizaba 2100ft.
5. Cactus Peak 1560ft.
6. Whitley's Peak 1302ft.
7. East Mountain 1563ft.
8. Granite Mountain 1775ft.

Sec. B Santa Barbara Island

1. North Peak 562ft.
2. Signal Peak 624ft.

Sec. C. San Miguel Island

1. Green Mountain 817ft.
2. San Miguel Hill 831ft.

Sec. D. Santa Rosa Island

1. Black Mountain 1298ft.
2. Soledad Peak 1574ft.

Sec. E. Santa Cruz Island

1. Devil's Peak 2470ft.
2. Sierra Blanca 1528ft.
3. El Montanon 1808ft.***

Sec. F. Anacapa Island

1. East Island Highpoint 250ft.

Central California

Bixby Bridge

Sec. A. Santa Lucia Mountains

1. Cone Peak 5155ft.***
2. Twin Peaks 4843ft.
3. Mount Mars 2674ft.
4. Silver Peak 3590ft.
5. Alder Peak 3744ft.
6. Chalk Peak 3590ft.***
7. Anderson Peak 4099ft.
8. Marble Peak 4031ft.
9. Timber Top 3120ft.
10. Mount Olmstead 3711ft.
11. Manuel Peak 3520ft.
12. Island Peak 3166ft.
13. Bixby Mountain 2920ft.
14. Twin Peaks 3600ft.
15. Palo Corona 2972ft.
16. Pico Blanco 3709ft.
17. Sierra Hill 1545ft.
18. Little River Hill

Sec. B. Santa Cruz-San Francisco

1. Bean Hill 1440ft.
2. Bald Mountain 1296ft.
3. Pine Mountain 2208ft.
4. Montara Mountain 1813ft.
5. San Bruno Mountain 1314ft.
6. Mount Davidson 925ft.***
7. Twin Peaks 922ft.***
8. Greyhound Rock 45ft.***
9. Lighthouse Hill 358ft.

Sec. C. East Bay

Northern California

Mendocino Coast

Sec. A Marin-Sonoma Counties

1. Mount Tamalpais 2571ft.***
2. Bald Hill 1141ft.***
3. Mount Wittenberg 1407ft.
4. Mount Livermore 788ft.
5. Black Mountain 1632ft.
6. Pole Mountain 2204ft.
7. Peaked Hill 376ft.
8. Sheeps Ridge
9. Irish Hill 882ft.
10. Point Reyes Hill 1336ft.
11. Bolinas Ridge
12. Three Peaks 1161ft.
13. Black Mountain 1280ft.

Sec. B. Mendocino-Humboldt-Del Norte Counties

1. Kings Peak 4087ft.
2. Saddle Mountain 3292ft.
3. Horse Mountain 1920
4. Chemise Mountain 2598ft.
5. Oat Hill 2392ft.
6. Howland Hill 720ft.
7. Mynot Ridge
8. Rodgers Peak 2790ft.
9. Bunker Hill 2464ft.
10. Moore Hill 1244ft.
11. Prosper Ridge
12. Jackass Ridge
13. Chimney Rock 1404ft.
14. Soldier Frank Hill 728ft.
15. Cottaneva Ridge
16. Alviso Ridge.
17. Bell Mountain 1062ft.
18. Kibesillah Hill 600ft.
19. Bald Hill 741ft.
20. Noyo Hill 800ft.
21. Observatory Hill 953ft.
22. Little Red Rock Mountain 1385ft.
23. Double Point 490ft.

Thank you

I would just like to thank everyone who has allowed me to pirate their pages for this list.

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Eleutheros - Feb 10, 2007 8:38 pm - Voted 10/10

Mount Orizaba

Hi Theron! In the interest of consistency, can you post the height and the prominence for Mount Orizaba on Catalina Island @ 2097 feet? Thanks.


theronmoon - Feb 10, 2007 9:46 pm - Hasn't voted


The elevation has been been changed to 2125ft. for sometime now. Most old heights throughout the western states has changed with the advent of new equipment. But the main reason I will keep the 2125ft. height is because it is culled from the same standards as all of the prominence work that has been done. Work that I really respect and I'm faithful too. I really like your Orizaba page, I really need to get out there and climb it. Have you made a trip to El Montanon on Santa Cruz. It is a small peak but it was one of the best of my life. Theron


Eleutheros - Feb 11, 2007 6:16 am - Voted 10/10

Re: Orizaba

I've been itching to spend time in the Channel Islands, but never made it out there. I will soon though - and will surely make El Montanon a stop along the way.


Eleutheros - Mar 10, 2007 11:30 pm - Voted 10/10

Cone Peak

Hey Theron, Checked out the Cone Peak page, it states Cone is 3 miles from the Pacific in the overview; however this list states it as 4. I'm guessing you include the elevation when mentioning 'air miles' - which adds a mile. Just thinking for the sake of consistency both should say either 3 or 4. I'm probably over analyzing. Best, -E


OOG - Apr 15, 2011 11:02 pm - Hasn't voted

Valencia Peak

I just rebuilt Valencia Peak, the old page was deleted by 1000pks and the link on your page goes dead. When you get a chance please update the link. thanks


Noondueler - Apr 16, 2011 7:10 pm - Voted 10/10

Have M&Rs

to add to this page but no way to add them, Point Reyes Hill just north of Mt. Wittenberg, Point Reyes for instance.


runbyu1 - May 17, 2017 1:37 pm - Hasn't voted

Devil's Peak

Thanks for putting this together! Someone really needs to make a page for Devil's Peak in Channel Islands!

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